2022 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

I can guess who’s not coming to dinner.

Bah, not points that I’m happy to earn. I loved Sidney Poitier. But he was no spring chicken.

Ditto! It was strange to hear of Poitier’s death and think “oh no poor guy! / I’m scoring points…”

I’ve lurked on the past 2 years’ threads but never played until this year. It doesn’t feel great to have the beginner’s luck of getting points in the first week with Poitier, but there probably aren’t many players who pick only celebrities they don’t like?

Did you call? What do you want?

My choices could easily be called a Wish List!

Lani Guinier, Harvard Law professor, civil rights advocate, and lightning rod for the Clinton administration, pleads her last case at age 71.

Not here, but in the Themed CDP, you bet!

LOL I’ll have to think of a Wish list for next year’s game

Use due caution, though: Gatopescado has something of a reputation for keeping people alive.

I’m like the Grim Sower

Michael Lang, Woodstock festival co-creator, dies at 77.

Dobie Gillis actor Dwayne Hickman is gone at 13 points.


Thanks. I couldn’t get any of my links to work.

TMZ reporting Bob Saget is dead at 65.

Full House has a vacancy.

I’m willing to bet that if we were to go back through all the Pool picks through the years, many more people have picked one or both Olsen twins than Bob Saget.

I might be misremembering, but I seem to recall the Olsen twins being part of inspiration for the minimum age 18 rule back in the days when there was a website counting down to their 18th birthday.

He was apparently in the middle of his “I Don’t Do Negative Tour”, which might lead one to infer that his demise was meant as a punchline. Dick Shawn did it better, but still.