2022 [THEMED] Celebrity Death Pool

But you have the names and their descriptions mixed up

Baker, what’s the theme? I’m not seeing a big connection.

They all were born on New Year’s Eve, the way I was. In fact Tilke and Salmon were both born in the year I was, so are exactly the same age as I.

Yes, that was the part that made it funny.

Recycling last year’s list

Doctor Who vs. The Master
Tom Baker 1/20/1934 - The Fourth Doctor
Peter Davison 4/13/1951 - The Fifth Doctor
Colin Baker 4/18/1943 - The Sixth Doctor
Sylvester McCoy 8/20/1943 - The Seventh Doctor
Paul McGann 11/14/1959 - The Doctor We Do Not Speak Of
Christopher Eccleston 2/16/1964 - The Ninth Doctor/First Doctor NuWho
David Tennant 4/18/1971 - The Tenth Doctor
Matt Smith 10/28/1982 - The Eleventh Doctor
Peter Capaldi 4/14/1958 - The Twelfth Doctor
Jodie Whittaker 6/17/1982 - The Thirteenth Doctor
David Bradley 4/17/1942 - Pretended to be William Hartnell when the First Doctor was required
Geoffrey Beevers 1/15/1941 - The Third Master
Eric Roberts 4/18/1956 - The Master We Do Not Speak Of
Derek Jacobi 10/22/1958 - The Sixth Master

John Simm 7/10/1970 - The Seventh Master
Michelle Gomez 11/23/1966 - The Eighth Master/First Missy
Sacha Dawan 5/1/1984 - The Ninth Master

Clean List
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Peter Capaldi
Jodie Whittaker
David Bradley
Geoffrey Beevers
Eric Roberts
Derek Jacobi

John Simm
Michelle Gomez
Sacha Dawan

Reposting my list from last year with a couple of updates.

Guest stars from the original "Twilight Zone"
John Astin
Barbara Barrie
Carol Burnett
Robert Duvall
Mariette Hartley
Earl Holliman
Sherry Jackson
Vera Miles
Julie Newmar
Nehemiah Persoff
Robert Redford
William Shatner
George Takei

Veronica Cartwright
Ron Howard
Billy Mumy

Destroyers of Democracy V

My fifth try with this list. In 2018, no one died, dammit. I scored my first and only points (in this thread) in 2019 with David Koch’s welcome death, but struck out again in 2020. In 2021 I scored big points (30!) with Limbaugh. May the rest of these people join him in hell ASAP.

We start, of course, with the true leader of the Republican party.

Vladimir Putin
Donald Trump
Mitch McConnell
Marjorie Taylor Greene
John Eastman
Charles Koch
Brett Kavanaugh
Amy Coney Barrett
Tucker Carlson
Sean Hannity
Rupert Murdoch
Robert Mercer
David Deniston Smith

Ted Cruz
Paul Gosar

John Eastman is the Trump lawyer who came up with the plan to overturn the 2020 election. Mercer is the money behind Trump, and Smith is the Chairman of Sinclair Broadcasting, an ultra-right wing media empire

My Category is Crooners

Paul Anka
Tony Bennett
Pat Boone
Harry Connick Jr
David Crosby
Neil Diamond
Bob Dylan
Barry Manilow
Paul McCartney
Joni Mitchell
Wayne Newton
Linda Ronstadt

Phil Collins
Mick Jagger
Wille Nelson

Women Writers (mostly Mysteries)

Margaret Atwood
Sara Paretsky
Louise Penny
Joan Didion
Fanny Flagg
Marge Piercy
Kathy Reichs
Patricia Cornwell
Nevada Barr
Janet Evanovich
Marcia Muller
J.A. Jance
Marge Piercy

Tana French
Laurie R. King

MASH (movie or show) living cast members:

Alan Alda
Loretta Swit
Mike Farrell
Jamie Farr
Gary Burghoff
Jeff Maxwell
G.W. Bailey
Donald Sutherland
Elliot Gould
Sally Kellerman
Robert Duvall
Fred Williamson
Tom Skerritt

Identical list from 2021 and hoping to keep these treasures alive another year.

Well, no sooner than I post my list, I have to revise it. Joan Didion has passed away so move Tana French to 13th place and add alternate Donna Leon. (Surely I won’t need two alternates in 8 days!)

Women Writers (mostly Mysteries)

Margaret Atwood
Sara Paretsky
Louise Penny
Fanny Flagg
Marge Piercy
Kathy Reichs
Patricia Cornwell
Nevada Barr
Janet Evanovich
Marcia Muller
J.A. Jance
Marge Piercy
Tana French

Laurie R. King
Donna Leon

Thanks for doing this again, phungi! Theme is “Lawyers”, which I always intend to switch out of for something more clever but never get around to doing. Promoting Jay Sekulow to replace F. Lee Bailey this year.

  1. Harry Whittington, b. March 3, 1927. Attorney.
  2. Alan Dershowitz, b. September 1, 1938. Attorney.
  3. Victoria Toensing, b. October 16, 1941. Attorney.
  4. Robert Shapiro, b. September 2, 1942. Attorney.
  5. Rudy Giuliani, b. May 28, 1944. Attorney.
  6. Joseph diGenova, b. February 22, 1945. Attorney.
  7. Ty Cobb, b. August 25, 1950. Attorney.
  8. Larry Klayman, b. July 20, 1951. Attorney.
  9. Jack Thompson, b. July 25, 1951. Attorney.
  10. L. Lin Wood, b. October 19, 1952. Attorney.
  11. Sidney Powell, b. May 1, 1955. Attorney.
  12. Charles Carreon, b. April 7, 1956. Attorney.
  13. Jay Sekulow, b. June 10, 1956. Attorney.

Alt1. Michael Cohen, b. August 25, 1966. Attorney.
Alt2. Ken Starr, b. July 21, 1946. Attorney.
Alt3. Gloria Allred, b. July 3, 1941. Attorney.

Plain text list:

Harry Whittington
Alan Dershowitz
Victoria Toensing
Robert Shapiro
Rudy Giuliani
Joseph diGenova
Ty Cobb
Larry Klayman
Jack Thompson
L. Lin Wood
Sidney Powell
Charles Carreon
Jay Sekulow

Michael Cohen
Ken Starr
Gloria Allred

My Themed Death Pool for 2022

Theme: Former Race Car Drivers

1 Harry Gant 1940 former Nascar race car driver
2 Bobby Allison 1937 former Nascar race car driver
3 Cale Yarborough 1939 former Nascar race car driver
4 Ned Jarret 1932 former Nascar race car driver
5 Mario Andretti 1940 former F1 & Indy race car driver
6 Michael Schumacher 1969 former F1 race car driver
7 Fred Lorenzen 1934 former Nascar race car driver
8 Donnie Allison 1939 former Nascar race car driver
9 Richard Petty 1937 former Nascar race car driver
10 Rick Hendrick 1949 former Nascar race car driver & current team owner
11 Emerson Fittipaldi 1946 former Indy race car driver
12 Jackie Stewart 1939 former F1 race car driver
13 A. J. Foyt 1935 former Indy race car driver

1 Darryl Waltrip 1947 former Nascar race car driver
2 Rick Mears 1951 former Indy race car driver
3 Ricky Rudd 1956 former Nascar race car driver

Clean list:

Harry Gant
Bobby Allison
Cale Yarborough
Ned Jarret
Mario Andretti
Michael Schumacher
Fred Lorenzen
Donnie Allison
Richard Petty
Rick Hendrick
Emerson Fittipaldi
Jackie Stewart
A. J. Foyt


Darryl Waltrip
Rick Mears
Ricky Rudd

2022 Themed List - Lawyer Up!

Alan Dershowitz
Amy Coney Barrett
Andrew Cuomo
Brett Kavanaugh
Chris Christie
Geoffrey Fieger
Gloria Allred
Lindsey Graham
Mike Pence
Mitch McConnell
Neil Gorsuch
Rudy Giuliani
Ted Cruz

Ben Stein
Charlie Rose
Samuel Alito

Sadly, 2022 may be the last year I can find enough Dark Shadows cast members still living to make a list. This silly bizarre awesome show was very influencial in my life, and the themed list is meant as a tribute to those who made it.

Theme: Dark Shadows

  1. Mitchell Ryan: The original Burke Devlin
  2. Katheryn Leigh Scott: Maggie Evans/Josette
  3. Alexandra Isles: Victoria Winters
  4. Nancy Barrett: Carolyn Stoddard
  5. Marie Wallace: Eve
  6. Kate Jackson: Daphne Harridge
  7. Jerry Lacy: The Reverend Trask
  8. Lara Parker: Angelique Collins
  9. Roger Davis: Peter Bradford
  10. David Selby: Quentin Collins
  11. Terry Crawford: Beth Chavez
  12. Jim Storm: Gerard Stiles
  13. David Henesey: David Collins

14. Donna Wandrey: Roxanne Drew
15. Kathy Cody: Hallie Stokes
16. Sharon Smyth: Sarah Collins

Clean list:

Mitchell Ryan
Katheryn Leigh Scott
Alexandra Isles
Nancy Barrett
Marie Wallace
Kate Jackson
Jerry Lacy
Lara Parker
Roger Davis
David Selby
Terry Crawford
Jim Storm
David Henesy

Donna Wandrey
Kathy Cody
Sharon Smyth

Same exact list, fifth year running. Never scored a point, never want to.

Back to the Future

Michael J. Fox
Christopher Lloyd
Lea Thompson
Thomas F. Wilson
Crispin Glover
Claudia Wells
Elisabeth Shue
Marc McClure
James Tolkan
Charles Fleischer
Mary Steenburgen
Robert Zemeckis
Bob Gale

Rock Bassists

Bobby Dall
Nikki Sixx
John Paul Jones
Duff McKagan
Dave Hope
Roger Waters
Jackie Fox
Billy Sheehan
Bill Wyman
Jim Lea
Juan Croucier
John Deacon
John Cale

Jason Newstead


Steve McMichael October 17, 1957
Kerry Goode July 28, 1965
Steve Gleason March 19, 1977
OJ Brigance September 29, 1969
Tim Shaw March 27, 1984
Tim Green December 16, 1963
Tony Dorsett April 7, 1954
Jim McMahon 21-Aug-59
Wayne Clark May 30, 1971
Leonard Marshall October 22, 1961
Juan Carlos Unzue April 22, 1967
Fernando Ricksen July 27, 1976
Hakan Sukur September 1, 1971

Steve McMichael
Kerry Goode
Steve Gleason
OJ Brigance
Tim Shaw
Tim Green
Tony Dorsett
Jim McMahon
Wayne Clark
Leonard Marshall
Juan Carlos Unzue
Fernando Ricksen
Hakan Sukur


I’m continuing my theme, and luckily needed to replace four of them. But these geezers are averaging less than 10 points each, so I guess I’m going for “Quantity Not Quality”. :slight_smile:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show universe:

Betty White (Sue Ann Nivens on TMTMS ) and turns 100 in January!
Joyce Bulifant (Marie Slaughter, Murray’s wife on TMTMS )
John Amos (Gordy the weather man on TMTMS )
Ray Buktenica (Benny Goodwin, sometime boyfriend of Brenda on Rhoda )
Richard Masur (Nick Lobo – accordionist boyfriend of Brenda on Rhoda )
Michael Delano (Johnny Venture, Rhoda’s boyfriend on Rhoda )
Garn Stephens (Harriett Hastings, Phyllis’ co-worker & friend on Phyllis )
Craig Wasson (Mark Valenti, married Bess on Phyllis )
Liz Torres (Julie Erskine on Phyllis )
John Lawlor (Supervisor Leonard Marsh on Phyllis )
Daryl Anderson (Dennis “The Animal” Price, photographer on Lou Grant )
Robert Walden (Joe Rossi, reporter on Lou Grant )
Linda Kelsey (Crusading reporter Billie Newman on Lou Grant )

Lisa Gerritsen (Bess Lindstrom, Phyllis’ daughter)
Julie Kavner (Rhoda’s sister, now better known as Marge Simpson)

Clean List:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show universe

Betty White
Joyce Bulifant
John Amos
Ray Buktenica
Richard Masur
Michael Delano
Garn Stephens
Craig Wasson
Liz Torres
John Lawlor
Daryl Anderson
Robert Walden
Linda Kelsey

Lisa Gerritsen
Julie Kavner