24/48 hour film projects. (contests).

Last night we went to a movie theater on the local university’s campus and saw the results of a 24 hour film contest. There were 20 entries that were to follow the 5 content criteria given to them at the beginning of the contest. They were:[ul][li]Must be in black and white[/li][li]Not have any synchronous dialogue[/li][li]No advertisements[/li][li]Must reference a French film pre-1968[/li][li]Must feature indoor smoking[/li][/ul] (There was also the criteria that it had to be shorter than 5 minutes and on VHS as well).

Some of them were pretty humorous, odd, and some were just “arty”.
There’s also a 48 hour contest as well that’s held globally (with UK, France, and Australia).

So has anyone ever done one of these contests or something similar? Tell us about your experience.