24 - 7 - 8 p.m. - SPOILERS

You guys have to be joking, right? How can you take a show that pruports to be playing out minute by minute in real time – and then not get upset when they do stupid and unnecessary things that violate the basic premise of the show? Would you get upset if every other week the Republicans were in power on The West Wing?

It’s just a much better show when they get things right, when it’s being smart. This week’s episode was mostly a smart one. Jack did all the right things, and the bit about sending out the clerical help with guns to make it look like a huge force was one of the better bits in weeks. I am looking forward to next week with more hope than in a long time.

Oh, I said mostly, didn’t I? You expect me to believe that a secret and supposedly non-existant military prison is on the L. A. electric grid? What exactly do they do when the meter reader comes around? I can just see the scene at the power company’s headquarters. Oh, the non-existant military prison’s bill is up again this month. Want to give them a call and see if they want to get on the budget plan? Bah. Humbug.

I just had a lot of trouble with Bauer and Mason driving from Downtown L.A. to Saugus in about 20 minutes. Even if there is no traffic that would take 45 minutes. And at 6 pm, there would be a ton of traffic.

And the secret military prison isn’t exactly freeway convenient either.

Also, “Saugus doesn’t have any wildlife reserves. It’s all industrial.”

That would come as shock to the many people who live in Saugus and have paid a ton of money for those homes.

Anyhow, I loved the episode. I came back from a vacation overseas and watch 6-8 pm and I thought that the tension in the show had been racheted up greatly.

Of course!! I hadn’t thought of the driving route they would be taking to get to Saugus, because as I was watching, I wasn’t sure where Saugus was. (I am pathetic. All I usually know about a city is whether it is within “driving distance” from where I am in L.A. But damned if I know exactly where it is!)

6 pm is still pretty busy for most freeways in L.A. (Except for the 210 - well, at least parts of the 210. Which is why I know the 210 so well… :wink: ) Frankly, even without rush hour I don’t think you could make it in 20 minutes. My sister lives a bit North of Saugus, and it usually takes me over an hour to get to her house (more like an hour and a half). And I am usually coming from a location about 20-30 minutes North of downtown! So, NO WAY would anyone get from downtown to Saugus in 20 minutes. Especially taking into consideration the time it would take to find the “secret location”, rush hour, etc.

But who cares. That kind of stuff is for LA folk to nitpick! (And thanks for bringing up the Saugus thing, that gave me an excuse to ramble about L.A. freeways. I enjoyed that. Which shows you how pathetically homesick I am!)

All-in-all, the episode was great!

One concession the writers on “24” definitely made early was to give up on the idea of traffic. If realistic L.A. traffic were used, nothing would ever happen in the show.