"24" Season 2, Episode 2 - 09:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

I had to start one of these :slight_smile:

I’m getting the episode right now. I’ll try to comment on it after watching it if I’m not too sleepy (it’s 5:30 AM right now, I’ll probably be done watching around 7:00 AM)

-Gozu, yet another ‘24’ junkie

Ok children, it is now 7:31 AM. Gather around and hear what I have to say about this episode.

I’m going to try not to give too much away. But don’t take my word for it…
Kim kicks some serious ass during this episode. And of course, she’s still in L.A…

George Mason reveals himself to (apparently) be a big coward.

We still don’t know whether Reza/Raza is a terrorist (well, we’re all pretty sure he is) but the wheels are now in motion and we will soon know.

Jack is AWESOME in this episode. He is successful in re-establishing his old cover and well…You’ll have to see for yourself :slight_smile:

David Palmer is kind of scary around the end…what is a man willing to do to save 2.5 million lives?

And of course, 1 major revelation and 2 minors around the end that make you beg for more.

24 season 2 is speeding up, and it might just be as good as the first season. For now it is.

where do they rebroacast the eps on FX again? i already missed one damnit!!!

You didn’t miss it. What I watched was what we call a pre-air feed. Pre-air feeds are supposed to be received only by local stations which will record it, insert ads in it then broadcast it for the general public within the next 24 hours.

The fact is that anyone with a parabolic antenna, a good location and knowledge of the time and the frequency of said transmission can watch it/record it/send it to friends over the internet which is what happened in my case. Jealous? :smiley:

Don’t be. such prefeeds are usually emitted during the night (3-4 am for example) and I usually don’t get to watch a show until after it was aired. The only real advantage is that I never get to be interrupted by those annoying ads.

Gozu - it’d probably be better if you saved your commentary until around the time the show is airing for the parabolically-deprived among us. We usually talk about theories about what we think will happen on the show in this type of thread when it’s posted before it airs. In this case though everyone who’s interested will click back out immediately, and not read your comments until later this evening anyway.

Just my humble opinion.

I didn’t know that Slacker. In my defense, I did warn about spoilers and tried not to give more than a trailer would. But i guess you might have a point so I won’t do it again.

This ep didn’t draw me in as much as the first one, but very good quality. I didn’t watch last season, but now i can see why Jack has so little faith in George. Man, George is a dink!

Kim didn’t really kick alot of ass, she just kneed alot of groin :o

I could see it coming from a mile away what Palmer had in mind for the reporter guy (don’t remember his name). You gotta do what you gotta do, and the ends justify the means.

That’s why the show is so great, the good guys don’t wear white all the time, and if they do they aren’t afraid to get their clothes alittle bit dusty.

Gozu, next time you can use the [****SPOILER] tag to hide your spoilers.


Holy shit! Kim clocked that mofo with a tire iron!

I want to marry her.

I was so hoping that she would ram his surrogate penis (a.k.a. blue sports car) with the SUV. But kneeing him in the groin and clocking him with a tire iron was a good substitute.

Father-Daughter ass kicking team.

This episode didn’t have me at the edge of my seat like the first one did. The “will the files upload in time” scene is a little stale, dontcha think? And I knew there was no way that reporter was going to just walk away. It’s way to early in the day for sis to get busted by the terrorist. And I really knew that kid wasn’t gonna stay put.

It seemed more set-up than action. Well, except for the ass kicking.

I never saw this show until last week when I watched the premier. This weekend, I watched the entire first season (16 hours straight, give or take a few minutes, not sure whether to be proud or ashamed).

My only question, and this isn’t really a spoiler…

Do we know if the dude Kim works for is part of the plot to bomb LA or is he just gonna be an annoyance to keep Kim in Los Angeles.?

There’s nothing to indicate that the dude Kim works for is involved in the plot to blow up LA, but since you’ve seen the first season you know how these things work out. He’ll either be dead by hour 8 or he’ll reveal his secret identity by hour 12.

For now, it seems like a completely independant asshole. However, this being 24, I wouldn’t be surprised if he played a part in it. I don’t know which scenario would disappoint me most. If he was involved (this was already done in the first season with the kidnapping) or if it was just a big coincidence…

Wait and see…

Am I the only one who gets a feeling that the pretty blonde sister of the bride (the one who was rooting through her future brother-in-law’s car for his passport) may end up being some sort of “love interest” for Jack later on? Am I completely off the wall with this?

Of course, since this is 24, you never know what they’ll do down the road. This blonde women could get killed off in the next hour. (But I doubt it.)

The blonde woman isn’t likely to get killed off too early since she is listed pretty high up in the cast.

And she has a fairly prominent position on the show’s website too.

I read a preview of the show before the season started that said that there was going to be a blonde woman with Jack through a good part of the series, but it wasn’t clear if she’d be a real ‘love interest’ or just someone he liked and had to protect.

Things I didn’t like about this episode:
-the uploading the file bit
-Kim getting out of the SUV and running on foot (stupid) and then not running out of the alley to where all those construction workers were (big macho construction workers don’t cotton to child abusers) (stupider)

Things I liked:
-Kim kicking ass
-Jack making his remark about “playing with the adults”
-The fact that Palmer did seem to listen to his aid’s advice, because it’s good advice, even if the aid is a jerk.
-Just about everything else
I thought this was far better than the premiere, and better than most of the episodes last season.

I’m not reading this thread, I just wanted to pop in to thank Gozu for starting it. I’ve been feeling fluish this week and simply forgot to take care of it Monday night.

Why have the sub-plot of Kim and injured, now missing, child? Not enough drama in the threat of Los Angeles being vaporized? I think they should have gone for a different approach: Kim, unaware of the threat to LA, keeps avoiding contact with her dad, thinking he is only trying to manipulate her.

Any chance the villains that Jack is hooking up with are not the nuke toting villains? Mind you, their connection could have been concretely established in a scene I missed.

Well, I had a big review written up from last night, but apparently the hamsters needed a snack. Major points:
[ul][li]Not too many surprises. Did anyone NOT know what was going to be in the handbag?[/li][li]Just when I thought the blonde dye was starting to bleach Kim’s brain, she actually whups Creepy Dad’s ass.[/li][li]Did anyone not expect what happened to the little girl?[/li][li]I was half-expecting Kim to get hit by a car while running into the street, like that girl last season. Possibly even the van in which Jack was riding.[/li][li]They’re just drawing out the “is that guy a terrorist or not” bit. You know he will be, I mean, look at him, he’s all… you know, just look at him! ;)[/li][li]My favorite line: “I’m Special Agent Terminator. The President has something he’d like you to see.” I’m guessing it’ll be the inside of his own anus before the day is out.[/li][li]Finally, this week’s Spot that Character Actor: The newly gimpified Dave is the same crazed Marine that ate a ball of VX in The Rock, Gregory Sporleder. Now the one that’s stumping me is the guy playing Eric Rayburn, the President’s gung-ho advisor.[/li][/ul]