"24" Season 2, Episode 16 - 11:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 16
11:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Ack! Three weeks! Too long to wait…


Question: are they still in production on this show? I’m wondering if any of the plotlines about the war that may break out in the Middle East will be altered due to the real-life conflict now going on.

Yay! The return!

The commercials have been sick. They couldn’t have timed this whole thing better. The show is so timely and will hit really close to home these days. They took an action/drama television show whose first season was a revenge/find-the-mole story which most people couldn’t really relate to (even if they dug it), and turned it into a forum for asking the really tough questions about human nature and laws and politics and war. They have been what-iffing our worst fears as a country, nay, as a species, and have put themselves at the forefront of edgy and socially important television. Quite a step up from the scope of last season . . . Matter of fact, the timing is so damn good I’m wondering if Fox and the White House check with each other to figure out what’s best for the ratings.

**GWB: **

**JB: **
Yes, Mr President?

Listen, we loved the way you worked in justifying torturing enemy combatants to get crucial knowledge. Reall helped us out on that one.

Just serving my country, sir.

Glad to hear it. But hey, listen, we were thinking of getting a war going come Wednesday about 4 weeks from now. You suppose you could blow up that nuclear bomb in the next week or so, and then give us 3 weeks off. Throw some extra filler in there. Then after we get this thing going, come in and show how hard it is for an average joe who just happens to be President to do the right thing for his country. Are we on the same page?

I understand completely, Mr. President. You should know . . . it won’t be pretty . . .

Talk to me, Kieffer.

We’ll have to use American Idol.

**GWB: **
:pauses: :turns away from speaker phone: :sheds a tear:

You have whatever you need from me. . . Listen . . .

No need to say it Mr. President. You had to make a call and you made it. You have no other choice.

Kieffer . . .

I’ll contact you in 3 weeks. Our task force is already making the trailer as we speak. We are gonna milk the word “hero” for all it is worth. We sent some guys from the lab over to american idol to get the kids all jacked up on meth and give some Demoral to Paula Abdul. This one won’t be by the book. . .

I understand. When this is all over, you’ll have a shot at the professional rodeo circuit again. I promise you that.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Funny stuff, dj :slight_smile:

“Keifer” indeed.

Ah, so nice to see this thread title once again.

And, man, the show sure does a different personality now since the war started.

24 Sightings:
Sarah Wynter, our own Kate Warner, is this month’s Maxim cover girl, bringing the Maxim-24 connection to 3 (Elisha Cuthbert, Mia Kirshner).
And I could have sworn that the mini-blonde Kim was dragging around was in “View From the Top,” as Gwyneth Paltrow’s younger self, but IMDb doesn’t seem to back me up.

Just glad to be back.
I watched the re-run at 5:00 and it seemed like sooo long ago that we saw Jack jump out of the plane and watch Mason fly the nuke into the ground.
Is it 9:00 p.m. yet?

I am so pumped for this. I think I shall unplug the phone and preemptively shoot my roommates to prevent them from interrupting me while watching this show.

[sub]Bastards interrupted me last episode just as the bomb was going off.[/sub]

I’d do that, but my “roommates” are a husband and 2 kids. :wink:
They’re under strict orders not to disturb Mommy while 24 is on.

I think it was the 7th Commando on the rooftop. It was another head shot.

This show rocks!

When was this filmed? Talk about topical!

I’m so glad to have Jack back. I can barely believe he hit Tony. He’s such a badass.

drooling contentment of a junkie having gotten his fix

Augghh! My local news cut off the previews!
Can someone recap them for me here, in a spoiler box for the spoiler free among us? Please?

Future Spoiler free pleeeeeease :slight_smile:

I dunno. not much to comment on this week, but a few bits and pieces:

Welcome back, 24. My Tuesdays finally have meaning again!

Prez Palmer to Saddam Jr. : “You’ll be hearing from us soon.” Like in six hours, jerk!

Ok, let’s get it out of our system. Kim… :rolleyes:

How the hell did Jack get back to CTU so quickly when it took him 45 minutes to fly to the desert last episode? I’m sure the chopper is faster, but dang, 15 minutes? I’d expect to see his face and hair all stretched back.

I never thought Kate was that cute until I got my latest Maxim in the mail. Jeepers!

I wanna see Tony get badass again by punching Jack when they meet up next. I like them both, but I gotta beleive that there’s more than one tough guy in CTU.

Tony’s not handling the pressure of being head of CTU very well. Jack is so much cooler under fire. I thought Tony was being kind of a butthead when he first talked with Jack after Syed Ali bought it.

Although, I do wonder why Jack didn’t go straight to Tony to present the new evidence (still unverifiable officially) of the phone call he received. He wouldn’t need to say anything about Kate, just that a guy called him, who claimed responsibility for popping Ali and planting the Cypress recording. Seems that the phone call there would give Tony enough reason to take a second look at the situation.

Kim… Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim. Maybe by episode 24 they will manage to get her on a waiting list for a brain transplant. Okay, never mind that it was already stupid to get out of Nice Lady’s car last episode, when Nice Lady could have gotten her ALL the way to her aunt’s house where she would be safe and sound and with family. But not only is she now wandering around… she goes into the store with Big Burly Store Clerk (turns out he’s a nice guy, but she can’t know for sure), then lets Mr. Break-N-Enter take the gun out of her hands! Kim – a little advice here. A guy breaks in, then advances on you and tells you to give him the gun… SHOOT him. You don’t even have to shoot to kill – put a bullet in his leg and drop his ass to the ground. The police are on their way, remember? But whatever you do… Don’t. Give. Him. The. Gun! I mean, geez – For the love of Og!

I’m also wondering how fast that helicopter can fly. It took the Cessna 30-35 minutes to get to ground zero in the desert. Can that chopper really go twice as fast?

Oh yeah! One more thing! I was on my local Fox affiliates website and found they have a lot of Windows desktop pics. If you don’t mind a Fox17 logo, here’s a nifty 24 desktop that I’m using.

Just edit out the logo…

Yep, I was right. Gregg Henry is the “mysterious” man who talks to Jack on the phone. I believe he’s the 7th Commando. I (and another Doper) recognized the picture they showed several episodes ago of the “missing” Commando. He’s in the credits and I recognized his voice and face (the parts that they showed). He’ll play an interesting creepy asshole, if past performances is any indication.

I enjoyed tonight’s episode. And of course, Kim did not disappoint, by making dumb decisions.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I can’t remember what part of the desert he was supposedly in, but I doubt it was a 15 minute flight back to L.A.

There might also be some Tony-being-Jack’s-boss psychological friction from back when Jack ran CTU and Tony worked for him.

Jack might feel that Tony has no business ordering him around? Many things are afoot.