"24" Season 2, Episode 10 - 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

Yeah, what Sayed and that other dude did to the private investigater is nothing compared to what Fox is doing to us by making us wait another three weeks for a new episode.

I gotta say that I’m a little disappointed that Marie is involved in the plot. It seems kinda cheap … go out of your way to make her seem as innocent as possible and BAM! Pure evil, willing to shoot the guy she was supposed to marry. I hope her reasoning is that she’s romantically linked to Sayed Ali, that’d give her some motivation at the least.

I’m also very interested in finding out what Jack whispered to Nina and was very disappointed when they didn’t go back to that at all!!
One last thing - Go for it, Tony! Succeed where I never will…

Just was thinking – sweet little Marie (who was so upset at the prospect of her wedding being delayed earlier) shot the CTU agent with nary a flinch (and no doubt the other agent outside the room). Where did she learn to kill like that? so ruthlessly… Did she get a chance to practice on somebody when their family lived in the Middle East?

Oh, I’m sure they will. They are just going to make us suffer for a while.

No, Tony, no! I saw her first! ::: dreamy sigh :::

I’d like to expand a bit on the two things that really freakin’ annoy me about this show.

Not only is she a retard, but that girl leaves a trail of death behind her worse than Typhoid Mary. It may be a family characteristic-- her dad’s body count is pretty high, but at least he kills bad guys. And she remains standing. Running, even. Her dad at least had a spike in his leg. Why won’t she die?

Everyone is praising him as such a smart guy, but all I see him doing is being pushed around by circumstance. If it wasn’t for Jack, he’d be sitting around with his thumb up his ass, telling his scheming, traitorous wife every state secret that popped into his head.

Cell phones.
They all have such great reception, long lasting batteries and nary a dropped call or voice mail to be found. When Staton got that call from Sherri (Sharri?) and he walked deeper into the bowels of what looked like an underground bunker my first thought was that the government must bought everybody those signal boosters you stick on the back of the battery.

Hey. That’s three things, innit?

They must shop at the same cellphone store as Mulder and Scully.


I can’t believe I bought the whole “Marie is just a ditz” line.
At least I knew that Mrs. Palmer was evil.

Side note: Didja know she was Kassidy Yates on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

Help! Can someone post a spoiler of the preview for the next episode? I watched the show tonight on a channel that got the feed from FOX, instead of FOX itself, and they went straight to the credits at the end without showing the preview!!! Someone put my mind at ease please…

Ahhh! So that’s where I recognized her from. I knew she looked familiar…

I wonder if (and when) we’re going to see Eric Rayburn re-appear.

I’m in the Atlanta Market, and that happened here. I’m glad someone else confirmed that, because I just assumed I missed it. What did the previews show for the next episode?


Well, I don’t remember ALL of the details in the preview scenes, but a few pieces were:

[spoiler]Scenes of Roger Stanton being arrested. Also a scene hinting that he was about to be tortured (er… coerced) for information. He was sitting with his feet in a bucket of water, and somebody was asking him to tell what he knows about the bomb. And one guy (looked like the pres’ advisor) holding something that looked like some kind of electroshock device.

There were also some hints of scenes at a mosque, where Jack was sending Kate in to try to ID Sayed Ali. She was looking in on the worshippers with her face partly covered. One quick glimse showed a kneeling Sayed Ali looking back, presumably in her direction.[/spoiler]

Is it just me, or does anyone else smile when they hear President Palmer speak. I can’t help but think of Pedro Cerrano from the movie Major League.

Pedro Cerrano: Jesus, I like him very much, but he no help with curveball.
Eddie Harris: You trying to say Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?

My predictions:
Jack and Kate will become an item.
Jacks daughter can do no wrong because anything she does will be forgiven by the president via Jack, but she’s going to become a fugitive first.
Resa will live. Someone’s going to find him and call for help.
The business card giving good samaritan will be key in identifying the bomb van.

I have others, but I’m getting called into family duty.



I agree with BiblioCat–damn it, Reza was the most likeable character on the show.

And the prospect of yet more Kate and Marie makes me want to retch–I can’t imagine worse actresses in those roles.

But kudos to 24 for keeping the twists coming–if nothing else, I’m watching just to see what the writers do next.

Can someone tell me what happened in the first half of tonight’s episode? I forgot to flip the A/B switch before setting my tape, and I don’t know if there will be a replay next week because of the delay.

I started watching right when Jack was trying to save the guy he thought was Sayed Ali.

I don’t really care about what happened to Kim, as it is pretty obviouse what happened.

So, basically tell me what happened with Jack and Nina until he met Kate Warner.

Thank you all.

All I would add is that I think there is a break now because Fox needs to time all the episodes so that they can finish in May with a nice 2-hour finale last year.

The problem with “24” is that you can’t show repeats. So you have to stretch 24 episodes over a roughly 40 week period. And you have to have them ready for November, February, and May. And you don’t want to show them around Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s.

So, there are 14 “hours” to go. Four in February, probably three in March, three in April, and three in May with one being a 2-hour show.

I don’t know how you did it, but good call. I was totally blindsided by that.

As far as Jack whispering to Nina, I just assumed that he threatened to kill her, in that cold, bad ass Jack Bauer sort of way. Maybe even in a way that you couldn’t say on television.

Did anyone else notice Jack smile at Nina after the sniper hit her? That was frickin’ awesome.

I guess the cop in charge of Kim and her buddy was absent during “prison transport” day at cop school. He didn’t even think to search the dude and find that lighter.

Anyhow, I’m still trying to figure out what interest the government people have in this terrorist plot. I can understand that Sayed Ali is your typical radical Muslim extremist who hates America and wants to blow up a ton of people. I can understand that Sherry is still pissed at the President, and wants to make him look bad. But what interest could the NSA have in wanting this to all go through as planned?

Since Ali supposedly went to a Mosque to pray, does that mean the bomb is scheduled to go off in the next hour? Are we going to see the truck guy back next time? Is the show going to end up as who can find the bomb first–Jack or Ali, who himself won’t even know where the bomb is?

Three weeks till the next one? Well, I guess I’ll just have to get to Blockbuster and pick up the first season DVDs piecemeal (I know that Palmer lives [duh] and that Nina shoots Jack’s wife, but nothing else really about the first season).

  1. I guess cyanide poisoning is a pretty bad way to go, but I really don’t think it was sufficient for that particular…person.

  2. I wouldn’t be too sure the Prez is being out-manipulated by his ee-vil scheming ex-wife. From last season, I seem to remember he was pretty good at turning the tables on her.

  3. Spoiler from the previews for next episode:

They’re gonna torture the head of the NSA? Damn!

Biggirl , I cannot explain how the calls on the outside are never dropped, etc.; however, I do know that some buildings are “wired” so that even within their depths, certain carriers will still work.

My buddy works at a building wired for Nextel, so his works even in the sub-basement, whereas my VZW gets no reception even in the regular ol’ basement. I would assume that the gubamint would be able to use similar tech in their buildings if companies could use it in theirs.

Wow! I never saw that thing with Marie coming. And I was almost, almost ready to believe Mrs. Palmer. I love that evil bitch.

I was also really glad that despite the high energy excitement we also got some nice quiet character moments. George’s “Regrets of a Dying Man” was great. However I couldn’t care less about Tony and Michell. :shrug:

And I’m really glad no one came out of Kim’s car wreck with amnesia.

Oh, I know. When Kim was crawling out of the wreckage, I said to my huband, “If she gets up and says, ‘Who am I?’, I’m smashing the TV!”

In the very beginning, Jack could see the good guys out of the corner of his eye, and started walking farther out. Nina said to stop or she’d shoot. He said he didn’t care if she shot him, since he was dead anyway. Nina started following him. He got far enough out so a sniper could get a clear shot to shoot her (I think in the hands or the gun) and get the gun out of her hands. As they were cuffing her, Jack gave her an evil little smile. Then he leaned in close and whispered something to her, but we (the viewers) didn’t hear what it was. Her face dropped at whatever it was he said.
I can’t remember what else specifically was in the first half.

There will probably be a replay the week before the new episode.