2023 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Thanks, i;ll find someone as a replacement.

I will replace Arlene Dahl with Leslie Caron.

I had to check because I thought she was dead too.

Welcome back, DeathMistress!

George W Bush
Dana Carvey
Kassie DePaiva
Michael Douglas
Richard Dreyfuss
Gina Lollobrigida
Gerald McRaney
Liza Minnelli
Johnny Mathis
Frankie Muniz
Randy Travis
Donald Trump
Brian Wilson

Elizabeth Ashley
Shirley Jones

As always, Brian Wilson is the Beach Boy

Donald Trump
Jimmy Carter
Robert Plant
Tuesday Weld
Ye (formerly Kanye West)
Marilyn Manson
Vladimir Putin
David McCallum
Jan Brewer, former AZ governor
Mitch McConnell
Sarah Palin
Frank Oz

William Devane
Alex Jones
Jack Hanna

You can do it, Ozzy!!! :wink:

This year, I m going for simple body count. As always, remember it is an honor just to be nominated.


Henry Kissinger
Jimmy Carter
Phil Collins
Bob Barker
Dick Van Dyke
Norman Lear
Harry Belafonte
Woody Allen
Bob Newhart
Julie Andrews
Pat Robertson
Linda Ronstadt
Tony Bennett

Pope Benedict XVI

I have no points for 2022 yet! Here’s hoping 2023 is a better year.

  1. Tommy Smothers
  2. Dick Smothers (He’ll last longer. Mom always liked him best)
  3. Woody Allen
  4. Robert Redford
  5. Jerry Mathers (Gee, Beav. What took ya so long?)
  6. John Williams (decomposer)
  7. Pope Benedict XVI AKA Pope Palpatine
  8. Pat Robertson
  9. Benjamin Netenyahu
  10. Bob Newhart (Goodnight, Bob)
  11. Barbara Eden
  12. Tom Cruise
  13. Britney Spears

Jimmy Carter
Mel Brooks
Warren Buffett

Clean List
Tommy Smothers
Dick Smothers
Woody Allen
Robert Redford
Jerry Mathers
John Williams
Pope Benedict XVI
Pat Robertson
Benjamin Netenyahu
Bob Newhart
Barbara Eden
Tom Cruise
Britney Spears

I thought I had some original picks but I guess not. My 13:

  1. Mick Mars (Motley Crue)
  2. Wendy Williams (annoying talk show host)
  3. Ozzy Osbourne (legend)
  4. Ron Jeremy (old porn guy in jail)
  5. Barbara Walters (cant believe shes still hanging in there)
  6. Randy Travis (country singer)
  7. Andy Dick (has been)
  8. Bam Margera (a younger long shot)
  9. Joe Namath (so old)
  10. Bob Barker (its time)
  11. Gary Busey (just because)
  12. Jimmy Carter (sadly)
  13. Michael J Fox (so sad)

The Weeknd
Shannon Doherty
Kim Jong Un
Rick Flair

Clean 13
Mick Mars
Wendy Williams
Ozzy Osbourne
Ron Jeremy
Barbara Walters
Randy Travis
Andy Dick
Bam Margera
Joe Namath
Bob Barker
Gary Busey
Jimmy Carter
Micheal J Fox

Welcome to a new sicko,I mean,a new player! And welcome to the Dope!!!

Tom Baker
Alan Alda
Barbara Walters
Ted Kaczynski
Linda Nolan
Don Wildmon
Jimmy Carter
Nick Bollettieri
Doyle Brunson
Bob Newhart
Henry Kissinger
Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor
John Williams
Gene Hackman
Celine Dion
Hunter Biden
Robert Redford
Simon Cowell
Tina Turner
David Crosby
Val Kilmer
Shannen Doherty
James Earl Jones
Bill Clinton


Matt Lauer
Dick Van Dyke

*Andy Taylor = guitarist for Duran Duran

I haven’t played the Death Pool in several years but for some macabre reason I’m jumping in this year.

My list:

John Cullum, Alaskan tavern owner who once hosted Adam Ant
Paul McCartney, former Coleoptera member
Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of that band that Stevie Nicks made famous
Barbara Walters, talking head
Al Roker, fatter talking head
Anthony Hopkins, famous sommelier and cannibal
Judi Dench, screen queen
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, commercial airline FO
Tionne “T-boz” Watkins, cultural wanna-be trend setter
Nancy Pelosi, the woman that gives Sean Hannity a reason to live.
Roman Polanski, widower of a Manson victim
Bill Cosby, human pig shit.
Buzz Aldrin, the dude that got higher than Snoop Dogg ever dreamed of.

Johnny Depp, gay pirate
Julie Andrews, flying nanny
Julie Kavner, SAHM and wife to a Kwyjibo.

Clean list:
John Cullum
Paul McCartney
Mick Fleetwood
Barbara Walters
Al Roker
Anthony Hopkins
Judi Dench
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Tionne “T-boz” Watkins
Nancy Pelosi
Roman Polanski
Bill Cosby
Buzz Aldrin

Johnny Depp
Julie Andrews
Julie Kavner

You have a way with words.

Juice WRLD is already dead!

You spelled Michael J. Fox’s first name wrong in your clean list. (This is mainly for Baker’s notification in case she copy-pastes it into the spreadsheet and then should he die misses it on your list.)

Oops – a few years ago. Must have been an old Billboard list I looked at.
Amended list.

Lil Baby
Doja Cat
The Weeknd
Lil Durk
Polo G
Rod Wave
Post Malone
Moneybagg Yo
Megan Thee Stallion
J. Cole
Kanye West


REVISED list due to the death of Nick Bolleteri:

Tom Baker
Alan Alda
Barbara Walters
Ted Kaczynski
Linda Nolan
Don Wildmon
Jimmy Carter
Doyle Brunson
Bob Newhart
Henry Kissinger
Andy Taylor
Melissa Jaffer

Nitpick: Ronstadt

[pulls Heart Like a Wheel LP off the shelf just to be absolutely sure]

Thank you for the correction. It’s one of those words that I can look at right before typing, and still get it wrong.