"24" Season 2, Episode 12 - 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 12
7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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I’m gonna post this info a few different places, not knowing who might be affected. Please forgive the cross-posting.

I was trying to tape the 11:00 p.m. ET Monday night rerun just now on FX. For some unknown reason, they were airing NASCAR qualifying or some such similiar nonsense, and didn’t start airing 24 until about 11:10 p.m. ET.

Be aware that if you had your VCR set to tape FX tonight from 11:00 to 12:00, you have about 10 minutes of NASCAR at the beginning and (probably, time will tell) are missing the last 10 minutes of 24.

FX is scheduled to re-run episode 11 again at 5:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

That is all.

Just bumping up.

What’s going to happen tonight?
Will they find the real Ali? (I didn’t watch the previews this time)
They know the Burning Man wasn’t him, so is he still in the mosque?
Where is Marie? Is she on her way to the mosque? Is that where the guy (Omar?) with the bomb is going?
I assume Marie, Ali and Omar are supposed to meet up somewhere to set off the bomb.
Are they willing to die for their “cause” or are they planning to get the heck outta Dodge before it blows?

What about Kim? Is she Lion food? Boy, I hope so. Maybe this week’s show will open on the mountain lion licking his chops over a pile of bones. :wink:

Heheh - ok wild speculation time!

7:00pm - 8:00pm

  • Kim gets eaten by the moutain lion.
  • Jack stops the terrorists
  • The NSA dude admits that Sherry is involved in the plot
  • Sherry and her cohorts are all arrested, and disaster is averted.

9:00pm - 7:00am

  • Jack hunts for the mountain to exact his revenge.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (*#!@% VCR problems) I have missed the last two episodes. I do not want to be completely confused tonight. Would someone kindly catch me up? The last episode I saw was the (shudder) torture episode.
Thanks in advance.

I am sure some Dopers will step up to the cause, but I would recommend heading to Television Without Pity - a board where they spend WAYYY too much time discussing TV shows, but you can get great, detailed episode summaries…

Let me explain. . … No, there is too much. Let me sum up. . …

Jack rescues the sister that was kidnapped. She IDs El Cid. The other blondie sister kills her fiancee and is no longer blonde. Retardospawn does a number of stupid things which cultivate in the possibility of her ending up as kibble. Mr. President grows large cojones, tells wife to shut the hell up and do what he says, has the baldy guy arrested and attacked by electric panels. Spanish guy and computer girl share googly eyes.
Maybe somebody else who is better with names and discriptions should try.

Errr… thanks, Biggirl. I think. Maybe I’ll just go with WordMan’s suggestion. (Thanks, WordMan.)

Spanish guy and computer girl?

Tony (Spanish Guy) and Michelle (Computer Girl) were making Googly Eyes at each other. I think they are going to end up actually confessing True Love for each other and one of them’s going to buy the farm.
Just speculating.

The Fox website has some pretty good episode descriptions, too, and without the annoying nicknames that TWoP seems so fond of.

Yes, but that girl is a Bad Girl! Mark my words. She’s this season’s Nina.

No, I don’t think they’d do that again. I mean, come on, Tony’s involved with a mole 2 years in a row?
I do think either she or Tony will not make it to Season 3, though.

I think Mike (the bald guy with glasses, Presidential advisor, campaign advisor from first season) is a bad guy.
Mark my words. :wink:

Well, this brings up an interesting point, for me.
How many of these “days” does one person have in their lifetime? I mean to say - can season three revolve around Jack Bauer?

Sure it can. He’s head (or was) of a Counter Terrorist organization! Now if he were a CPA or tech support guy, I’d find two days like this dubious.

I think if Jack remains part of CTU, there can be plenty more days like this, though I don’t think his daughter would always be involved.

I saw Keifer on the Daily Show, and he basically said that they would probably have someone else have a bad day. If Jack re-retires and cancer guy is dead, then Tony will probably be head of CTU (that division). I could enjoy seeing him having a bad day.

I think Tony is great, and I mentioned in an earlier thread that they seem to be beefing up his personality and tough-guy image so he can have more of a starrig role next year. But Keifer is the reason I have watched teh show from day one. Interesting premise, yes, but Keifer was too big of a name for tv and I had to see it. He’s got such and intensity and believability on the show that I’d hate to see 24 without him.

I also think next year will have to be without all the presidential interference, unless they take my advice from last year and have Jack join the Secret Service.

I just realized I called Mason “cancer guy”, I obviously meant radiation guy. I couldn’t remember his name at the time.

Jack is starting to scare me. :eek:

Jack is one Bad-Ass Mutha-Fucker.
And I so totally called that he didn’t kill the kid when the guy kicked over the chair. My husband owes me $5!

Anyone catch the tail number of the plane? The start was covered up by ex-blond, presumably it is N34. I thought it was G5, but that isn’t a valid tail number (unless they put fake one like a 555 phone #).

who likes looking up tail numbers in movies (usually it is registered to Omni leasing company or somesuch)

I was looking forward to seeing who Lynn was going to meet.
I kind of knew Sherry was going to be there (that Bitch!), but now it’s driving me crazy about who her contact is!

I hope Stanton cracks and lets them know that Sherry is the one who is in with him, trying to take down Palmer.

Jack is just a Badass, isn’t he? I think the turning point last year was on the dock when he thought Kim was dead. He was crying, but then he got up, and drove the truck through the building and shot everyone in sight, and then went after Drazen (Dennis Hopper), and shot him, and kept on shooting, even when he was out of bullets, and he knew Drazen was dead. He was Badass Jack from then on.

I was glad he didn’t really kill Ali’s son.

Okay, we know where the bomb is now. Are we going on Magic 24-time and getting to the airport in less than 10 minutes to defuse it next week? :wink: