2022 NFL coaching carousel

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Paul Allen had a lot of sizeable assets. It would be interesting to see some of the things really rich people can leave in their wills; patent portfolios, merchandising rights, air and mineral rights for their properties, etc. I could probably come up with some absurd possibilities if I tried.

I was about to ask if any women have ever purchased a major American sports franchise, but I did a little research first. Jody Allen (Seahawks) and Georgia Frontiere (Rams) both inherited their controlling interests, but Marge Schott bought her interest in the Cincinnati Reds.

Kim Pegula, and her husband Terry, are the co-owners the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres (both of which they bought over the past decade or so); Kim is the president and CEO of Pegula Sports and Entertainment, which operates both teams, as well as two professional lacrosse teams, and a minor-league hockey team.

Other than Marge Schott, I can’t immediately think of another woman who was a solo purchaser of a team in one of the major U.S. sports leagues.

Sounds like Judge is staying with the Giants, putting him at the top of the odds for first to be fired next year.

There was a strange moment in yesterday’s game against the WFT, when the Giants had something like 3rd and 8 at their own 3-yard line. Instead of trying to convert, they ran a quarterback sneak, causing much criticism and speculation on the part of the announcers, who seemed to think they weren’t even trying. Which is just what it looked like.

Pete Carroll has a $60 million contract for the next 4 years. It would take a lot more than one 7-10 season after over a decade of winning for him to get cut.

Regarding Flores, aside from the Tua thing I also heard…

  1. The GM didn’t get along with him either.

  2. Speculation is that Miami already has a replacement in mind (but nobody is saying whom).

Here we go…

Bears fire head coach Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace.

More thoughts later, but first:

Oh, thank Christ. Not that there was any doubt … but, still, good to actually hear because you never freaking know with the Bears.

Dolphins looking for a new head coach. Brian Flores is out.

Vic Fangio is out of Denver.

Vikings fire HC Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman

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I can’t quite figure out what happened with Nagy. His offense seemed to work pretty decently in 2018.
The players seemed excited to play for him, he kept things lively with some wacky plays, and the locker room turned into Club Dub to celebrate the wins. He had some growing pains as a new head coach, but they went 12-4 in the season and things seemed to be on track.

Since then, the offense regressed. What was supposed to be the Nagy 2.0 offense the next year ended up being worse than the previous year, Nagy neglected the run game quite a bit and even said that fans didn’t want to see him call runs out of the I Formation. The trick plays went by the wayside as well and Nagy didn’t seem to develop as a coach, couldn’t make halftime adjustments, and his plays were allegedly too difficult or not ideal given the talent available on the field. This year’s final game against the Vikings was a perfect encapsulation of the Bears under Nagy. They were up 14 to 3 at halftime but missed scoring opportunities during the first half by trying pass plays on 4th and short, got pass wacky in the second half while the defense forgot what they were doing and gave up three touchdowns in the 4th quarter and losing 31-17.

I liked Nagy when the Bears hired him, he seemed like a breath of fresh air after John Fox and Marc Trestman but now I am glad to see him go.

so tell me something … say the raiders get somewhere in the playoffs (I say they leave in the 2nd round)… are they going to give the temp coach the job or look for someone else?

I know it was probably time for him to go, but this is probably what they deserve for firing Lovie Smith after a 10-6 season.

Flores seemed to be pulling things together, I wonder at that one.

I don’t. Really high expectations for the Dolphins this year that they didn’t come close to.

The Ringer has an article that makes some good points about this and how Flores never really played the “Game”.

We always look at coaching hires/fires through the lens of on the field performance but a lot of how they get, hold onto, or lose their jobs has to do with their relationship with the front office and the owners. Jason Garrett was in Dallas a lot longer than he would otherwise have been because Jerry Jones loved him. Urban Meyer didn’t even last one season not because of the on field performance (which was bad, to be fair, but coaches usually get a pass for at least one season) but all the off the field stuff.

This was great, thank you for pointing it out.

The NFL often isn’t the real world, but it seems coaches keeping their jobs works like the real world. How many times have you had a coworker that is awful but always keeps their job vs someone who is doing well and they find themselves with one questionable strike and they’re out.

The Giants waited an extra day before firing Joe Judge.

This ESPN article quotes Giants co-owner John Mara as saying that they will be starting with hiring a new general manager (Dave Gettleman retired yesterday), who will then lead the hiring of a new coach.