22ft Wasp Nest Found In Abandoned Home In Spain

The house isn’t abandoned, the wasps have claimed it! They have established the facility as a co-op with each wasp owning a 1/1,000,000 stake.

They are currently buzzing city hall to discuss maximum occupancy and zoning concerns. And providing sufficient half empty coke bottles.

Fuck that. Take off and nuke it from orbit.

Bazinga! :smiley:

And how do you know the owner of the house isn’t entombed in the middle of that nest?


Who says we do?

Forensics are gonna have an interesting job there.

Yes, once they comb through the evidence.

You’ll need a giant can of Raid for that nest. :stuck_out_tongue:

More like a case of Raid. Ten guys firing cans simultaneously.

Better yet, just burn down the house. I just hate Wasps.

I do wonder how they will deal with it.

“Tent” the house and spray in insecticide? I imagine getting the “tent” over the house will be tricky … :eek:

Every couple of years I’ll see a news report about a giant paper wasp’s nest in a house. Giant nest, not giant wasps. Doesn’t seem all that unusual. It probably only requires a warm climate or house warmed year round, and a sufficient supply of food. The best way to get rid of wasp’s nest is to burn it, but that may not be practical if it’s inside your house. I don’t know how people don’t notice these things. Even inside the walls you should hear the bugs crawling around.

Bravo. Well played. :smiley:

You know, I was just thinking how I haven’t had any really terrifying nightmares in awhile. After clicking the links in this thread, I think that void in my life will be filled.

With that many wasps, they probably carried the poor homeowner’s body away, somewhere.

I read about this case, and it’s very strange. I don’t remember all the détails, but IIRC the house he was living in was very valuable and it was discovered he owned other properties. However, he used to have some random blue collar job and how he came into possession of those properties is unclear. He probably inherited them or bought them from a woman with whom he had no know relation. Also, no trace could be found of him in Spain where he was supposedly born, hence he was most likely living under an assumed identity.

I found an article about it, and there’s an element I had forgotten : around the time of his death he was about to sell the house where he was found to a German woman. He didn’t show up to sign the papers, and the German lady can’t be found, either.

There’s no evidence that he was murdered, though.

Finally, another mystery : no evidence of his birth was found in Spain, but evidences of his death were. Before dying in France in 1997 or so, he already died in Spain in 1970.

Are we sure nobody is pollen their leg here?

They must have quite the crack team on it if they are still trying to identify the body and the is a big stack of unopened mail on the floor.

I shouldn’t have written “finally”. He also died towards the end of the Spanish Civil War while fleeing the country according to another article.

Poke. Poke.


their top men are working on it - top men.

Anyone else read the URL as ‘Thinks Pain’?