"24" Season 2, Episode 20 - 3:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 20
3:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Looks to be a goody, with what’s-her-name in the closet and all.

I’m just worried that they will try and make up for last weeks “Kim-less” episode.

Or maybe they’re saving a wet T-shirt scene for sweeps.

Anyone wanna take bets on whether Jack is rescusitated?

I didn’t think so.

How about he gets amnesia after being revived?

Man, that could actually make me stop watching the show if they did that.

I think he’s doing some fake-out death thing that he was trained to do. There’s no way he’s dead.

Yep. It’s an old ninja trick where you slow your heartbeat to feign death. I used to do it all the time to get out of going to school.

Then again Thug #2 didn’t look that bright. I didn’t even see him check a pulse.

Nah, they DID amnesia in the first series.

THIS time, they have to use the old evil twin brother trick! Jack Bauer must have an evil identical twin who’s secretly behind the whole sinister plot!

9:46 and still no Kim? What’s she up to??

I now officially hate Mike.

Is it me or did Kim look an awful lot like Kate tonight?

Episode 20 did have two great scenes: 1)when bad guy #1 asks bad guy #2 what Kingsley said on the phone and #2 replies “He says I’ve been promoted” and shoots him and scene 2) when bad guy #2 cracks almost immediately after Jack just withstood far more painful torture.
When Yousef died, however, I was waiting for Jack to scream at him “You pussy! I’ve been shot, stabbed, beat up, tortured, injected, shocked, crashed a plane and electrocuted to death, then brought back to life and I didn’t wuss out and die! Be a fucking man!”
If that bomb had gone off, there would have been two living things left in LA: cockroaches and Jack Bauer. And Kim’s fake boobs.

I was pretty impressed with the overall lack of stupid decisions for the most part. I mean, I can’t speak for the white trash captors and all, but everyone else seemed to make at least mildly intelligent choices, particularly Tony. I like him again!

I thought it was a pretty good episode. Some scenes really had me on the edge of my seat. I really didn’t expect that doctor to have the balls to stick the syringe in that guy - that was awesome. And in my opinion, Jack was a bigger badass in this episode than ever. He was just oozing cool when he shot the guy. Then at the end when he saved Kate… some convienently good timing, but hey its Jack Bauer! Anything is possible!

Another great scene was when that woman (forget her name) who fell was in the stretcher and tried to point out who was the cause of her fall… and the guy consoles her! I actually didn’t see that one coming, an awesome twist.

Its a sad day for the president when the only guy he can trust and get advice from is his body guard. Palmer must have really screwed up when setting up his cabinet.

We got to see another time when a guy dies while uttering his final, important words. How many times can they keep doing this before it becomes overdone?

The whole redneck plotline is rediculous, but still I find it entertaining. I thought when all the goons looked at eachother in the bedroom with that “are you thinking what I’m thinking look”, I figured that they were going to try to rape her, not kill her. I mean, the bed was right there.

And three cheers for another Kimless episode!

  1. So Jack was being tortured in the basement of the clinic? Lucky thing for him. But wouldn’t he be brain dead after a few minutes? Or at least a little sore?

  2. Where is the LAPD during all this?

I took a different spin on the scene.

Woman On Stretcher was trying to point a j’accuse! finger at Untrustworthy Guy, implicating him. Obviously, UG couldn’t let that happen, os he grabbed her hand, ostensibly consoling her.

Thats exactly what I meant. What did you think i meant?

I was figuring a rape was a’comin for Kate, too.

Yosef, ah, poor Yosef. It’s amazing how people know that they are moments from death. Sucks for him.

The hand grab console thing was great, too.

That hilljack in the bathroom is one dead mutha.

Nice not seeing Kim for two hours.

No kidding. Jeez, Yousef, you only got bashed with a brick and beat up. Look at Jack there, up and driving around, fresh as a daisy just minutes after being dead. :wink:
So… how’s Jack gonna get the rednecks with the chip out of the bathroom?

Two Kimless episodes in a row! How did we get so lucky?

Modern medicine sure is something, isn’t it? Jack’s back. . . and mean as ever! Whoo-boy!

Anybody think Mike is going to flip-flop back into the President’s camp before this day is through?

Who is this Peter Kingsley anyway? Has he just appeared from the nearest cabbage patch or have we heard of him before? Is he “Big Oil?”

Has anybody kept a body count for this season? What are we up to now? We lost at least 5 tonight, right?

“Hey! Your cousin’s out here…and she’s wearin’ a thong!”

Wasn’t ROGER Kingsley the first untrustworthy guy on Palmer’s staff…the guy who was paddled for info?