"24" Season 2, Episode 10 - 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 10
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Well, obviously, Nina isn’t going to kill Jack.
He’s got to hang around for the rest of the show.

But what about Reza? I think maybe, based on previews…

that it was Marie who was coming in to kill him. She’s angry that he implicated her father. She’s obviously a bratty Daddy’s Girl and is mad at him.
Maybe he was helping Tony or someone at CTU, maybe trying to find Ali or with translating something, and it was her coming in the door when he made that comment about no one having access to the files. I hope he lives, though. I like Reza.

(In spoiler tags for those who don’t watch the previews)

I think we need to see more of the guy who was in the truck with the bomb. We haven’t seen him for a couple of hours now, right? The two guys killed each other, and it was just the one guy left. Does he even know where to go?

Who were the guys in camoflauge who showed up right after the plane crash? I think we need to find out about that this hour. It’s gotta be a super-secret government operation, trying to take out Nina. But why would they want to kill Jack, too?
Do they WANT the bomb to go off? Are they financing Ali somehow?

I live for 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. :wink:

It was just the one hour. (He was in the 3:00 - 4:00 PM episode, I believe). But I think he will definitely be the complication when CTU follows up on Nina’s info. “Okay, we found Sayed Ali. Where the hell is the bomb?”

Rogue Lackey With a Nuke. I’m not sure he even knows where the delivery was to be.

On the camoflage guys. I’m still thinking that maybe Bob is innocent and thinks he’s working for a CIA contact – and that the CIA contact is dirty. Perhaps even a bad guy who IS in the CIA, working covertly. Funnelling the money to Sayed Ali without Bob Warner’s knowledge. This could also explain the camoflage guys. High level CIA guy setting up the operation to shoot down the plane.

I was going to say perhaps the camo guys didn’t even know they were bad guys – just following govt instructions. Except the shooting of a wounded and helpless survivor lying in his airplane seat did seem like a pretty Bad Guy Thing To Do.

On the previews and your spoiler box…

How do we know that the final gunshot and the Resa scene are related. They certainly make it seem so on the preview – but those could have been two clips just stuck together, to mislead. I wouldn’t put it past them. Even if the scenes were related, do we know for sure that the shot was aimed at Resa? Guess we’ll find out tonight!

I’m more and more getting the sinking feeling in my stomach that there’s another mole at CTU, and that once again, it’s Tony’s girlfriend. What’s her name, Michelle? Of course, it’s just my gut instinct, but if it’s true… shit, doesn’t CTU run background checks on its people?

No, I don’t think they’d do that again.
The one I don’t trust is Lynn Kresge, the President’s assistant who locked horns with the Bitch, er, I mean the ex-Mrs. Palmer last week. She seems on the up-and-up, but I still don’t trust her.

And I think Bob Warner is very dirty. I think he knew he was funneling info and money for the CIA, and that he knew it was going somewhere bad. He was too calm when he and Resa where in the room together. He thinks the CIA is going to come and bail him out, I guess.

I can’t wait to find out who the guys in camoflage are, and who sent them after the downed plane. I think this whole bomb thing may be part of a much larger operation. The bomb is supposed to go off “today” but the show concludes “tomorrow” at 8:00 a.m. There’s got to be more to it than just the bomb.

Once Jack finds and disarms the bomb (not a spoiler…what, you think he won’t be the one to do that? And with just seconds to spare? :wink: ), he’ll still have at least eight hours left.

My prediction: I think Palmer is dirty. He was too quick to give Nina that immunity for Jack last week.

My first reaction to this prediction was uproarious laughter…
… but then I thought… it’d be just like “24” to do that kind of a plot twist.


I’m glad that that show doesn’t reflect reality in this respect.

Or does it? Dun Dun Dun…

Shari Palmer: “I’ve always been here” tribute to The Shining?

twists ‘n’ turns this week.

Marie is a terrorist bi-atch, but i’d still make out with her…

Why the 3-week layoff?

By the way, here in NYC metro area, we got a personal message from Dennis H. after the show tonight - Hoo-ray!

Wow, Elisha Cuthbert did a lot of running.

Makes for an excellent episode.

Loved the rest as well.

Good cliffhangers with Marie, though she seems to be part of the conspiracy now.

The president’s ex ----- I knew she was wrong, what a backstabbing bitch.

so, uh, could a mod fix my spoiler tags please? In my rage at the evilness of women I forgot the /

Not s disaster though, everybody knows it’s true :o

Holy shneekies. I can’t believe I have to wait three weeks for the next episode…

I told you about Marie.

Why, oh why does Palmer tell everything to his bitch of a wife. When he walked in to the room and started blabbing to his (what? Chief of staff? No, that’s Ensign Ro. The other bald guy with the glasses) about his suspicions of the NSA director while Shari was standing there, I actually yelled at my TV set.

Kim is still stupid, but she did run in this episode.

Wonder what Jack whispered in Nina’s ear.


Okay, first, I have to say – whaddya mean “in three weeks, an all new 24”! We just had a break for the holidays, and had to wait for three weeks! And then there have only been two new episodes since then. Another break? Why, dear god, whyyyyyy!!!

  • pant, pant *

Breathe in… breathe out… :wink:

So the president’s ex-bitch is dirty! I was starting to wonder when she began “uncovering” all this evidence against Stanton so quickly. And when the pres was giving her the strange look, I figured that he either (1) thought the same thing as I did (she was getting info just a little too easily), or (2) he was admiring how “good” she was at the political game. He picked (2), but he should have stuck with me on (1). I hadn’t guessed that she cahooting with Stanton, though – I figured it was one or the other of them.

And then cute little waifish blushing blonde bride? So what’s her connection? Is she the secret lover of Sayed Ali, and decided to help him in his little terrorist games? And does daddy know, or is Marie playing him for a sucker, too?

As for the terrorists themselves, it seemed obvious that they fully intended to go up in smoke with L.A. – hence Ali’s last visit to the mosque to “pray one last time”.

And where the hell is the Lackey With The Bomb? We haven’t seen him now for two episodes, but he’s still got that truck, all by his lonesome (presumably).

And I’ve gotta say… I cheered when Palmer made the decision on what to do with Nina. Send her to L.A., and let her fate be tied to the rest of the people they are trying to save! YEAH!

And of course the big mystery now - what did Jack whisper to Nina?


I simply cannot wait.

I’m extremely curious about what will happen to Injured Boyfriend. He seems to be too involved for him to drop off of the face of the earth. I wonder how the whole “arrest the kiddos” angle will play out.

Kate just told Jack that they lived in the Middle East when they were young. So why did Tony say that about the “white bread American family” with absolutely nothing to connect them to the terrorists? They apparently lived there long enough for their daughter to pick up some of the language.

And Biggirl, you’re right, Kim is still stupid!

Oh, brilliant plan, Shaggy! Let’s start a fire, and toss it into the front seat with the driver. You know, the guy who is steering the car that is travelling at fairly high velocity. With a FIRE in his lap, he’ll simply come to a gentle stop, and maybe we could escape with our handcuffs on.

And Kim, you dizzy bitch – ya just went along with it. Now even if the bomb is stopped, you may have just helped kill your boyfriend and a police officer. Thank god you still look good when you run…

I’m guessing Tony probably didn’t know that part of the story, and made the White Bread assumption based on where they lived.

But, that’s a good call – perhaps that’s where Marie got involved with a terrorist organization in the first place. But what I’m wondering now is… does she know about the nuke? and if so, was she planning to join her comrades in the Great American Barbeque? If Sayed Ali gets 72 virgins, what does Marie get?

I, too am reeling from tonight’s episode, and I’ll admit I gave out a little cry of joy at the prospect of Miguel no longer being a part of the plot.

  1. What did Jack whisper to Nina? Her face fell like a rock.

  2. Something tells me Kate is the new love of Jack’s Life.

  3. Marie…marie…marie. You dingy broad, I hate you. And that goes DOUBLE for one mrs. palmer, the spawn of the devil with her zany sixties hairdo.

but really, the thing that’s so great about this show are the tiny things that are so moving. Watching Mason die is about the saddest, moving thing I’ve seen on T.V., if only because it makes me wonder how I’d respond to such a situation.

Emmy’s all around.

Probably told her that his wife was pregnant.

That part was kind of stupid. She just shoved it up into the barrier between the front and back seats. It was just stuck in the mesh thing. He could have just stopped the car. But no, he’s gotta crash and make it exciting!

I liked the bit with the phone call again, just like last year, with Nina. Just the mouth saying, “It’s me.” Oooh, who is it? That traitor!
I knew Sherry would turn out to be against the President. She knew too much too easily.

Any chance Reza and the other guy had on bullet-proof vests? I liked Reza. I can’t believe Marie shot him. I hope someone kills her before this thing is over.

And what the hell? Three weeks between shows again? I can’t stand it!