2021 US West drought and wildfire thread

This is the fire and smoke map. Have no idea of how now compares to previous years but the map shocked me. Fires everywhere out west, and even into Montana and the Northern Plains.


I can tell you that Colorado has had WAY more smoke this year from out-of-state fires. It’s normal for us to get some, but this year has been off the charts compared to normal.

FFS… :angry:

How far east are we considering West now?

School’s out:

I live about 3 hours away from this fire. Yesterday we had clear skies but overnight…WOW. I woke up this morning to the inside of my house smelling like a bonfire and hazy skies. I took the dogs out for our morning walk and had to cut it short. The air quality was really affecting my breathing. My eyes are still kind of burning. We have rain today, hopefully, that will help a little.

I can tell you that Las Vegas looks a lot like these pics from Lake Tahoe; I can’t really see any of the mountains that ring the valley I live in.

The Caldor fire continues to grow and there are now evacuations in South Lake Tahoe.

CalFire page on the fire

News article

All of South Lake Tahoe has been told to evacuate and neighboring communities in Nevada have been warned to be ready to flee:

This guy here should be named Nero:

Shit is real now. Might lose my family home that I grew up in. Looking at the map, and knowing the wind, not sure how this can be stopped. Unthinkable. South Lake Tahoe wiped out by fire.

I got nothing that I can’t do without up there, oh, except the fucking house.

The neighborhood is now at evacuation status.

I’m a couple dozen miles away, and in no danger, but shit! Unthinkable. All that water, and …

It is just awful. Sorry about the danger to your family home Gato. I hope things will turn around and the town can be saved.

Everything outside my house is so dirty with ash, I can’t hardly stand it, but I don’t want to use up a bunch of water to clean it.

I am so sorry. At least you had time to get your family and pets out.

I don’t live there. But it’s the family house that I grew up in. I use it in winters for skiing. There are some old family relics and some antiques there, but not much else. Of course the furniture is priceless! Original hardwood stuff from the 60’s. The Real Deal. Very high quality stuff.

I don’t think the house is gonna burn. The fire seems to up in the hills, and they are keeping it off the homes, for the most part.

Looking at the map, it might keep going and get really close, however.

Oh joy. New fire 33 miles from me, the Bridge fire in Auburn. So far about 40 acres.

AQI has been in the unhealthy range for several days despite assurances every night that it will abate. Currently “moderate” but smells bad and still hazy.

Bridge Fire is now over 200 acres, 0% containment.


I was checking for updates and remembered this part. I’m from the 50’s. If you call ME an antique I’ll feed all of your dogs peanut butter.

How’s it looking for your place? Tahoe looks very sad and forlorn now.

Start saying goodbye to trout now:

Well, I guess it’s okay. I watched the news this morning for an update, and they didn’t say a freakin’ word about it! Only talked about the goddamn rib cook-off in Reno. Maybe the 11 am report.

So I guess no news is good news.