22 MILLION, that's right, MILLION, Bush-era emails found

22 million Bush-era emails found

Alright, I’ll be the first to say it: they’re going to find evidence that Bush died on that pretzel and was replaced by a robot.

More than that, some of the lingering questions from that administration, will probably be answered along with evidence from everything from willful ignorance in Iraq to firing of Dept. of Justice lawyers. I don’t want to overstate what could be in the emails, it may simply be millions of meeting requests and lunch dates, but one can hope.

One question, however, needs answering. The article said that it will go through normal National Archive procedures, but would the Dept. of Justice be able to also go through them at the same time, or before the archives, in order to look for evidence of wrongdoing or some other such thing? While as a member of the public, I have to wait, I wonder if the same restrictions are non-existent for Obama’s administration

I find it unfathomable that a robot could have done such a bad job.

Why? Maybe it was just a poorly designed and built robot. You know, a robot like the guys at GM would design and build.

Please. We all know Ford robots are the worst ones out there. What with ass plates that spontaneously combust and god knows what else.

How’s the saying go? “Never attribute to stupidity that which can be adequately explained by maliciously-programmed robots designed to bring about the end of civilization.”

Something like that, anyway.

I’m sure that a Congressional committee or a JD prosecutor could subpeona them as evidence, I just don’t know if there such investigations ongoing. Obama made it pretty clear that he had no real interest in pursuing criminal investigations of Bush admin practices.

I think the JD is doing a torture probe. Is anything else still on the table?

Unlikely seeing as Bush was never seen wearing or mentioning soft Corinthian leather.

I liked this:

Gee, ya think??
waiting in amused impatience to hear the rationalizations and excuses from the right for this one

Water under the bridge, it’s all old news, nothing to see here, look away.

“Those computers were installed by bleeding heart liberal programmers. Had we been allowed to use stone tablets and chisels like we wanted, none of this would have happened.”

Computers work by moving electrons, and electrons have been shown to have a liberal bias.

Computers too. Double-whammy!

I don’t care what comes after, THIS wins the thread.

They should have known Al would use computers to avenge his 2000 loss.

After all, he invented the Internet.

They don’t make their own. They buy them from China and Japan. I hope we do our own programming.

That explains it. ACORN has corrupted American electrons for years.

Ha! You just know that some muckity-muck dick (probably Michelle Bachmann) is going to bring ACORN into this somehow, and you just know that there are a lot of slack-jawed neanderthals out there who will actually believe it.

Read it and weep: WWW.MSNBC.MSN.COM
The extent of this fraud is amazing-we have evidence of outright destruction of data, evidence of collusion (in suppressing acdem… government data), and conspiracy.
So, do the revelations exposed by the hack… um investigators invalidate the AGW… er Bush proponents?

If Secret Santas make you so sad, don’t participate. :rolleyes: :smiley:

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22 million? These pricks must have been unnecessarily “forwarding all” as much as my last company.