2022 NFL coaching carousel

I expected that. John Clayton had said a couple days ago that even though Judge hadn’t been fired yet, the Giants were having a lot of conference calls and that it was likely just delayed, but was happening.

I only heard that on the radio, but he did have this to say in an article.

One uncertain situation is with the New York Giants. The Giants indicated that Joe Judge should be back, but there is no guarantee. They make take a couple of days to sort out, but the Giants have been a mess with Judge as a coach. They have been horrible the past two years and were worse this year.

I compare Nagy to Lovie. Both seem like quality guys who the players really liked. The teams competed and even after the teams were eliminated from the playoffs they fought tooth and nail. They had occasional high peaks where things looked like they were coming together and then a series of dumbfoundingly stupid spells. They never had a QB worth a squirt which capped their potential pretty severely. Their record when it’s all said and done looks pretty respectable, but pretty much everyone watching the games week in and week out is carrying pitchforks. Truly a Bears HC.

Truly addition by subtraction there. My suspicion is that this is a firing in all but name.

At least at a glance, there’s a lot more franchises with both an open GM and HC spot than usual. Maybe this is the usual amount but they came fast a furious on Black Monday. Double barreled firings everywhere. I’m kind of surprised that Baalke wasn’t fired after the Urban Meyer fiasco but that hiring could be on the owner.

Separate piece from SI (pre-Joe Judge firing) that basically says a lot of the same things but less well.

One more bites the dust.

Kinda surprised they waited 4 days for that. Maybe they’re thinking about bringing in Flores and getting Watson to stay.

If the talking heads are to be believed, Culley was always viewed as an interim hire in all but title. They guaranteed only the first 2 years of his deal and projected this season being his only one. This presumably was because they couldn’t get their desired candidate last offseason with all the drama. Perhaps they waited a couple days because Culley might have outperformed expectations making the decision a little less pro forma. Also the surprise firing of Flores might have played a role, perhaps they’ve gotten some signals that he’s got some interest and they are ready to interview him. They may also be interested in Joe Judge, though that seems a bit far fetched, yet the New England connection is there. I’d be surprised of Josh McDaniels isn’t getting a call too.

And there we go:

I wonder what the Raiders are going to do. Lots of rumors of Harbaugh going to them, but if that’s just smoke, they’ll be behind everyone else if they decide to fire Bisaccia.

Tricky situation for sure, but it seems like a bad look to fire Bisaccia after he salvaged that garbage fire and turned in a playoff berth while knocking out a division rival. Certainly the Raiders might be keen to keep a comparatively cheap guy until the whole Gruden lawsuit plays out, if they are on the hook for his salary or a big settlement they’ll be pinching pennies and probably won’t have the appetite for another massive HC contract.

Ok, surprised by the Culley firing. I’m one of the ones figuring he was a placeholder.

That said, I hope they sounded Flores out beforehand.

If they don’t get him, not only did they whiff (again), there aren’t going to be a lot of quality coaches looking to coach in Houston. Caserio is probably ok as a GM but that team is run by Cal McNair and Jack Easterby, who have just destroyed the roster and alienated their franchise QB. It’s a total rebuild project of a team that’s already basically down to the studs and they’ll have shown that they will have no patience with an up and comer if they think there’s a hot coaching prospect available.

If McNair and Easterby are doing their normal thing, they believe by doing Watson what they think is a favor by getting Flores, he’ll somehow forget everything else, yet again showing their typical strategery and utter incompetence and overestimating how highly anybody thinks of them as football savants.

I should also note, this decision confirms everything I was already inclined to believe about McNair’s and Easterby’s moral turpitude.

It’s a total @#$%! move to give an underwhelming coach a dumpster fire of a roster, have the team still overperform in spite of all that, and then fire him after just one season. Especially if that was the plan from the beginning.

As I said above, I like Flores a lot. I hope he gets into a good situation(subtext= the Texans are not a good situation) with a real chance to succeed.
I would have loved for things to work out for him to be with The Lions, but things never work out for the Lions.

I fully agree with the McNair and Easterby hate, but I must add: Fuck DeShaun Watson and his hurt widdle feelings. The only good thing nepotism incarnate asshole McNair has done with his football career was not play sexual abuser Watson.

Now that Culley, Hopkins, and Watt are gone, I can get back to despising the Texans and their entitled, racist failson of an owner.

I mean, I get the idea of trying to become Patriots South, but the Pats secret sauce isn’t a huge secret. It’s a grumpy looking hoodie wearing old guy named Bill Belichick.

But teams try to get their other front office and coaches and don’t understand why that’s not enough to replicate the success. It’s cargo cult behavior and they’re always left wondering why they can’t get the same results when it’s obvious to everybody else they’re just hoping success somehow follows individuals instead of the result of a lot of different contributing factors.

I actually think, in a vacuum, Caserio and Flores are perfectly cromulent people to hire. But thinking they’re magic bullets that will soon lead to consistent success is deeply, fundamentally stupid. And it doesn’t take a genius to predict they’ll be yet more casualties in a veritable parade of former Patriots personnel and fortunate to last more than a few seasons in Houston.

Well that’s kind of bullshit on firing Culley considering the nonsense and he was dealt, hopefully a team will pick him up recognizing what he did with what he was handed .

It was, Culley was not the reason for the Texans’ problems (that’s all on Jack Easerby, he’s the bad apple that has to go; he schmoozed his way into a job he had no business in having). And Culley even got Davis Mills to look like a QB (if not a great one) over time which is a miracle.

But Culley was a temp hire so it’s not a shocker. I believe he was only signed to a 2 year deal which is unusual.

Well, it’s one thing to say Culley got dealt a bad hand but played it really well (indeed true) but another to say he deserves another HC gig. He had his share of shortcomings as well, which are much less noticeable when thrown into a dumpster fire. There are plenty of other deserving coaching candidates, many of whom won’t even get a look.

That said, I don’t blame him and wish him well, even if I still don’t think he was really HC material.

It’s just that he cleared a low, low bar. Something the owner (“Tommy Boy” Cal McNair) and the de facto head of the front office (Easterby) have yet to ever do.

Articles were written last week that Nagy never liked Trubisky, called him out during film session, and even skipped a meeting that he had with the QB. Nagy was a much worse coach than we were led to believe when was with the organization.

Not to defend Nagy, but I’m taking these reports with a grain of salt. The locker room seems to like him, and this is coming out a ear after the fact when Mitch is a free agent, trying to maybe get a starting job next year.

The Raiders fired GM Mike Mayock today, after three seasons with the team. He’d been an unusual choice in the first place – he was a TV analyst with NFL Network, specializing in draft analysis. The Raiders have had a number of Mayock’s high-round draft choices fail to contribute, and several (Henry Ruggs III and Damon Arnette) wound up in serious trouble (Ruggs killed a woman in a high-speed car crash, and Arnette made death threats on a video).

Also, now that the Raiders are officially done for the season (having lost in the Wild Card round this past weekend), they’ve begun interviews for a new head coach. Interim coach Rich Bisaccia has said that he’s had preliminary conversations with team owner Mark Davis about becoming the permanent coach.