"24" Season 2, Episode 14 - 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

OK, I live in Hooterville now, (but only watched KNBC and KTLA news when in L.A.—well, I still watch it, thanks to satellite!) but I think maybe Channel 11 (Fox) had news at 9. Can’t say for sure, I never watched Channel 11. The Networks have news at 11, KTLA (WB) has news at 10. Can’t speak for Channel 9 or Channel 13. (Never watched their news anyway.)

Regarding the 7th soldier—I wasn’t completely paying attention tonight (mind drifted off a few times) but they were looking at a shot of a blonde guy (the 7th soldier?). He looked like actor Gregg Henry, who often plays weasely guys. I could be wrong, though, it was a weird photo.

Sherry: I hate that bitch enough to have a seperate thread on her in the pit. I hope she’s found out to be really really evil, and that her character gets killed off.

Mason: We haven’t heard the last of him yet. Why waste a character that going to die at the end of the season with him walking out? He’ll do something to go out in a blaze of glory.

Jack: I love you man ~sniff~ sorry, I got something in my eye. Are there other people in the airplane to attempt to defuse the bomb while Jack flys it out to the desert for his final descent? Maybe jack drops the bomb out of the plane and comes back to town?

According to my handy TV listings, there is only newscast on broadcast TV at 9 pm on Saturdays and it’s on Channel 9. And it’s only 30 minutes long. After 9:30 it’s a sports show.

Actually, Channel 11 (Fox) has their news on at 10 pm. At 9 PM, 24 is on!

If Kim had tuned in to Fox, she would have been watching herself watching TV! :slight_smile:
(OK, maybe the day of the week in 24 isn’t on a Tuesday, but still…)

Yes, I knew that someone would come along and clear things up about LA news. Like I said, I only usually watched (and still watch, via satellite) KTLA and KNBC. I think I remember my sister watching KTTV (Fox) news at 9 pm years ago, but she could have been watching some other station. Or maybe I just got it all wrong.

I checked KCOP’s (Channel 13) site and they don’t have any news at all until 11, so it seems.

There just isn’t much news at 9 pm in L.A. It’s too early!

I must not have had enough coffee yet, but I just don’t get this comment. Do you mean the actor?

The Prez kicking Sherri to the curb…yahooo! I liked that line, “You may be lying, you may not. I don’t have time to deal with it right now. Get out.”

I picked up a lesbian vibe too between Michelle and Paula II…we’ll see what happens.

I thought Lonnie turned out to be pathetic, not threatening, that whole scene with Kim was a fizzle. He sends her out into the dark California night with a gun but no flashlight?

Kate’s becoming quite indispensible to Jack, isn’t she? And why, if they’re chasing Muslim terrorists, didn’t they have an intepreter in tow?

A few random points.

Yes to the lesbian subtext. The new Paula is named Carrie or Keri or some variation. Still, Paula II works. She hot!

I’ve actually been impressed at how they’ve worked Kate into things and gave her stuff to do. Yes, she can ID Sayid Ali and act as a translator – at least until the pros get there. I can even believe that Jack thought she might be able to reach her sister (but she really doesn’t have the psych training to undo brainwashing). Good job of keeping her useful without suddenly turning her into a CTU professional.

I was thinking about the evil Mrs. Palmer. Just a great villain character. And I have to say, Penny Johnson is doing great in the role, considering how we hate her so much. And she’s probably not a manipulative bitch in real life. Se deserves some kind of award.


If Gregg Henry is the guy who played the really bad guy in Payback, then that’s who I think it is too. When I saw his picture I yelled out, “Hey, it’s…that guy! From Payback!” But since I live alone with my dog, and she’s never seen the movie, no one could confirm my suspicion.

I hope it is him. He’s a great smarmy bad guy.

That’s exactly what she wants you to think!

Man, it’s either being blonde, or having a name start with ‘K’ that makes you incredibly stupid. Kate was incredibly stupid this week.

Mountain man was weird, but if he wanted to rape/kill Kim, he didn’t need to bring her into the bomb shelter, he could have just done it. It seemed believeable to me, he was forcing her to get to know him. I think he’s going to call the ranger and say she just left, heading along the trail he told her to follow. Sort of a revenge for turning him down and not even giving him a chance.

I think Palmer believes that Sherry was trying to protect him, which is why he let her go, but she’s a career liar and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. It’s the same problem she always had, doing things behind his back.

I’m surprised the terrorists actually had the real bomb. I was sure that the decoy was from the soldiers and that the 7th soldier had the real thing. Again, why didn’t the terrorist just set off the bomb instead of shooting at the police and letting them kill him. He’s going to die anyway, he’s the last guy with the ability to set off the bomb, so why not complete the mission. I can see them waiting to try and get the bomb to its original destination, but once he’s caught…

What does N.E.S.T. stand for (the bomb disarming guys). I guess Nuclear something. I think they’ll be able to disarm it, or like someone else said in previous threads, blow it up with conventional explosives after the evacuation is complete.

Good episode.


Nuc-U-lar Explosion Suppression Team?

My problem with Kate is not just that the writers made her behave stupidly in this episode, but also that Sarah Wynter (the actress who plays Kate) appears to be a terrible actor. She seems to only have one facial expression in her entire repertoire. Sheesh.

No, the character’s name. Palmer referred to the CIA man as “Steve Hillenberg,” which is coincidentially the name of SpongeBob’s creator.

NEST = Nuclear Emergency Search Team

Did the truck have an access door from the cab to the cargo area? I didn’t notice. But if not, the guy was probably trying to get to the back door so he could set off the bomb. It looked like he was running towards the back of the truck when he was shot.

Heh… But I did notice in last week’s episode (13) that even though the previews for that show had Jack saying “There’s a nu-ku-lar bomb somewhere on site”, the footage in the actual episode did have him saying it correctly - nuclear. Must have used a different take, or an overdub of the word on the episode.

I really liked last night’s episode. It was nice to see Palmer kick the old bag to the curb yet again. If I was disappointed in him when he let her in in the first place, he regained my faith in him last night. And Mason’s little farewell speech was actually pretty touching, the silent clock afterwards a nice touch. The unexpected twist of the mountain man just being a desperately lovely guy and not a psycho was also quite good.

I thought I caught a mistake, though. When Jack started interrogating Marie for the second time with Kate’s help, she’s OK for a minute or two, then starts crying again. Jack says “It’s the Demerol wearing off…” First of all, when did they give her Demerol? I thought Jack wasn’t going to give her painkillers until she caved. Second of all (and more to the point), in what world does Demerol wear off in 10-15 minutes? If the show is truly running “real time,” then there’s no way that a dose of Demerol would be wearing off so soon.

Anyway, great episode despite this. It’s so rare to find a show that is truly surprising anymore.

BiblioCat – Actually, I wasn’t really predicting that they would get it on… was mainly predicting that this was Mountain Man’s motive, and that he was taking her down to his Bomb Shelter/Love Nest for that purpose.

I figured that even if he had made the attempt to access her goodies, by guile or by force, the writers would have her hit him with a tire iron or kick him in the crotch or something, and escape – thus keeping her virginity intact… :wink: snicker

Of course, she would have escaped him only to run into her next great adventure (which she’s still going to do). I wonder if she’ll get abducted by aliens before the end of the show?

Best. Typo. Ever.

(okay, best typo in this thread, at least… ;))