21st century novels or shows about unambigiously evil werewolves and/or vampires?

Once upon a time, your typical werewolf or vampire was the villain. There were no vampires and no werewolves who were self-loathing let alone good. But eventually that changed.

Maybe it began with Interview With A Vampire, maybe before that, but it seems like virtually every novel written in the past 20-odd years that contains vampires and werewolves have likable ones. **True Blood **has Eric and Pam. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel has Angel, Oz, and even kinda Spike too. Half the vampires and all the werewolves in Twilight are good. The vampire and werewolf in Being Human are the main freakin characters and as so are meant to be sympathetic. So too are the werewolves in the The Shiver Trilogy (Shiver, Linger, Forever). Grimm has a good werewolf as a main character, and several other nice were/shifter type beings. Ditto the **Hollows/Rachel Morgan **books, Ivy is far nicer than scary. The Otherworld books and Bitten TV show (same source) have as many likeable werewolves as bad ones. Most of the werewolves and some of the vampires in the Mercy Thompson, The Dresden Files, and **Anita Blake **series are the good guys…

The only recent book I can recall with evil vampires who were just the bad guys is The Strain, which I didn’t even like.

Can you think of others from 2000-2016 were there’s no doubt that vampires and werewolves are killers, not the type of “people” you’d want a relationship or friendship with?

The vampire in Let the Right One In is pretty evil (and indeed, I think the book was written as sort of a counter to the trend towards romantic vampiress).

I’ve seen the Swedish version of the movie, and I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

The vampire’s *sire * is evil for turning a child, but I didn’t see the little boy as evil

Keep in mind, I’m asking about stories were all the vampires and all the werewolves in them are evil, not some are and some aren’t.

He murders like 5 people. Uses the old school teacher to murder more for him, and is pretty clearly grooming the main character to use him to be his new helper/murder buddy.

This is a side-track from what you asked, but it sounds from the description like the titular werewolf in The Werewolf of Paris (a 1933 novel) would generally fit in the “self-loathing” category, trying to avoid violently attacking people.

The Monster Hunter International series by Larry Correia has some unabashedly evil vampires and some good and some evil werewolves.

I’m watching Shadow of the Vampire this morning: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0189998/

Director Murnau thinks he can control the real vampire who’s playing Nosferatu, but he’s wrong.

Well… in fact, there’s a couple of things…

Actually, screw it. You know those times when you raise a finger, open your mouth to speak, and just stand there looking like a dumbass, because you don’t even know where to begin? I just had one of those moments. I think I’ll just leave you guys to it.

Vampires in What we do in the Shadows pretty casually murder people, though its a comedy, so they’re more bafoonish than evil.

In Peter Watt’s Blindsight and Echopraxia the vampires are very much unrepentant “evil”. I only use the scare-quotes because the vampires there aren’t magical, they’re a closely related to human species that is a predator on humans and has to eat human flesh (not just blood) in order to survive. They’re cruel, sadistic (they seem to like to play with their food), solitary, hyperviolent, and lots smarter than humans. They’re not nice, creepy as hell, and while you might be able to enter an alliance with one for a mutual goal once that’s achieved your former ally might well eat your face, along with other assorted body parts.

I think in 30 Days of Night all the vampires are all vicious evil bastards.

Stake Land, indy film, 2010. The vampires are like zombies with fangs. Maybe a good vampire shows up in the third act. I don’t know because I gave up on it.

30 Days of Night, 2007. The vampires in this one are smarter than zombies, but animalistic and cruel.

Thirst, Korean, 2009. The main character, a Catholic priest, turns into a mildly evil vampire who only kills sometimes. He creates another, more evil vampire.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012. Fails the criteria due to a single buddy vampire character, but has a lot of punchbag vampires who are not only bloodsucking ghouls but (shudder) Confederates.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Iran, 2014. Similar to Let the Right One In, as the vampire is evil but not indiscriminate.

Dracula 2000
Dracula II: Ascension
Dracula III: Legacy

BloodRayne 2: Deliverance
Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

Weren’t the Blade movies pretty much about how all vampires are evil bastards who need to be shot, sliced, staked and then shot again?

That’s the one I thought of (the 2010 novel and the 2012 movie). As a class/type there’s no question that vampires are evil, but as you note there is at least one individual exception.

Doesn’t Blade count (I know he’s a dhampir, but that’s close enough IMO)? Plus there was Nyssa in the second movie who was also portrayed sympathetically.

Other than the stuff already mentioned, I’m not coming up with anything…

Probably the most interesting monster novel I’ve read in many years is The Last Werewolf. Its werewolves and vampires are often protagonists, but they’re unabashedly bloody. The werewolves, for example, become uncontrollable killers for a few nights a month, and the more their human selves love someone, the more they delight in murdering and eating that person when they’re a wolf. There’s none of this tortured, I-only-eat-rabbits bullshit going on with these guys.

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files classify vampires into three different sects. The White Court has at least one member who’s a good guy. The Red Court has one member who’s avoided drinking blood and so arguably isn’t a full vampire yet and who is a good guy; the rest are terrible. The Black Court are all evil.

Has it been awhile since you read the series? Because the Red Court doesn’t exist anymore. Harry killed them all.

I’d speculate that the modern idea of what kinds of characters can comfortably be portrayed as unambiguously evil isn’t really compatible with the usual modern idea of what a vampire or werewolf is. That is, someone who grew up as basically a normal human, through no fault of their own was transformed into a dangerous supernatural being, but at least part of the time still has their original personality and intelligence level. It seems like this sort of character should be capable of choosing not to harm others, or at least of wanting to be able to resist their monstrous impulses, and that once in a while you’d get one that isn’t totally evil.

In folklore and older fiction you’ll find vampires who are more like what we’d consider a zombie or demon without much in the way of a remaining human personality, and werewolves who were bad people to begin with and freely chose to become werewolves through dark magic or a pact with Satan. In more recent fiction you’ll sometimes get vampires and werewolves that were either never human to begin with or have totally lost their humanity, but it doesn’t seem to be that common.

These are all older than what the OP is looking for (1980s and 1990s), but The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers features vampire-like creatures that are completely non-human. They do provide protection and artistic inspiration for humans they’ve fixated upon, but since they’re also draining the life out of these people and killing everyone their victims care about I feel comfortable calling them evil. The main vampire character in Whitley Steiber’s The Hunger (in which vampires are a non-human species) is arguably evil even though she cares for her human lovers in her way, while other vampires consider humans to be basically cattle. Which is perhaps no more “evil” than it is for humans to treat cattle like cattle, but from a human perspective none of these vampires are our pals. There’s also the surprisingly dark YA novel Thirsty by M.T. Anderson, where people transformed into vampires must either kill humans or starve to death. So while it’s possible for a vampire to try to remain “good”, they don’t last long.