"24" Season 2, Episode 14 - 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 14
9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Just checking in…

:ivylass winds up her hips, hits this thread hard with her left hip and knocks this thread back to page one:

So, any speculating for tonight?

Is Mason finally going to collapse into a glowing puddle of goo?
Will Jack throw himself on the (real) bomb?
Will Palmer kill Sherry or just have her defibrillated?
Will Tony and Michelle slip away for a little hibbity-dibbity in the supply closet?
Will Kim and the Mountain Guy get it on (as Monstre predicted :wink: ) or will she kill him and escape?

Is Mason finally going to collapse into a glowing puddle of goo?

Nah, but we’ll get to see some more open sores. He’ll die in the 11:00pm - 12:00am episode.

Will Jack throw himself on the (real) bomb?

Not a chance, but someone has to sacrifice themselves at some point to stop the bomb, maybe Kate?

Will Palmer kill Sherry or just have her defibrillated?

I’m hoping for defibrillation, but he’ll probably just have her arrested and thrown in jail. He’s a wuss when it comes to Sherry.

Will Tony and Michelle slip away for a little hibbity-dibbity in the supply closet?

I hope so, Tony’s been under a lot of stress lately, he needs it bad.

Will Kim and the Mountain Guy get it on (as Monstre predicted) or will she kill him and escape?

Kill/Injure and escape, definitely. Maybe rip her shirt in the process. Although Kim is attracted to bad boys. She fell in love with the last kidnapper so who knows.

Oh, ick. Blood and guts I can handle, but no more weeping radiation sores.

No, not Kate, either. I see Kate and Jack slipping off for some hibbity-dibbity of their own soon. They’ve been making eyes at each other.

Well, I hope we get to see it!!

Oh, yeah, she’ll get wet, rip her shirt and run a lot. :rolleyes:
Sheesh, Kim, buy a bra!

Who knew the creator of SpongeBob Squarepants worked for the CIA?

Great episode! 8 out of 10 nukes in my book!

For once we see Kim thinking and not running around braless…and I still enjoyed it! In fact for once I didn’t cringe when Kim scenes came on.

Hey Californians? How many newscasts are on in L.A. at the 9 o’clock hour on Saturdays? There were 3 that I saw in the span of 15 seconds. Seemed a bit much.

Is there anything better than watching Jack interrogate someone? “Know why that hurts? Bullet’s still there. In fact, it’s right around…here” squeeeeeeze Sadistic bastard, I love ya!

But I was wondering…why don’t they keep any sodium penathol around in their interrogation kits? I’m thinking Marie would have sung like a canary at that point.

Well it looks like we don’t get to see Mason go out heroically, but he does get to leave with dignity and not lying helpless on the floor. I think we can be sure he isn’t coming back due to the special silent send off when they went to commercial. No tick tock. Goodbye George. I forgive you for being a coward this morning. Thanks for hanging in there as long as you did.

Maybe I’ve watched too many pornos (if that’s possible) but does anyone else get a lesbian-vibe between Michelle and Paula II? “You’re looking good today” “Please don’t” I realize there was a pecking order tension, but there is something else, and since we are in the soap opera hours…

Ah President Palmer, cool again. “I swear I didn’t sleep with him.” “I didn’t ask.” (read: I don’t give a damn who you shtupp, ho!)

Also cool, a bomb without the cliche digital countdown on it. But what irked me? “Could go off any second…yep…aaaaaaany second…wow…that’s scary…I wonder when it will go off…tick tock, eh?..” Start working on it, stupid!!!

6 days and 23 hours to go…


Okay, some good things in this one to alleviate our worries from last week’s episode. Especially the whole idea of the airport and why the hell would they not have locked it down? Well, good to see they did lock it down, and Marie and the guy with the van with the bomb were still on site.

Kate! You are a stupid, brainless, airheaded moron! What the hell are you trying to do? Compete with Kim for the Dumbest Blonde Award? Okay, so you spot your sister, but you chase off after her by yourself? At least I’ll give you the credit for telling that security guy to contact Jack and let him know. But why the hell didn’t you tell other agent guy right when you spotted her?

And then to pull the “you should be grateful because dad and I busted our asses for you” line… Never mind that NO sibling in the history of the world has just stopped and said “I’m sorry, you’re right, what was I thinking” – not without some time, thought, and soul-searching. But you said this to a sibling who had a GUN in your face…

I was cheering when Jack was dragging the wounded Marie away, and she was screaming bloody murder. “Make that bitch scream louder!” cried the Monstre.

So it seems we have a new little mystery, although who knows whether it will really be important or not… The new chick (Cindy?) from “Division”, and some apparent history with Michelle. Apparently those two don’t really get along. Wonder if it matters…

And is George really gone, walking out of CTU and off into the sunset to peel, shed, and melt into a puddle of goo on his own? Or will he be back just in time to go out in a blaze of heroic glory?

Also, please raise your hand if you believe Sherry’s latest story. I want to get a count… C’mon Palmer! Don’t be such a wuss! Hook her up to the defibrillator already!

And Lonely Mountain Man just lets Kim go? Well, I guess she’s off to her next great adventure. My money’s still on the mime:wink:

Well, I’ll spot her one or two decent thoughts. Although picking up that knife wasn’t one of them. My immediate thought was that he would easily be able to take the knife away from her. If she wants to stay in control, she should have hit him harder (or multiple times), going for the knockout. (Of course, she had no way of knowing he would just let her go, so in reality it turned out better that she didn’t try to beat him repeatedly!)

Hell yeah! I loved that! Like I was saying, “Make her cry some more, Jack!”

Yes – actually that was one of the thoughts that wandered through this Monstre’s head. Their little showdown left me wondering whether this was professional tension or sexual tension. Michelle spurned her ex-boss’ edvances, perhaps? Or maybe Michelle stole her boyfriend (or vice versa).

I hope he’s got Sherri bugged. How can you just tell her to leave when she ADMITTED SHE WAS A TRAITOR!!! I know he just didn’t let her go. He’s not that stupid. Is he?

I can’t believe Radiation Man will be gone for the rest of the day. I hope Tony’s up to the job.

I was surprised when Kate said “You know how to make it stop” to her sister. I thought she was going to keep on begging Jack to give Evil Sis some morphine.

Regarding the spoilers for next week…

How the heck, even if he bails out of the plane, is Jack going to get back to the scene of the action? If it takes him an hour or so to fly to this desert, it would take multiple hours to drive back to LA even if he can find a ride. Could the rest of the story be setting up to focus on Palmer and the looming war, with Jack dead or at least out of the picture?

Yeah, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one whose bell rung when they said that CIA guy’s name. I was like, “What are they going to do, ask him how they tracked the nuke to LA from Bikini Bottom?”

I loved the silent clock thing they did for Mason. But there’s no way we’ve seen the last of him. Somehow, someway he’ll come back to do something more important than give a nice talk and die in some horrible way. (Maybe he and that dude from Division in the early part of season 1 will come back Yoda and Obi-wan ghost-style to tell Jack what wire to cut).

I still cannot figure out the Palmer/Sherry thing. She’s lying? She’s not? Palmer believes her? Palmer is playing her right back? Tonight he came off as much more of a bad-ass to her but it would be stupid of him to just cut her loose. For God’s sake I hope he’s got an agent tailing her or something. And there is still the matter of just who it was that Lynn was supposed to meet when Sherry showed up.

Jack as an interrogator? I liked the towel speech from season 1 better, but man, he is one cold dude. Hopefully that will nip any possible love interest from Kate now that she’s seen how evil Jack can be. Although we’ll probably get a bunch of lady Dopers in here saying “I’ve been a bad girl, Jack…” so maybe that will shoot that idea down.

How about that shootout by the van at the end? Are we to assume that the 7th soldier was in the van with the bomb and CTU got him? Who was it? Is it even important, since we weren’t shown how they found it?

And the whole “bomb could go off at any time” thing. How many episodes do you think they let it go until it either blows up or is disarmed? Kind of a lame way out, I hope next time we know more about how much time is left. Of course, if that truly is the main threat, and they disarm it by 11 p.m., what’s everyone going to do until 8?

I also am beginning to doubt whether we will see pool guy again. I don’t imagine what further relevance he could be. I really hope we get to see Nina again soon, though.

Finally, the Kim subplot. Usual Kim stupidity–did she expect to hold that guy off with a knife? I do give her credit for finally figuring out the bomb didn’t go off though. Second–now that she’s free, what the hell was the freaking point of this sub-plot? Last season all the little things like this fit together. This Kim plot right now seems really tacked on, unless they can later connect it to something.

Finally, is it wrong for me to have felt a little bit sorry for the guy? Yes, he’s creepy as hell and I don’t blame Kim for wanting to get out of there. In fact I would have been downright pissed if she had, say, kissed him, exchanged pleasantries and said “Maybe I will see you again sometime”. But after all this time where we’re lead to think “Squeal, piggy!” like in Deliverance or something, it turns out the guy really isn’t evil, just misunderstood (cue “awwwww”).

No – I’m pretty sure that the guy in the van was not the 7th soldier. He was just some nameless lackey, and as somebody pointed out in last week’s thread, he was there in the hangar along with Omar when Marie showed up with the trigger. It seems to me that when Marie saw the police cars arriving and asked Omar, “What do we do now?” – the plan was to have the truck (with the bomb) drive away from the hangar so as to not arouse attention. Apparently the airport was being blocked off, but the truck (and Marie) will be less suspicious to the authorities if they get away from the hangar and try to blend in with the other people leaving the airport.

BTW, it seems that we find out who the 7th soldier IS in this episode (at least a name – Michelle pulls up his profile). But we still don’t know what he’s up to, or what his significance is…

Well, I suppose some folks would just get a good night’s sleep… while others would spend the remaining hours looking for Kim and trying to rescue her from the vigilante band of circus clowns.

Mason: I don’t think he can be gone for good now. But he can’t have much time left.

I hope Michelle vs. New girl isn’t another Ensign Ro vs. Sherry I-don’t-like-you deal. Kind of annoying to me.

Marie: The bomb’s in a suitcase.
Jack: What suitcase?
Marie: In the van.
Jack: What van?
Marie: The van down by the river!

Celine Dion car commercial: Well, OK, maybe the nuke going off won’t be so bad.

Sherry should be arrested (or bugged, as Biggirl said). If he doesn’t trust her, why let her go to cause more damage?

Heh heh… the ventilation keeps the bomb shelter, that Kim is in, cold.

Poor Lonnie. I kinda like him. Maybe he’ll save her from a cougar.

Damn you ticking clock! Why must you mock me like this?!

This has been bugging me the whole run of the show. Nuclear bomb set to go off any second. And you two are asking each other out?!

Ah well, it is TV, can’t be perfect.

Kim, when a maniacal mountain man asks you if you’ll come back some time, you say YES!

Maybe Mason will save Jack. Knowing he has little time to live, he’ll go and grab a military jet like a Harrier or something, and fly it out to where Jack is. But it’s only got one seat, and there’s no time to fly the Cessna back, so Mason’ll give the airplane to Jack, and sit down to wait for the bomb to blow him up. Jack zooms out of the area at 500kts, and he’s back in the game for the next episode.

Well, maybe not… But surely a terminal Mason has to be good for something!

Yeah, me too, sort of. Something weird is going on with those two anyway. But frankly, that whole thing really annoyed me. Another unnecessary personal drama subplot thrown in, and with shades of last year’s bit with what’s-her-face who took over for Jack, and who coincidentally used to work for Nina. Deja vu, anyone?

Actually, that worked for me. It wasn’t what we would expect, but I believed it. And the last scene there went a long way towards making me like Kim again.

“Um…maybe you’ll come back some time?”
“I don’t think so.”

That’s my girl.:cool:

Anyway, at least the truck didn’t get away. I didn’t have to throw things at my TV.

At least I was right about Mountain Man Lonnie being Not-A-Rapist. I so called that.

Lonnie: “Why don’t you like me?”
Me (thinking what Kim should have said): “Umm…because you LIED to me about a NUCLEAR BOMB going off???”

I too was wondering why all the L.A. stations were showing news at 9:30 p.m. Only one station (9) does the news at that hour. And speaking of which, whatever happened to the uppity journalist? Haven’t heard from him in awhile.

And now that they have the bomb, what are they gonna do for the next 8 hours? Probably something stupid.