On the killing of wasps

I’ve just managed to step up the arms race between man and bug, today.

My apartment has wasps. They’ve colonized inside the walls, using an opening behind a power outlet on my porch as their access point. Somehow, they’ve found a way into my apartment, i’m guessing by way of the heating system, which connects to that same place. This wasn’t too much of an issue, as I’d talked to maintenance and they “took care of it” and seem to think that they won’t survive a NY winter. Lately, however, they’ve taken to seeking out the warmth of the inside of my house, and I’ve had to dispose of them. Can’t trust the peaceful intentions of a yellowjacket, y’know. Now, initially I used bug spray, which was unreliable and hard to aim, and that worked ok. It stained things, but it was fine. I’ve recently started using something else, however: my vacuum cleaner. Strap on the hose attachment, sneak up on 'em, and you can suck 'em down with a satisfying thwack before they even know what hit 'em. Quick, clean, and no undue flying around and stinging for spite/in self-defense.

Exterminator comes on Monday, and that’s fine. I’m just happy that I get to sleep in peace, now that I’ve gotten rid of the thirteen or so that were sleeping on the sliding glass door to me porch, this evening.

Here’s hoping they don’t counter with some innovation of their own…

They’re conjuring up a plan as you sleep. They’re watching you in your sleep from the crack in the wall and planning their next move. They know all about the dozen or so kamikaze pilots that were sacrificed for the cause. All part of the plan. :wink: :smiley:

I must object in the strongest possible terms your promotion of such wanton slaughter! As a male of primarily Swedish and English descent whose ancestors embraced the religions of the Reformation, I…


Oh. Carry on.

Fuckin’ bugs.

I pity you. I hope they’re all gone soon.

There is this thing on the vacant house next door. It is a huge nest that just keeps getting larger and larger. My husband is highly allergic to bee stings, so the Epi-Pen is on his person whenever he’s at home. We hope it’ll keep him mostly alive until we get to the ER.
Loud noises/sudden movements totally FREAK OUT the hornets, too. Amazing.
Our front yard is directly in the flight path of the hornets, because they’re buzzing our place all the time.

You may be right, as there’s another one on the glass. It’s just sitting there, but I know what it’s planning. They won’t forgive what’s happened. This will go on forever unless one of us kills the other, so I must ensure that they are the ones that don’t survive.

Now, if only I could get a bunch of smarty-pants kids together and make them play video games until we come up with the perfect strategy to decimate their entire species…

b’GAHHAAAH! Why the hell haven’t you called an exterminator for that?!

You need to contact the city and see what they can do to force the owner have it removed.

Get a water wasp trap and set it up to capture the wasps. I’m betting you capture them faster than the city responds. Since the traps attract wasps to drown them, put it where you husband stays clear of.

Back off and nuke 'em from space it’s the only way to be sure.:wink:

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: That’s not a nest…that’s a subdivision!

Not that it would be a panacea (or would begin to take down that honkin’ colony), but IIRC when you spray wasp killer, the residue after it dries is also lethal for a few days.

You’re a better person than I am. Once I was done crying and freaking out, I’d have gone directly to my landlord’s home, visibly tearstained and freaked out, and demanded that he take care of this NOW or pay for my hotel.

Gah! Wasps. I’m twitching as I type this.

This brings back memories. Not fond ones, mind you, but memories…
When I was a kid we lived in the A-frame my dad built, and my room was way up in the top of the A–basically all ceiling, with a sliding door and attic access. Somewhere, presumably the attic, a huge swarm of wasps had a nest or a hive or a condo or something. Come spring, I’d wake up one fine warm morning to a relaxing sort of hummmmmmmmmmm, and I’d find…oh, maybe 50 or so wasps on my ceiling and window. They’d still be kind of drunk from the cold, and I’d actually have to duck under their flight paths to escape the room. They’d keep showing up all spring, then settle in to repopulate in the fall.
To this day, I can still see the dried up bodies of dead wasps tangled in that horrid orange carpet.

We’ve got reports from two different people. First, the folks that are going to auction off the house are saying that they won’t touch the thing. I don’t know if they’re going to get someone to look at it or not, to try to have it removed.
Another person said that it’s just best to wait it out until it frosts a couple of times, then someone can go knock the nest down and then burn the nest.
We have around 250 people in this little hamlet, and there is no one that could come out ‘from the city’ to do anything about it. I’m sure as hell not going to pay for an exterminator, either, since it’s not hanging off MY house! I imagine things will be fine until someone does something about it…Or it frosts a couple times.

I think chacoguy420 had the right idea, with regard to the problem that Cat In A Top Hat is having. That might be the best bet in my case, also!

You could always build one of these:


Oh that is AWESOME! I bet you could make a small business out of that kind of contraption.

It would be more fun if they met a bad demise. E.g. they’re sucked directly into an open flame. Kill 'em deaddeaddead. I hate those suckas :mad:

Yeah, I’m not quite getting the point about that contraption. You now have a bunch of wasps in another container. But how do you get rid of them from there?

Handling live wasps seems to be the whole issue, but that contraption just moves them from one place to another.

Go to the hardware store and buy a “Rescue” wasp trap and (most importantly) buy one of the extended baits. The trap itself is about the size of a 16-oz beer can, and is neon yellow. The extended bait is a yellow thing about the size of a fat thumb. About fifteen bucks for both, give or take the local merchant’s profit margins.

Take the trap home and find a place for it. Take the vial of bait and the cotton ball that are in the box and throw them away - just use the extended bait. Set it all up and scoot. Go scrub your hands lest the remnants of bait odor on your hands attract the wasps to you.

The wasps will die fairly quickly in this thing. It’s not an instant kill, but more like overnight. When the trap is full, unscrew the bottom, pull out the cone and dump them out. If any are still alive, pop the whole thing in the microwave for 15 seconds and that should finish them off.

I just emptied mine out this morning, and within two hours, there was another two dozen wasps in it. It’s usually full within a week. My spouse is another of the Epi-Pen carrying brigade, so this is just a little insurance on not needing to use the pen.

I think the guy made it just to satisfy his idle curiosity - a curiosity with which I personally completely empathise and indeed have shared, on this specific topic.

The device in the linked article does make provision for safely disconnecting the hose without letting the insects escape - after that, a glass-fronted box of angry, impotent wasps is just pretty cool - the back of the box was made of gauze, so it would be pretty easy to spray some insecticide in after disconnecting it, or just dump the whole thing in a big bucket of soapy water and let it fill up, or put it in the freezer for an hour.

I thought for a moment you were going to tell us there were humane catch-and-release wasp traps available.

I hate wasps, too. They keep building nests in my windows and then squeezing though the screens to get in the house. I kill one nest and then find another in another window. Recently I wiped out 5 nests, one in the garage window, one in a palm tree that I frequently walk by (and if you brush the tree they attack) and THREE on my front porch. I thought I had finally won the war but nooo, a couple days ago I brushed the hedge near my front porch and disturbed another small nest. I hate spraying plants because I don’t want to accidentally poison lizards or birds but I have no choice. Thank goodness for the wasp spray with the long stream so I can get a head start on running away.