2021 US West drought and wildfire thread

How’s the valley and the lake right now? I mean is it all covered in ash?

There have been outbreaks of blue-green algae all over around here. Not good for trout and our swimming dogs.

It has been widely reported in Arizona that there are fewer hummingbirds this year. The reason I was looking into this is because despite our yard having flowering plants, water and feeders, I am seeing about half the hummers we are used to. In summers past, we were feeding half a gallon of syrup a day this time of the year. This summer it’s closer to half a gallon a week.

Geez, I’d kill for a 1/3! :wink:

We moved into this place 4 years ago, so I’m still working on the garden. I’m trying to tell myself that the hummers aren’t using as much syrup because they are playing in the flowers, but I’m really not seeing them.

I’m also missing Praying Mantis, Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies and blue tailed Skinks. The bird population has changed somewhat as well, the Turkey Buzzards are fairly rare this year and I used to enjoy watching them making kettles over the desert. I haven’t seen that this year and its just about time for them to be flocking up and flying south.

I read your posts, and have to remind myself you are talking about birds!

Caldor Fire is 50% contained now, and Lake Tahoe residents are being allowed back.

The Sierra in general and Tahoe in particular are like my most favorite places on earth. This is heart-breaking – it feels like when Notre Dame burned – but it looks like at least the Tahoe basin is spared, this time.

Gonna have Red Flag winds starting this evening, so this figure may change, although they claim to have the perimeter fully contained. I couldn’t possibly see how, but that what they say.

The rain predicted for this afternoon have been pushed back to overnite.

Yeah. I heard them say “dry lightening” as well. That does not sound good to me. At all. The danger is not over yet, by a long shot.

I hope you and family are doing OK thru all this.

Thanks! Think Snow! It’s not too soon.

Smoke-free air in southern Oregon today! :smiley: First time in weeks!

Good news! We got a very light mist yesterday that knocked the particulates down enough for us to air the house.

Caustic, CA:

Not sure if you meant to do that, or spell checker made the adjustment. Seems sorta accurate. Sorta.

Ah, synchronicity: how I love thee. :smiley:

I didn’t notice it or I would have corrected it.

Here’s an update:

And now there’s a fire in Sequoia National Park and the park is closed. Evacuation orders and warnings have been issued in the Mineral King and Three Rivers areas.

California’s largest trees threatened by fire in Sequoia National Park