2022 Masters Tournament (golf)

Or should we just call this the Tiger Woods tournament thread, since that will be the dominant topic of conversation until Friday night when he misses the cut by 12 (or more likely, drops out Thursday).

But hey, I’m as guilty as the rest. My interest in golf lately is pretty much limited to seeing how big a clusterfuck the Saudi tour drama becomes, and watching to hopefully see Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau make asses of themselves. Yet I’ll be following with renewed interest to see if Tiger can actually play. After five back surgeries and an almost-amputated leg, I just can’t see it. But I’ll root for him nonetheless.

How is the weather looking for Thursday? Wednesday’s par-3 event had to be cut short due to threatening thunderstorms.

Supposed to clear up tomorrow.

Mickelson is skipping Augusta this year. And DeChambeau is playing hurt as I recall, so probably much lower key than he normally is.

For the first time ever I’m wishing Bryson DeChambeau well. I still don’t want him to win, but I hope he doesn’t damage himself further because he’s playing while still hurt.

I see no way for him to even sniff the trophy, but I seriously doubt he will miss the cut by 12. Tiger has a lot of pride, and I don’t believe he would humiliate himself like that.

It amuses me that there’s a thread on this forum hailing Tiger’s return to competitive golf after a prolonged absence. The thread was begun in 2011.

Cue the tinkly piano music, and the reverential paeans to ponds, bushes, and flower beds.

He’s skipping everything. He’s gone completely incommunicado, and hasn’t played in a PGA event for over two months.

Yeah, I don’t wish injury on anyone, but the guy is an asshole and I hope he plays unhurt and like crap.

Fred Couples using a yellow ball? I didn’t think non-white balls were allowed. What’s to stop everyone using a different color? Of course it makes it easier to figure out who each ball belongs to.

Tiger finished the first round at 1 under, good for T-11 (as it stands now; there are several players still on the course). I’m happily surprised.

Surprised me too. I had him missing the cut. Still a lot of loose shots but a hot putter. Stamina will be the key for him to contend late.

And he was looking very sore and tired towards the end of today’s round. His play today was damn near miraculous given his injuries, but I just can’t seem him playing at today’s level for 4 days straight. My guess is he’ll make the cut and finish mid-to-bottom-third of the pack. Nothing embarrassing, but nothing spectacular either.

As I posted before the first round began, I had every expectation that he has way too much pride to embarrass himself, and that he would be ready to play real golf. Despite that, however, I agree with those who say that age, the state of his body, and lack of match play/conditioning will take its toll as the week progresses. I think he’ll make the cut, but I expect him to fade in rounds 3 and 4 for those reasons.

Pretty brutal day for most of the field, tho as I type this Tiger stiffs his approach at 10 after going out in 39. Meanhoo neither Koepka nor Spieth will be around; the latter chunked it twice at 12 for the 2nd time in 6 years.

The winning score may just barely be in the red this year.

Looks like Scheffeler has it in the bag. And Schwartzel is the new definition of “I have never seen a guy playing so well, play so badly”

With Dechambeau missing the cut and Lumpy not even playing, I was worried I wouldn’t have a villian to root against. But I can now freely root against Cameron Smith’s unfortunate choice of hairstyle and facial hair. I’m certainly rooting for him (Oi! Oi! Oi!), but that hair … oofa.

Didn’t expect Scottie to win this week. He played great for 71 and half holes, and then lost his concentration on the 72nd green.

Fortunately we didn’t get much of the genuflecting towards Tiger today, he was just about off the course when Scottie and Cam Smith teed off. He finished 47th. I don’t think I saw one shot of Cameron Champ (on CBS coverage) and he finished T10th.

Rory was magnificent today, but poor the first 3 days. I thought that he would do well since Tiger was getting all the attention, but it took him 3 days to wake up. The holed bunker shot by him and Morikawa on the 18th hole was ridiculous.

yes, Cam Smith’s haircut and facial hair is suspect. If he got a makeover, he might have more sponsors knocking at his door. Seems like a good guy.