2022 [THEMED] Celebrity Death Pool

You’ll want to replace Betty White in your list.


Lisa Gerritsen
Joyce Bulifant
John Amos
Ray Buktenica
Richard Masur
Michael Delano
Garn Stephens
Craig Wasson
Liz Torres
John Lawlor
Daryl Anderson
Robert Walden
Linda Kelsey

Julie Kavner


Tom Hanks
Tom McDonald
Richard Engle
Ghislain Maxwell
Randy Travis
Michael J Fox
Officer Charley Kingery
Bill Russell
Bob Cousy
Shannon Doherty
Marylin Manson
Katy Perry

John Nash
Joe Biden
Jim Kerry

Themed List
Sadly, many holdovers from prior year
Theme: Evil and its Minions (IMHO)

•Donald Trump - orange hued evil incarnate
•Marjorie Taylor Green - can the blue states divorce her?
•Laura Ingraham – spreader of hate speech
•Rudy Giuliani - conspiracy theorist, crooked fixer for Trump, batshit insane
•Tucker Carlson – no end to his evilness
•Brett Kavanaugh - “Sometimes I had too many beers. I liked beer. I still like beer.”
•Ted Cruz – please go back to Cancun – and stay there
•Greg Abbott –per Daily Kos: terrible, horrible, no good, very bad man
•Mitch McConnell - From GQ: “This man has no morals, nor any respect for the rule of law, nor any respect for those who would defy him. For his own personal gain, he permitted Russia to continue manipulating the November election so that his party’s candidate could win—giving us a quivering mound of chili drippings for president.”
•Ron DeSantis – ultimate Florida Man
•Ivanka Kushner - "She [was] not passively complicit in the Trump administration’s policies; she [was] an active architect "
•Kim Jong-un - Supreme Leader of North Korea, and just as deranged as our former Dear Leader
•Josh Duggar

•Vladimir Putin - President of Russia, top puppeteer
•Dick Cheney - throwback to when evil was just heartless, and didn’t include aiding and abetting a pandemic

Plain List:
Donald Trump
Marjorie Taylor Green
Laura Ingraham
Rudy Giuliani
Tucker Carlson
Brett Kavanaugh
Ted Cruz
Greg Abbott
Mitch McConnell
Ron DeSantis
Ivanka Kushner
Kim Jong-un
Josh Duggar

Vladimir Putin
Dick Cheney

As I mentioned in the 2021 thread, the peeps born in 1940 that I chose are all still alive and kicking so I’m changing to my favorite singers and musicians. This should ensure another year of health for them.

Stevie Wonder
James Taylor
Joni Mitchell
Julie Andrews
David Crosby
Stephen Stills
Graham Nash
Pete Townshend
Roger Daltrey
Les McCann
Carlos Santana
Dave Mason

Alternate (just in case)
Robert Plant

Finally watched the Kennedy Center Honors and was inspired to change up my theme to:
Old Talented Babes (who I’ve been entertained by):
|Joni Mitchell|11/7/43|
|Bette Midler|12/1/45|
|Goldie Hawn|11/21/45|
|Carole King|2/9/42|
|Carly Simon|6/25/45|
|Diane Keaton|1/5/46|
|Candice Bergen|5/9/46|
|Faye Dunaway|1/14/41|
|Shirley MacLaine|4/24/34|
|Kelly Bishop|2/28/44|
|Diana Ross|3/26/44|
|Julie Andrews|10/1/35|
|Maggie Smith|12/28/34|

|Cybill Shepherd|2/18/50|

Clean list:
Joni Mitchell
Bette Midler
Goldie Hawn
Carole King
Carly Simon
Diane Keaton
Candice Bergen
Faye Dunaway
Shirley MacLaine
Kelly Bishop
Diana Ross
Julie Andrews
Maggie Smith

Cybill Shepherd

Theme: It’s The End of the World As They Know It.

Artists who have been involved in a cover or performance of REM’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Nataly Dawn
Jack Conte
Maddie Poppe
Jon Bon Jovi
Ligabue (Luciano Ligabue)
Chris Carrabba
Matt Nathanson
Jennifer Nettles
America Ferrara
Karen Fairchild
Kimberly Schlapman
Michael Stipe

@Dancer_Flight, thanks for making this themed entry possible! :wink:

Recycling lat yerar’s list that scored nothing:

A List About Nothing.

This is a list of people who appeared as themselves (or at least Seinfeldian versions of themselves) on the show about nothing.

Pat Cooper – The great comedian offered to get Jerry into the Friars’ Club.
Jon Voight – The Academy Award-winning actor. Not to be confused with John Voight the periodontist.
Rudy Giuliani – Before he became a Trumpian troll, Giuliani beat Dinkins for the 1993 NYC Mayoral race because he ate right and kept his cholesterol in check.
Keith Hernandez – The original Seinfeld Celebrity pop-in in Season 3, his narcissistic navel-gazing typical of everyone in the Seinfeld universe led to the title of his real-life memoir, “I’m Keith Hernandez”.
Bette Midler – In Seinfeldvania, the Divine Miss M plays catcher for the “Rachelle, Rachelle” softball team and trash talks George. In fact, I could see her doing that in the Real World, too.
George Wendt – While in LA, George Costanza wondered aloud to George Wendt whether “Cheers!” might be a better show if it did not take place in a bar.
Raquel Welch – In the Seinfeld universe, Raquel Welch gets involved in a cat fight! Rowrr!
Keith Morrison – He initially identified Kramer as a person of interest in the Smog Stranglings; eventually he identified the correct men, Tobias Lehigh Nagy, “5’ 6”, bald and reputedly a very generous tipper.”
Kathy Lee Gifford – While visiting the set of Regis and Kathy Lee to promote his coffee table book, Kramer spit-taked all over Kathy Lee. That’s something we’ve all wanted to do.
Bryant Gumbel – Always the nice guy in the real world, in the Seinfeld world, when Jerry showed up on the Today show to promote a benefit to clothe the homeless, Bryant mocked Jerry’s “puffy shirt.”
Candice Bergen – Kremer proved to be the only secretary Murphy Brown found competent.
David Letterman – David could not be bothered to remember Jerry’s name.
Al Roker – Who knew that there were people out there who collect TV Guide? I hope that Al’s recent surgery for cancer does not mean points. Thanks goodness, from all reports, he is doing well.
Marisa Tomei – On Seinfeld, Marisa is attracted to short, chubby, bald men. Ah! Were it only so.

Pat Cooper
Jon Voight
Rudy Giuliani
Keith Hernandez
Bette Midler
George Wendt
Raquel Welch
Keith Morrison
Kathy Lee Gifford
Bryant Gumbel
Candice Bergen
David Letterman
Al Roker

Marisa Tomei

Repeating my list from 2021 - Google says they’re all still alive, despite their increasingly advanced ages:

Theme: the 1969 Washington Senators (“a whole new ballgame in 1969”). The Senators v2.0 (1961-1971) had exactly one winning season, and this was it.

LF Frank Howard 8-8-36
RF Hank Allen 7-23-40
1B Mike Epstein 4-4-43
3B Ken McMullen 6-1-42
CF Del Unser 12-9-44
2B Bernie Allen 4-16-39
SS Tim Cullen 2-16-42
C Doug Camilli 9-22-36
SP Dick Bosman 2-17-44
SP Joe Coleman 2-3-47
SP Casey Cox 7-3-41
SP Jim Hannan 1-7-41
RP Darold Knowles 12-9-41


SS Toby Harrah 10-26-48

Clean list:

Frank Howard
Hank Allen
Mike Epstein
Ken McMullen
Del Unser
Bernie Allen
Tim Cullen
Dick Bosman
Joe Coleman
Casey Cox
Darold Knowles
Jim Hannan
Doug Camilli


Toby Harrah

Not enough research last year. A slightly modified list of Canadians for 2022.

Theme: The Canadians

Jim Carr
Gino Odjick
Stu Schwartz
Paul Henderson
Tommy Chong
Michael J Fox
Mary Barry
Joni Mitchell
Rick Chiarelli
Brian Brett
Stephen Lewis
Robert Munsch
Carolyn Balderson Perry

Anton Kuerti
Brian Mulroney

Just because (almost) everyone lived doesn’t mean that I don’t like last year’s theme - so I’m re-doing it:

Theme: Sitcom Moms
Meredith Baxter
Brett Butler
Jane Curtin
Marla Gibbs
Janet Hubert
Shirley Jones
Julie Kavner
Vicki Lawrence
Judith Light
Lee Meriweather
Marion Ross
Susan Saint James
Katey Segal

Joanna Kerns
Phylicia Rashad
Patricia Richardson


I’m wondering if this was meant to be in the main Death Pool thread.

Theme: Televangelists (since Marcus Lamb died in 2021)

Hal Lindsey (born November 23 1929)
Pat Robertson (born March 22 1930)
Marilyn Hickey (born July 1 1931)
Jack Hayford (born June 25 1934)

Jimmy Swaggart (born March 15 1935)
Kenneth Copeland (born December 6 1936)
Jim Bakker (born January 2 1940)
John Hagee (born April 12 1940)
David Jeremiah (born February 13 1941)

James Robison (born October 9 1943)
John Ankerberg (born December 10 1945)
Mike Murdock (born April 18 1946)
Jesse Duplantis (born July 9 1949)


Rod Parsley (born January 13 1957)
Brian Houston (born February 17 1954)
Robert Tilton (born June 7 1946)

Clean List

Hal Lindsey
Pat Robertson
Marilyn Hickey
Jack Hayford

Jimmy Swaggart
Kenneth Copeland
Jim Bakker
John Hagee
David Jeremiah

James Robison
John Ankerberg
Mike Murdock
Jesse Duplantis


Rod Parsley
Brian Houston
Robert Tilton

I’ll suggest - "Who are three thirteen people who’ve never been in my kitchen?

We have 36 players, and 419 different celebrities, mostly unique picks… there are a few overlapping themes:

Rank Player Score Picks(Unique) Theme
1 amarinth 0 0 Sitcom Moms
1 Baker 0 0 Born on New Year’s Eve
1 Bashorian 0 0 Rock Bassists
1 Bayaker 0 0 The Mary Tyler Moore Show universe:
1 billiefan2000 0 0 Televangelists
1 Biotop 0 0 Dark Shadows
1 Borborygmi 0 0 Lawyers
1 candide 0 0 A List About Nothing
1 Catamount 0 0 Doctor Who vs. The Master
1 Cazzle 0 0 It’s The End of the World As They Know It.
1 commasense 0 0 Destroyers of Democracy V
1 Dancer_Flight 0 0 Star Trek IV
1 Dr.Girlfriend 0 0 11th annual All-Star Sports Edition
1 FlikTheBlue 0 0 Associated with the Ukraine
1 GIGObuster 0 0 “hall of the infamous”
1 GuanoLad 0 0 British Sitcom Stars
1 Happy_Lendervedder 0 0 Lou Gehrig
1 J-P_L 0 0 Former Race Car Drivers
1 kayT 0 0 Women Writers (mostly Mysteries)
1 Kitten_Mitten 0 0 peeps born in 1940
1 Little_Nemo 0 0 Last Survivor
1 Mahaloth 0 0 MASH (movie or show) living cast members:
1 Mean_Mr.Mustard 0 0 Lawyer Up!
1 Pardel-Lux 0 0 German players in the 1966, 1970 and 1974 FIFA World Cups
1 phungi 0 0 NFL/FIFA ALL-ALS/CTE Team
1 Queen_Anne_s_Lace 0 0 Old Talented Babes (who I’ve been entertained by):
1 Railer13 0 0 1960s St. Louis Cardinals World Series
1 Rebo 0 0 People we wish would disappear off the face of the planet
1 Registered_at_Last 0 0 The Canadians
1 RobotDevilDog 0 0 Back to the Future
1 RTFirefly 0 0 1969 Washington Senators
1 Shoeless 0 0 Guest stars from the original Twilight Zone
1 smithsb 0 0 Republican Cultists
1 Stephe96 0 0 Beatles
1 Wallet 0 0 Evil and its Minions (IMHO)
1 xizor 0 0 Crooners

I’m tied for first!!!

I’m tied for last. :frowning:

Somewhere in the middle as usual…

Hi phungi, perhaps my entry was poorly worded. My theme this year is Favorite Singers and Musicians.