"24" Season 2, Episode 6 - 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

24, Season 2
Episode 6
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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and if the power goes out again tonight during the rerun of last weeks episode, SF Bay will be choked by the dead!!!

Remember, they re-show last week’s episode at 11 PM Monday night on FX.

[glances at Tars, glances at sig, glances at Tars, glances at sig]

I really wish I could justify to myself a DVD player, because the Season 1 DVDs beckon to me every time I go to Blockbuster.

The promos for this one ruined the surprise for my friend, who had the last two episodes on tape so didn’t know the scumbag traitor had returned. But that’s what he gets for waiting.

Still, I wonder that if they replay them the following Monday as you say, if they ought maybe try not to reveal too much about the previous episode in the promo spots for the new one.

Oh, and now’s as good a time as any to point out that for those of you taping the show, after this episode it’ll be time for a new tape.

Unless you’re using 8-hour tape or taping in SP or something silly like that.

Oh man, what a great episode!

Note: Even though there’s a spoiler warning in the OP, I marked mine anyway because the episode hasn’t aired yet and the thread is still in the conjecture phase. For anyone who’s overly annoyed with the spoiler boxes, you can easily see the contents by triple clicking on it.

The President’s Story Line:

[spoiler]The Bitch is back!

Mrs. Ex President shows up on the Prez’s front door step with inside information that his staff wasn’t even privy to. Not only does she know of the military evacuation of LA (Prez = WTF?! Who ordered that?!), she apparently has the inside track on a conspiracy to undermine the President Cerrano himself. Oh man… Is this for real or is it the Ex trying to weasel her way back into the White House? Of course, the episode leaves the motives ambiguous.

So, it looks like Stanton(? the new advisor guy) ordered the military evac on the old advisor guy’s instruction which Stanton conveniently didn’t double check. I’m thinking he’s behind the chopper crash, too, and with this possible faction within trying to undermine the Prez’s authority being brought to light (or has it?), I’m thinking he has just got to be a part of that.

The plot. It thickens.[/spoiler]
Jack’s Story Line:

[spoiler]The Bitch is back! Yeah, the other one!

And is she cold as ever, man… Jack is colder, though. The power play and mind games they are playing on each other during this episode are electric.

It looks like she got the pardon she wanted, but now she’s truly concerned that Jack is going to kill her as soon as the bomb threat is over, no matter which way it turns out. I have to admit that as cool as Nina is, I hope that Jack goes gangsta on her at the end of the season, Draden-on-the-pier style.

I loved how during the armored car ride to Visalia to talk to Nina’s contact, she sort of made her play to regain control of the situation by playing on Jack’s concern for his daughter. It seemed like it was working, too. That is until the other escort assigned to keep Jack under control passed out, drugged (by Jack!). Pan to Jack smiling evilly at Nina as she sits there shackled, looking shocked, as the clock ticks out… 1:59:58… 1:59:59… <boop> <beep> <boop> <beep>[/spoiler]

Reza and the Douche Commercial Sister’s Storyline:

[spoiler]Wow, revelations galore.

So Reza really did have some involvement in the terrorist dealings. That did come as a surprise to me, cause I figured that he was being played up as the bad guy so much that he’d turn out to be not involved at all. Well, he is, but only tangentially.

What didn’t surprise me, or probably anyone, is that it was Douche Twin’s father all along who was dealing with the terrorists from Anonymistan. Who among us didn’t peg him for the real bad guy? The difference now, is that Tony Almaeda knows and he has Reza’s testimony that all he did was approve Bob’s transfers to the terrororists. Things are heating up in the Warner household.[/spoiler]

Kim’s Story Line:

[spoiler]She’s really got herself into it now, boy. Her and Shaggy have managed in the space of one hour to kidnap the little girl (who she is suspected of abusing, no less), stolen a sweet flat-panel monitor, kicked the Dad’s ass and stolen his car.

Not much to add here. Kim wasn’t especially annoying in this episode, and either her shirt’s got tighter or her breasts are expanding. Either way, goody gumdrops.

And I’m starting to respect Shaggy. He really put the beat down on Abusive Dad in the hospital parking lot. Plus, he was willing to sacrifice himself so that Kim and the little girl could get out of the hospital. Turns out he didn’t need to, but it’s the thought that counts. He also hasn’t spazzed out and blabbed to all his friends and family that a nuke was coming.[/spoiler]

I didn’t know Nina and George Mason are married in real life.

i caught it so now i am all caught up. And i’m in that thread.

I agree, orr, this was a good one.

I especially liked the interplay between Jack and Nina, and the constant attempts to gain the upper hand. Especially the ending!

And I have to say ditto on Shaggy/Scruffy. I didn’t think much of him in last week’s episode, but after this one, he’s gained several points on the Bad-Ass-O-Meter. Especially liked the spin kick he put on Dickhead Dad. :wink:

Meanwhile, Kate (not Kim) is the Stupid Blonde of the Week[sup]TM[/sup]. She keeps breaking the news to people (about the CTU folks) in the worst possible way. Just tell them, “Government people are here to talk to him, and that’s all we know”. She could have saved a good deal of grief with sister if she’d said this last week.

Okay – one question, for anybody who can fill me in. I never saw season 1, so obviously I missed something about the president’s ex-wife. What’s the story on her? Why did they split? Why is he mistrustful of her? And why does she seem gung-ho for hooking back up with him? What did I miss from season 1?

Okay – note to self. Proofread with thesaurus. Proofread with thesaurus. (so as not to use the word “especially” three times in rapid succession). :smack:

And I guess that last paragraph wasn’t really one question, was it? Oh, well…

I, for one, will be very upset if abusive Dad’s storyline is not somehow part of the terrorist line. Otherwise all this time spent following them around would be time better spent following the real story.

It just might tie in. All those mysterious cell phone calls.

That Jack is one wiley bastard. Here’s a thought-- this season Kim could get killed, then there would be nothing holding Jack back from being a total hard-assed, cold-hearted, severly pissed off, ruthless killer spy.

Mrs. Palmer was a manipulative bitch who covered up their sons involvement in an accidental murder (avenging his sister who had been raped) and didn’t bother to tell her husband anything about it so that he could focus on becoming president and she the vice-president (in her mind). Whew!
Go Tony go!!!

Tony:“How do you like my racial profiling now?”
Reza:“I want a lawyer.”

Damn I loved that exchange!

And then that last scene, watching Guard #2 pass out after drinking the Jack-tainted water…seeing that look on Jack’s face…hearing the gun click…I couldn’t stop laughing out loud with joy for minutes!!!

You know, I’ve discovered if I ignore the Kim subplot, this show is better than sex! (if I remember correctly)

I too mostly ignore Kim. It just slows everything else down.

But people, what of the bouncing? I suppose you could cut all but the stairs, the running, the driving over bumpy roads. Those you’d have to keep, for the love of all that is holy.

And then that last scene, watching Guard #2 pass out after drinking the Jack-tainted water…seeing that look on Jack’s face…hearing the gun click…I couldn’t stop laughing out loud with joy for minutes!!!/


Yeah, that was rather cool. The look on his face, especially.

I also particularly liked the two bullet-holes in the wall framing Nina’s head that he made during his “questioning” of her.

And stolichnaya, I agree – we should keep Kim just for the bouncing. :wink: Just let Shaggy/Scruffy do the thinking for her from now on. He proved himself in this one.

Okay, there are enough porn movies and titty books in the world that I don’t think “24” needs to be tainted by Kim’s presence just for her boobage. I’m just going to pretend the storyline with her going out of her way to prove she is the dumbest blonde in the world isn’t there. Oh, and while we’re at it, can we get rid of the most irritating child in the world, too?

Let’s ditch 'em all-

Kim drops the girl and runs like hell for Mexico where she reaches into a washtub full of ice and pulls out a refreshing cerveza. She touches its cool side to the nape of her neck, and suddenly realizes that the barmaid is looking at her in an interesting way. What the hell, she says, I’m south of the border and I’ve lived too long within the constrictive girdle of mainstream society.

Shaggy can go back to his Mitsubishi commercials or being the understudy for the bassist of the Goo Goo dolls or whatever the hell he’s supposed to be.

Are you happy now? I am.

God damned VCR!!!

Jack-tainted water? Huh?

Soup, Jack drugged the water so the other security guard wouldn’t be around to rein him in if he started going postal on Nina.

Did he do it to mess with Nina’s mind, as he told George, so he could stay on the case? Or is he really planning vengenance?

How come Reza couldn’t have a lawyer? Is it because Tony’s not a policeman, or because he wasn’t under arrest? Why does his mom look so familiar?

Megan should not have been taken out of the hospital, by Kim or her dad. She’s got a concussion, for crying out loud, and I forsee some serious medical problems while they’re on the run.

Don’t tell me The Prez and the missus got divorced during the campaign? I can’t see where that sort of controversy would play well for a candidate.

Replace Reza for Kim and the barmaid with me down in Mexico, stoli, and you got yourself a deal.