"24" Season 2, Episode 22 - 5:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 22
5:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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You know you’re a 24 and SDMB geek when:

You dream about someone other than KTK starting the weekly 24 thread, and the controversy that surrounds it.

And look- our very own Soul Patch, Carlos Bernard is one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People.

(That SDMB link as good a link as any, since it seems that the people.com list is available to AOL/People subscribers only. Pthhbbbt to them.)

:confused: I don’t get it…I understand each of those words individually, but when used that way, they make no sense…

Seriously though, thanks to KTK and the 24 Club for these weekly threads with links and everything. Even though I know you only do it to prevent threads with spoilers in the titles, and you won’t even be reading this until after the season is over, if at all, good job.

Maybe Jack will torture Sherry this week.

I agree, this has been great… thanks to KTK.

What I meant was I had a dream that some other Doper had started a thread with the title “24” Season 2, Episode 22 - 5:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. (SPOILERS) a few hours before KTK would normally start the “official” one, and everyone got all riled up about it. Some people remained loyal to the 24 Club, some were fed up with our monopoly of 24 threads and used the new one. It was getting ugly.

That did happen before. I forget which week, but KTK was late and someone couldn’t wait. It worked the same as every week (no splinter groups). :wink:

Must have been frustrating for those who scan for the author and not the subject. :wink:


You know what? I am actually eager to hear from Kim again… I miss her…

ducking, running for cover

So there is somewhat of a decision to be made tonight for me and the other /V)etalhead 24 fans: MTVIcon or 24 at 9 PM. Well, luckily, if I understand it correctly, all the horrible bands will be playing from 9-10, and then /V)etallic(\ takes the stage at 10. Anyone know if this rumor is substantiated? I’m ready to really work my remote’s last channel button if I have to, but I’d rather watch 24 start-to-finish then flip over for the only part of the Icon show about which I care.

Man, the first 10 minutes were great – I loved seeing Jack getting all bad-ass on Sherry!

The best line this week is from the Kim subplot-- “Shoot him again.”

That may be the best line from any TV series ever.

Damnn!!! Sherry got stuck like a pig!

Okay, good episode, except for the predictable stupid cop moves (1) send Kim into the house alone…
(2) hanging out by the squad car not paying attention to anything…
(3) not having some cops staking out the house of a known murderer who is still on the loose!

Mike is becoming more of an asshole. When Palmer gets back in power, Mike is so unemployed…

And the ending was a classic Jack moment. Sherry crying “Help me!” – Jack looks at her for a moment, then takes off after the fleeing tech-head. :smiley:

I loved it when Sherry, lying in pain, says “Help me!” and Jack barely hesitates before leaving her to chase the hacker.

Also good was Kim shooting, twice. Probably the best acting we’ve seen from her yet. Hopefully if she’s in season three she’ll continue down the Path of the Badass.

Man! That episode was kick-ass!

Spoiler only for those in other time zones (no preview spoilers)

When Jack shot at Sherry - I loved it! Did he nick her? I couldn’t tell.
I was screaming at Kim - “Get the gun, you stupid bitch!” My wife was looking at me like I was crazy. Dim is the crazy one. That chick will need therapy fro the rest of her life (Dim, not my wife) :wink:
Geez, you’d think an expensive LA house would have stronger ceilings!

First things first…did I just see a commercial for K*Y Jelly??? Man alive! That was…pretty cool!

Finally Sherry gets a little taste of a pissed off Jack. Shaddup, ya b%$#h@!!!

Tony…you are sooooooo fired after chloroforming your boss and injecting him with drugs. That’s what happened when I did it.

So is this a turning point for Daddy’s little girl? No longer letting life throw her around? Taking charge? Boy, she’s gonna have issues when she talks to her therapist in a few months. “My dad told me to shoot a guy in the chest. Twice!”

Psycho Dad was an idiot for killing the cop anyway. Why not just wait for them to leave? Why risk getting caught? I take it he didn’t originally know Kim was in there and figured the cop was the only one. Maybe he thought they were staking out the place. But I’m sure I’d never suspect just one cop would be at my house merely hours after I killed my wife.

Sherri: Ugh…Help Me…
Jack: Pshhhya…whatever! Alex!

Best episode in a while, even with Kim. Good for them!

Oh, and almost forgot – Tony and Michelle ambushing Chapelle… that was great! Wonder how long before people start wondering. And will somebody please throw Little Miss Tattletale out the freaking window?!! She’s really getting on my nerves!

I guess spoilers for mountain/west coasters is moot :wink:

Kim wasn’t stupid. Black is white, day is night. I feel so…confused…

What kind of a man is Creepy Dad? He can take down an armed police officer, but so far a 100-pound girl and her boyfriend have gotten the drop on him.

But yeah… “shoot him again!” :eek: