"24" Season 2, Episode 5 - 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 5
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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I can’t wait to see Nina again. I’m so addicted to this show.

Is anybody keeping a running total of how many people are dying this year? I meant to last year, but I didn’t realize there would be so freaking many bodies until it was too late. Jack’s already killed four himself, and there’s been a bunch more even besides the 28 at CTU. Maybe somebody who has the DVD of season 1 can do an hour by hour comparison. Episode nine, 2’s falling behind to the great shootout that just took place in season 1! :smiley:

The episode isn’t over yet, and I only have one word. OK, more of a dejected sound: Feh.

The show is becoming little more than a soap opera with terrorists. So Kim and Scruffy Boyfriend are going to try to smuggle Little Blond Girl out of the hospital on some kind of hero mission. Catty Blondes #1 and #2 snap at each other: “How dare you do this behind my back?” And of course, no one answers anyone’s questions, they just stand there with their mouth hanging open.

I can’t be the only one bored already…

Well this one was a bit more low key. I guess it was mostly setup to tie in what happened in the first 4 – into the next bit.

Random thoughts…

Kim had gained a few intelligence points from me previously when she actually listened to Tony and went to CTU. She lost them tonight when she still refused to go to the police herself, and actually let dickhead (Gary?) scare her into thinking that she would get arrested. She should have taken it to the police a while ago.

More stupid points for actually telling scruff-boy about the nuke – since who knows who else he might tell. And it was obvious that once dad told her, she would try to re-kidnap the little girl to get her out of the city. Although, with her new knowledge, she wins a couple of IQ points back for her plan, since obviously that’s now the only way to guarantee the girl’s safety. Going to the police on abusive dad wouldn’t make much difference at this point. She’d just end up stuck in the city longer.

She should have left Scruffy behind, though. She can always find a new boyfriend in another city, if necessary. :wink:

I’m a little confused. Obviously Tony and CTU know something about Reza’s contact (or alleged contact) with the terrorist financier. But is that because of Kate’s digging, and hiring the P.I.? If not, there was no reason for Kate to present the whole deal to her sister as if their presence was her fault. It looked to me like CTU already had some info on Resa, and Kate just happened to dig up the same info on the same day. In that case, why not just tell sis, “They showed up and wanted to question Resa. That’s all they would say – something about national security”. After all, Kate didn’t call CTU with the info, or anything. (or did I miss something?). In other words, I don’t think there was any cause and effect – i.e. Kate’s investigating leading to CTU getting the info.

I’m assuming that they had independent sources talking about Resa that had nothing to do with Kate’s meddling, but she didn’t know that. She probably assumes that the PI called CTU about it and this is her fault.

I agree that this episode was pretty much just setup. We’ll get the payoff as more time passes.

Egads, it’s a good thing Kim’s got her looks because she’s gotten dumb as a post this season. What happened to the tough gal from last year? Hey Kim, your dad kills bad guys for fun; you can talk to the cops and at worst stay the night in jail until dad bails you out. At least you’d be telling the truth. Take a chance! Save the little girl from future pain!

All this assuming the bomb doesn’t go off. Hey, wouldn’t THAT be a swerve? They killed Teri last season…what if this season they blow up L.A.? Then they could end with a shot of the ruins and a voice yelling “HAAAAAAAAMMERRRRRRRRR!!!” (Bonus points if you get it :slight_smile: )

I’m beginning to think the blonde bride bimbo is in with the terrorists, not her toy boy boyfriend.

I have’nt seen all the shows by the way - who the hell are these two blondes?

We should have seen it coming: Kim is not a person but an animatronic robot plot device. No real-life person could behave as she does – only a robot obeying its programming.

And it’s too bad, because the parts other Kim aren’t doing badly at all.

Make that, because the parts other than Kim’s aren’t doing badly at all.

Heh heh – I get it. And I love it! :smiley:

Sledge Hammer! I liked that show – too bad it didn’t last longer…

So far, they appear to be a side plot. Blonde #1 is Kate, the Meddling Sister. Blonde #2 is Mary, the Blushing Bride To Be. Mary is getting married to Reza, a foreigner. Reza works for daddy (the Daddy of the Blondes). Kate hired a PI to check on Reza, after she thought she saw something suspicious in the company files. P.I. called her during episode 1 (8-9 AM) and said that Reza was financially clean, but he had turned up something else – some connection between Reza and a financer of terrorist groups.

Looks like CTU had some info on this supposed connection, too – which is why they are questioning Reza now. Some of us have been speculating that Reza may really be clean, and perhaps it’s Daddy who has some shady dealings… But personally, I think Reza’s giant shit-eating grin is a little creepy. If he’s not a terrorist, then he’s probably a used-car salesman or something in secret, and either way, that’s reason enough for Mary to run! :wink:

You’ll recall that Kate’s PI told her he would have to notify Homeland Security about Resa. I’m assuming that that’s how CTU received the information.

Or perhaps Blonde #1 is the real terrorist.

Just trying to add some red herrings.

:confused: Boring? Did we watch the same show? This episode was very exciting, IMHO.

I think Kim is behaving very stupidly. Argghh! When I saw some of her antics, I thought, “Boy they are going to have a lot to say about this on the ‘24’ thread tonight!”

I think the two blonde’s dad is the bad guy. Remember, he told Meddling Blonde Sister last episode how he’d had Reza “checked out” already? Well, I don’t think he did. I suspect that the dad is either in with Reza, or (and this is what my gut is telling me this week) that the Dad of the Blondes is using Reza as a front. Reza seems somewhat creepy, but his creepiness is too obvious.

But I could change my mind next week.

Uh, Kim’s parts are doing pretty well across the board.

God damned VCR didn’t record! FOX, when will you update your episode guide?!?!

Do you get FX? They will reshow each week’s episode the next Monday and I believe Tuesday. Check out FX’s site for times. (I didn’t tape tonight’s episode, even though I did see it. I’ll tape it on FX next week.)

I know, but I don’t wanna wait that long! :whine: