Film competition story - help needed!

ArtByChance is having a micro-film contest in which participants are required to create a 30-second film on a particular theme. This year’s theme is “change.”

I have a RED ONE camera. I have a steadicam. I have a jib arm, and a kessler crane. I have dolly tracks, light kits, microphones, boom poles, actors, and crew.

What I do not have is a compelling, visually dynamic 30-second story. This is where you guys come in.

If anybody has anything they’d be comfortable with me using for the video, I’d love to hear it. Alternately, I’d also love to see any other film makers here join the contest as my competition.

As a side question, has anybody else ever entered one of these typs of competitions? Any pitfalls or things I should be aware of about the micro-film category? All of my short films have been between 5 and 30 minutes long, so crafting a narrative in 30 seconds will be a fun challenge.

I recall a 1970s Berni Wrightson cartoon where someone walks up to a man and asks “Change for a dollar?” The man grabs the dollar and turns into a monster.
Now, I’m not suggesting you plagiarize that, but you could use the idea as a springboard to a new one.

mmm, very clever!

Another potential pun springboard is the delta, Greek symbol for change (in chemistry/physics)

So face this challenge from the “try” angle…

Pick a popular hollywood film and retell it in 30 seconds.

Are you allowed to use computer animation? I think it would be interesting to digitize photographs of somebody from the time they were a baby til the time they were very old and morph them and synopsize an entire life into 30 seconds. Of course you would need to go with a family member who had many pics available or somebody like QE2 who would happen to have a lot of online pics available from infancy to the present.
Or, do it backwards Benjamin Button style.