"24" Season 2, Episode 3 - 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 3
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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This thread is presented as a service of the 24 Club who ask, “Have you hugged your VCR today?”

Im excited - my big question is whats going to happen to that press guy.

I just had a thought that’s been nagging at me for a while now to ask all you good folks who are watching the show every week.

If something untoward were to happen like, say, President Junior launching a military offensive in a far-off land, resulting in 24 being pre-empted, the various members of the 24 Club would sure be obliged if someone would drop me an e-mail (or better yet, post a message in the thread linked to in my sig, see above) so that those of us who are taping the show every week will have a chance to catch it on a repeat.

Thank you kindly in advance. :slight_smile:

O.K., I’m convinced. Kim is a retard.

Yeah, I’m watching and posting.

Wow. Things are really really bad for the good guys at the moment.

[spoiler]I take back what i said last week about George being a pussy. And I’m pretty confident that Paula has nothing to do with anything.

re:Kim. What’s that expression, out of the frying pan, into the fire?[/spoiler]

And. . . Now that that guy, um, what is his name?-- stupid jerk coward guy— now that he’s terminal he can do something heroic and redeeming.


Every single fuckin time Kim comes on the air, I groan in disapproval. Do we really need to destroy this great show by constantly focusing on her and that ugly little kid she’s carting around? She constantly gets HERSELF into trouble by choosing the worst possible solutions, distracting others from doing their work (and diluting the plotlines with terrible “woman on the run” subplots). And why did she run away with the child anyway? From all indications, the father regularly abuses his wife and child - this would indicate that the kid was not in any IMMEDIATE life-threatening danger; in which case Kim could have casually walked out of the home on her own and alerted the authorities.

What a moron.

As for the blonde sisters, this is even more nonsensical. The older blonde has no ethical right to probe into her sister’s fiancee’s private life based on “suspicions”. As far as I can tell, she thinks he’s fishy because of his middle eastern ethnicity - he reveals nothing sinister about his appearance or personality. What a stupid little drama queen - MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU DITZ. I hope she gets shot in the next episode and thrown inside a box along with Kim.

As for the where the storyline is headed, the fiancee will probably turn out to be anything BUT a terrorist; rather some undercover guy or something trying to catch the sisters’ dad.

That’s what I think, too.
I don’t know that he’s necessarily undercover, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t a terrorist.
Since we have no idea how the wedding-that-ain’t-gonna-happen is connected to Jack and CTU, I am going to assume that the father of the bride is probably the connection, and that most likely Gary (Megan’s dad) works for him, too. We saw the abused wife wrapping what looked like a wedding present, and she said it was for his assistant, and it’s all got to tie together somehow.

Poor Mason. Just last week (or, technically, an hour ago :wink: ) we were all thinking he was a coward, running away. I hope he lasts till the next day. I bet he does something heroic and redeems himself to Jack.

The sister didn’t probe into his background because he was middle eastern, she just did a background check on his financial background, this was established in the first episode. It’s obvious they’re well off, she was probably making sure the guy wasn’t some sort of con man.

The private investigator called HER to warn her of the possibility that he has terrorist connections.

I’m no Kim fan, but it’s easy to say “Just walk out of the house.” can you seriously say that you would have done that if you were in that position? It happens in minutes, and nobody can be totally calm when blindsided with a situation like that. One minute you’re playing with a kid, the next minute she’s on the floor crying with who knows how serious of a head injury. I’m sure you’d be thinking “This happens all the time, I’lll just leave her alone with him. I’m sure she’s used to it.”

I feel stupider for having read your post.

I apologize for the “stupider having read your post” comment.

But seriously, I don’t know how anybody in that situation wouldn’t do something to help the little girl. I for one would never just walk out on a situation like that.

The mother gave Kim her car keys and sent them off when Gary was in a rage. We don’t even know what happened to the mom. Gary could have killed her for all we know.
It wasn’t a “casually walk out” kind of situation.
He had knocked Kim to the floor and threatened her.

Out of curiosity, did anyone else expect the CTU bombs to be slightly more powerful? I’d hardly say they “blew up the building”. More like, blew parts of it up. Still a cool explosion, though.

The mother gave Kim her car keys and sent them off when Gary was in a rage. We don’t even know what happened to the mom. Gary could have killed her for all we know.
It wasn’t a “casually walk out” kind of situation.
He had knocked Kim to the floor and threatened her.


Yeah, I thought those bombs were a little weak, too – it sounded like they intended to obliterate the building.

However, Jack did comment (when they were riding over in the van) to them that he didn’t think they could take out the whole building with just the three charges. Looks like he was right.

The sisters’ scene absolutely bored me to tears. I’m interested to see where the rest of it is going, although they really are playing much more fast and loose with the time this season than last.

I haven’t seen much at all of the new season. Let me get this straight–Jack himself was trying to blow up CTU? Why?

As I understand it, the three charges aren’t supposed to obliterate the building, they’re supposed to collapse it. This sometimes takes a few minutes after the actual blast to occur; we may see the building collapse in five minutes or so (ie, next week), which would give just enough time to evacuate most of the people who survived.

I think George really was a coward heading out of town, but now his terminal condition has caused him to grow a spine. That’s the impression I got, anyway.

And the President’s assistant guy wanted the CTU bomb to go off, because he wants to drum up support for a war. Palmer’s going to cut him off, and he’s going to go rogue or something. That’s my guess so far.

He’s gone undercover trying to infiltrate a terrorist group – trying to get in with some people he knows from the past. This group took him along, and he found out (at the end of episode 2) that their current job was to blow up CTU. He’s already riding with them, so has to try to find a way to keep his cover intact, yet still get a message to CTU to warn them.