"24" Season 2, Episode 19 - 2:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 19
2:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Well, who’s gonna die in this episode?
Will Jack get the chip to Palmer in time to stop the bombers?
Will Kim find herself in peril once again?

After seeing this episode, I have only one comment:[spoiler]No Kim! Whoho!

Oh, and we find out why Michelle and Kerri don’t like each other, Jack gets hung up, Lynn goes into the closet and I think Mike has had a little chat with the Vice President.[/spoiler]

Help! My cable company has screwed with the channels and is not showing anything on Fox tonight! I know from reading previous discussions that fx repeats each episode sometime after the original airing, but I don’t know when. Can someone clue me in? I can’t miss Jack and company!

An e-mail would be great–I’ll have to squint really hard to avoid spoilers if I check back here.

Thanks in advance, my fellow fans.

Proudest Monkey, F/X will air it next Monday at 11:00 p.m. and next Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

That’s not how it works, wrt the 25th Amendment. They have to send written affirmation of their conclusion to the President Pro Tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House. The President can then take power back by doing the same thing. If the majority of executives plus the VP contest the issue, it goes to Congress to be decided within 48 hours.

While the declaration sent by the VP and execs does immediately take effect before the President can rebut, they still have to send it in writing to those two leaders and that’s not likely to happen at this time of night unless there’s collusion between those parties as well.

Eh, I really do like this show, but c’mon: brother shows up really for no reason other than to give Michelle a nervous breakdown. Then, Yusef runs into some rednecks out of nowhere. Just because Kim wasn’t in this episode doesn’t mean that they have to make the main plotline as ridiculous as hers was.

The bits with Micheal and Ensign Ro were great though, as were any and all moments containing Jack.

Regarding the previews:
[spoilers]Who was that who fell? Lynn Kresge?

And no way Jack’s dead!
Right? RIGHT?


Dunno, Biblio. The 24 fans on SA Forums were saying Kiefer was on for Season 3, but I didn’t see a source, so I dunno if fans are just pulling that out of their you-know-wheres.

Regarding the previews:
[spoilers]Who was that who fell? Lynn Kresge?

And no way Jack’s dead!
Right? RIGHT?


I’ve been liking the way they’ve been ending plots early - finding the bomb, getting Kim cleared - rather than stretching them out to the last minute. That’s what is good about this series.

In return, though, we get plot twists dropped in out of nowhere just to get through another hour. Why should anyone in the world care about Michelle’s personal life?

And I guess the argument about whether white guys in the show are racist against Arabs is pretty well settled.

Just what did Jack think he was doing running off with the tracker? Wouldn’t he have been better off sticking it back in the dead guy and getting back to CTU?

Very depressing episode. Not what happened to Jack, what it means for season 3. A nuclear bomb, a war, and now a coup. How high do you think they’ll have to raise the stakes next year? A plague? A meteor? The apocolypse?

Jack’s naked and dead. No reason to watch any more.

I reported my messed-up spoiler to the mods; hopefully one of them will be along to fix it soon. Sorry.

Who thinks they will CPR him back to the living next week?

I do! I do! Jack’s gotta save the world. Can’t count on Yousef and Kate, for Pete’s sake!
That Mike IS a rat after all!
And an hour without Kim is a truly pleasant hour, even with vomiting and torture!

Yousef and Kate – didn’t Jack say “wait 15 minutes”? And they waited what…? more like 35? Get your asses moving to CTU!. I do believe Jack stressed to you how important it was?

Sheesh. Thought New Foreign Sidekick guy would have more sense. (…knew Kate wouldn’t…)

I just have to say it…

The Danny/Michelle/Kerry storyline is totally unnecessary. Was anyone else expecting Jack and Kate to kiss goodbye when she left with Yusef?

Jack’s probably doing some uber-1337 “fake your own death thing” they taught him at CTU school. I mean come on, you think season three is going to be “a day in the life of Tony Almeida”?

And yes, I’ll agree that it was a depressing episode. All around stupidity–Jack with the transmitter, Yousef putzing around, the whole 25th amendment thing, the stupid Michelle’s brother thing (can someone please run that by me again? I didn’t get the particulars of that the first time around).

I’m starting to get disappointed with the show. I’m not going to quit watching because I’m so intent on seeing how things work out, but the show is far from what it was when they were trying to find the bomb.

BTW, 24 is in the May issue of MAD (the one with Spongebob on the cover). It’s called “24 Viewers” and is a pretty accurate send-up of the show (“Jerk Sour” and “Dim” indeed).

And oh yeah–20,000 more troops will die if they don’t attack RIGHT NOW? Jesus, what kind of diabolical military geniuses are we dealing with here? I mean, we just took over Iraq when the entire world knew we were coming, and what were our casualties (minus all the helicopter crashes)? A couple hundred, tops?

There is no way that Jack is dead.

I have spoken. That is all.