"24" Season 2, Episode 16 - 11:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

I think this episode is final and clinching proof that 24 has long abandoned the whole “events occur in real time” hook. I too was surprised that Jack got back to CTU so fast.


I totally called Ali getting popped. Just the way they kept showing him being led out, his eyes darting around, the inclination to believe he was telling the truth…

You know, I actually doubted the show’s ability to continue to keep me hooked. I was like, “Ok, so the bomb went off. Now why should I still care?” LOTS of reasons.

  1. The guy in the liquor store. I’m predicting massive panic, very soon. The civil situation will get really bad. I bet Palmer has to declare martial law or something like that eventually.

  2. We finally figured out what the 7th soldier is up to. But is he a good guy or a bad guy? It would appear that maybe he’s a good guy. He and the other 6 were in on the plan to capture the bomb that they knew was coming. He said he was the one that planted the conversation on the hard drive, so he would know it was a trap to get Palmer involved in a war. But maybe he had second thoughts, so he killed the other 6 soldiers, and now is calling Jack.

The only question is what does he want with Kate? Does Kate know who he is? Is Kate really dirty, too? He’s got to have some reason for insisting that Jack bring her along. Is Jack going to have to end up saving Kate from him, furthering the barfy possibility of Kate and Jack hooking up?

  1. I totally don’t trust that other CTU girl, or that foreign guy. But are they so obviously rotten that they aren’t really bad? I think at least one of them has to be dirty, but I don’t know who.

  2. Where the fark is NINA? Are we ever going to find out who she was working for and what was her interest in tipping off Drazen in season 1 and eventually killing Jack’s wife?

And finally, a little off-topic, anyone else psyched about Phone Booth (even though Keef is probably off-camera for most of the movie)?

Nah, Tony doesn’t even approach Jack’s level of badass-ness. He’s mainly a desk guy. Sure, he’s probably had some field experience, and some combat training, but Jack has been a deep cover agent, as well as a full-bore commando-assassin-type-guy. I reckon Tony could kick my ass without breaking a sweat, but Jack is the Angel of Death. No way Tony can take him.
Steeler and yosemite,
No “I think” about it: the sniper guy/cell-phone caller is definitely the missing commando. He had the snake tattoo.

I have to wonder what the hell that girl who replaced Paula (the one who has some history with Michelle, I don’t remember her name) is supposed to be doing at CTU. Because all we ever see her doing is staring suspiciously at Michelle. “Hmm…she’s on the phone. What could this mean?” Does this woman have a job or what?

By my calculations, the helicopter had to be doing 800 mph to get Jack back to CTU that fast. I guess what they say about the “black helicopters” are true, eh?

They gave the address of the liquor store as Hwy 14 & Soledad Canyon Road, which is near Acton, about 20 miles east of Santa Clarita, Kim’s last known position where she hitched a ride. Thing is, it’s the OPPOSITE DIRECTION from San Jose!! I guess that lady in the SUV was trying to kidnap her too! Poor Kim can’t get a break…

I’m also dubious that they were able to decrypt Sayed Ali’s hard drive, find the recording, AND run it through a full analysis to determine whether it’s doctored or not, all within an hour. With time left over to print up the reports, even.

And has anybody gone to the bathroom yet, over the last 16 hours??

Jeez, what was up with people losing guns in this episode? Both Kim and Tony (who should know better) lost their weapons.

Kim, the dummy…the lights are off, the doors are locked, the safety bars are in place, there a huge CLOSED sign in the window, and she still has to rattle the door in the hopes that maybe she can get in to pee (to answer your question, KGS, Kim’s gone twice, once in the store, once in Mountain Man’s cabin)

And what is up with Kate? And is her dad still cooling his heels at CTU?

I’m waiting for Marie and Nina to hook up together…that would be cool.

I thought Jack was head of CTU…now Tony is? And how nice is it to have a direct line to the Prez…interrupt meetings and everything.

KGS, they do it during the commercials, silly!!!

Kim. I am now beginning to believe they should have killed her last season and spared us and the character the misery.

Why do we think Michelle and this new woman at CTU have this beef with each other? Could they have been involved in the past? EHhhhh?

Gregg Henry: Talk about bloody type-cast. Dude is always a shady badguy.

Lastly, Kate Warner/Sarah Wynter - while I have not picked up the mag yet, I have seen the pics on Maximonline, and I completely agree with you Max Carnage. In 24 she’s always with the “confused/bitchy/concerned” face and you can’t tell how bright-eyed and pretty she is. She has a great smile.

And she’s an Ausey! I wanna hear the accent!

Google search on the cruising speed of the Cessna Caravan turned up a max speed of 187 knots. (I believe we can assume Jack pushed it to its limit.)

I don’t know the helicopter type, but I’d bet it’s slower than that.

Any audio engineer dopers believe that a tape of a meeting can’t be tracelessly faked up?

I’m now rooting for the bad guys when it comes to Kim Bauer.

Anybody remember what happened to the wife-murdering daddy? Kim’s boyfriend didn’t kill him, did he?

24 rocks.

ivylass, Jack resigned as the head of CTU at the end of last season after his pregnant wife was murdered by Nina. At the beginning of this season, George was in charge of CTU. This season, just a couple episodes ago, George put Tony in charge as he walked out of the office the last time because even he realized he was to ill to continue.

Jack has only reluctantly been involved with all that is going on this season. He has not been in charge of CTU.

Nangleator, last was seen of Bad Daddy was when Kim’s boyfriend (currently in police custody/hospital) coldcocked him and they took his car (complete with Mommy’s body in trunk). if the cops who picked up Kim and BF are at all on the ball, there should be an APB out to pick him up for questioning, at the very least. but i’ll bet dollars to donuts that that will be the “11th hour” peril Kim faces…one final confrontation with Bad Dad. :rolleyes:

Gorgon Heap, Michelle and CTU-intruder-bitch do indeed have a history. if i remember correctly, new bitch was Michelle’s supervisor in a previous assignment. competition and professional jealousy apparently run deep between them. but new-bitch appears snarky enough to go after ANYONE, not just Michelle, since she blew the whistle on Jack when he started smuggling Kate out.

so what’s the speculation on “why Kate”? my guess is, since Dear Old Dad was/is a CIA conduit (if not passive operative), either Sniper Guy wants some means of getting to him, or there’s some even deeper connection between the two. and whatever happened to the hard drive that Kate’s sister ripped out of her dad’s/fiance’s PC? do you suppose…

Actually, the mini-blonde (who has a very strange name that I don’t remember now) is gonna be on Broadway. She is going to be Helen Keller to Hillary Swank’s Annie Sullivan in THE MIRACLE WORKER, opening soon. So, I doubt that we’ll be seeing any more of that plot thread in this season of 24.

Man… I was laughing when Kim got taken hostage. I don’t really care what happens to her anymore. It’s just too ridiculous now. Although thinking back, it was kind of the same thing the first season with her, just not as much airtime. She escaped from one bad situation into another.

It’s good to see Jack as a fugitive again. He works best under those conditions after breaking people out of secure locations.

For some reason, I got suspicious of Lynn this time. The way she wasn’t even going to tell the president about Sayed Ali denying it made me second guess her and think that maybe she was on the side of the people starting the war. I think it was weird because it was the first time she didn’t just present the facts and let the president decide.

I wonder what the snakeman’s connection is. How did he get Jack’s phone number? Maybe he’s Nina’s old boyfriend. I kept picturing Jack saying to him on the phone “If you hang up, I’ll kill you!”. I think I’ll go see that phone booth movie just because he’s the voice. As a side note, I always thought Kiefer was a great bad buy in that Eye for an Eye movie. S-S-S-Sorry. Although I only saw it once, it was a memorable performance.

Yes, C-goat I am with you on Lynn being suspicious.
Michelle too, she is shady from the beginning, Miss nice girl…

I have a quick question, I forget what happened to Marie?? what did they do with her?

Well, the top airpseed of a Blackhawk helicopter is actually 193 knots.

Yeah, RikWriter, but when he’s heading out, thinking it’s for good, he pours on the coal. When the chopper pilot flies him back, HE wouldn’t push his vehicle quite as hard.

It was a civilian helicopter, too. Probably not as fast.

Also, because of the choice of location for blowing up the bomb, I’d assume prevailing winds were with the plane and against the chopper.

Maybe they should have shown Jack getting picked up by an Osprey. That would have looked cool and shut us all up about the real-time stuff. This week, anyway.

Oh, I forgot…one second she’s a hostage, the next she’s away from the Mad Shopper, who’s sobbing on the floor, and she’s trying to give CPR to Store Owner. Did I blink and miss something?

It was a government helicopter, not a civilian one.

I don’t know, there are so many contrived bits in 24 now that it gets irritating. Why does the president have to start attacking within 6 hours? It’s just insane; he could make a public speech about how we’re investigating who launched the attack. The WTC bombings, which actually killed more than just George, did not force the president to start declaring war within six hours. “There’s a nuclear bomb set to go off in LA today” - OK, that gives you a good 24-hour deadline. “The president and his top advisors won’t wait one day and confirm the wherabouts of one man, despite the fact that the public doesn’t know anything about who set the bomb,” however, just doesn’t.

The Kim “I can’t remove a loop from my leg” Bauer plot line is just sad, now she’s a hostage? Blah, I still expect to see her hanging from a cliff by the end of it. I’ve written off that whole part of the show.

Yeah, but I’m sure GWB didn’t ask for the “starting the war on trumped-up information” part of the plot.

As for Kim. . … I’ve got nothing to say-- except that maybe Retardospawn is too good of a nickname for her. She must be a changling since no person who came from Jack’s loins could continue to make the stupidest decisions ever. Did anybody see Scary Movie? The part were the girl is running from the killer and she keeps making the stupidest choices. A banana or a gun? She picks the banana. The sign that says Safety and Danger and she runs towards Danger? That’s Kim.

Whoa, it looks like I had plenty to say!

I’m completely with you, Riboflavin. While there are still some intriguing plot lines happening, the characters are beginning to act as if they are on a 24 hour deadline in some instances. Maybe they know they’re on a TV show!

And the Kim Bauer plotline has lost me completely. Nobody has that kind of luck.

I’m wondering why the Commando wants Jack and Kate, too. It’s already been leaked about a possible romance; I see some hostage time and bonding between them (bondage?)

Kim’s journey makes me think somebody was a big fan of the cartoons “Wacky Races” and “The Perils of Penelope Pitstop.” She showed the badass gene inherited from Dad for a few moments, then caved- I don’t know why she didn’t kneecap the bad guy, and now someone else is dying because of her inaction.

Riboflavin, I bet we will see Kim hanging from something before it’s all over.

Am I the only person who doesn’t buy the idea of people seeing a blast in the desert and then immediately the insanity starts? After what happened here in NY on 9/11/01 and seeing how people reacted to that, the insta-riots concept doesn’t work for me.