"24" Season 2, Episode 11 - 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 11
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

:slight_smile: Do you feel like you’ve waited long enough? :slight_smile:

Spoilers ahead!

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So Knead, what do you think about the retardospawn subplot about excessive cotton friction against non-supported mammary glands?

Hello? Knead?
[sup]The next person to kill this joke will have the humor police knocking at their door 10 minutes after they post that Knead is not reading this thread![/sup]

I’m in the throes of serious 24 Withdrawal… I am so ready for a new episode tomorrow night!!

To BiblioCat, wherever you are: You were right – it looks like the replays on FX are on the nights right before new episodes. The week 10 replay is starting on FX right now (and I think the one tomorrow – Tues – at 5 PM is the same replay).

In addition to Season One on VHS that I got on eBay, I also asked the store manager at work to get me another nametag, soley so I can re-create Jack Bauer’s CTU ID badge. I’d get a shirt, but all the ones I’ve seen suck. Especially this one.

Man, it’s nice to see a new 24 thread. Thanks, Knead.

It’s about freaking time. Although I did get to watch the entire first season during this break (break? It took me less than a week, and this was rental, not buying).

And FARK you, Fox, for putting the spoiler commercial for Tuesday’s episode on during Malcolm in the Middle! I think I tuned out most of it, but damn.

Anyways, I’m excited. Power up the smarm-o-meters everyone, Jack Bauer and Kate Warner are going terrorist hunting!

Upon watching the 5:00-6:00 rerun:

While taken hostage, Jack spots the Guy With Gun #1 way out to the side, coaxes Nina far enough out for GWG #1 to get a shot at her, and after that shot’s taken, GWG #2, #3, and #4 appear and take her into custody. That whole thing takes about 15 seconds, in more-or-less real time. What the hell were GWG 2, 3, and 4 doing that whole standoff? It couldn’t be generous TV timing, since they needed to subdue her immediately after the sniper (GWG1) shot.

::copied from my “24” thread, which I’ve asked to be closed::

Kim had survived the car crash, and was running away.
I doubt the cop and Miguel will survive.
Where will Kim go? Does she have a cell phone? I don’t think so.
Will the cops go after her? They know she was being transported back to Los Angeles.

Jack and Kate were (hypothetically) riding off into the sunset together, looking for Sayed Ali, since she is the only one who can ID Sayed Ali. Jack thinks Sayed is at a mosque, since it’s “prayer time.”
If you watch the previews, you know what happens.

Tony and Michelle were making Googly-Eyes at each other. Will they go off to a storage room for some “alone time”?

What about Mason? How much longer will he survive? Shouldn’t he start to get really sick soon? Will he go to the hospital, you think, or will he prefer to die at CTU, on the job till the very end?

President Palmer is trusting his Benedict Arnold ex-wife a little too much. Or is he? Will he figure out Sherry is behind some of the crap going on in his own administration?

Marie had shot Reza, and at least two other CTU agents. Is Reza dead? I’m guessing he is. Is she in with Sayed Ali? Is she the one behind the money transfers? Is her father really a bad guy, or will he be revealed to be a good guy?

Will CTU figure out she killed their agents and Reza when they don’t come back to CTU?

What about the guy with the bomb in the truck? Is he driving around aimlessly, or did he know where to deliver the bomb?

The bomb was supposed to go off at 7:00. Will it go off at the end of tonight’s episode?

I think Mason will stay til the end. I couldn’t see him dragging himself to the hospital when there are lives to be saved.

When did they say the bomb was going off at 7 PM? I missed that.

I don’t remember anything about a specific time either (the 7 PM bit). Just Nina giving Sayed Ali’s name, and an address.

I wonder if there will be some sister vs. sister fight by the end of this, where Kate has to protect herself from and/or fight Marie – and possibly kill her (or Jack jump in and have to kill Marie to save Kate).

I sure hope blonde with Jack isn’t one of those put-your-hands-over-your-face type screamer. How come all the cool-headed smart women are bad guys?

It would be nice if she were at least a competent foil for Jack.

I think George will go kamikaze, doing something outrageous, therefore sacraficing his life for the sake of his country. He’ll probably make it to the end of the day, since the doctor said I believe “You don’t have long- maybe a week, maybe a few days, maybe a day”.

I don’t watch the previews (since it ruins the excitement for next week and keeps me wondering about the show during the week). I guess I’ll find out what happens in about 53 minutes. Is the other sister (the blonde who isn’t a terrorist) also a terrorist? Do we find that out today? GAAAHH!!!

This sister is paired with Jack now. They are going to find El Cid (sorry, I really have a hard time with the names) who went to pray.

I think your right about George.

Ooh, finally! I can’t believe they pre-empted one of the best shows on TV for two weeks to hype American Idol.

Anyway, did anyone catch what Jack whispered into Nina’s ear as the Guys With Guns were taking her away? I played the scene back a couple of times and couldn’t catch it. Hopefully it means that Nina’s going to be in more future episodes. Now that they’re on Sayed Ali’s tail, her usefulness is pretty much gone. I’d like to see her back, though, if just to see Jack kill her.

Also, on the subject of Kate Warner (the sister that’s with Jack now, the non-terrorist one); I’ve read in other threads that…

… she’s slated to be Jack’s love interest. I really hope this angle doesn’t get overplayed. We’re talking about one 24 hour period. Having Jack and Kate start a love affair amidst the threat of nuclear annihilation all withing the span of a couple hours would really be a cheeseball TV move, I think. Maybe as a last scene they can kiss or something, sort of a counter-point to last season’s final scene of Jack holding his dying wife. That I could deal with, just please nothing cheesy.

Well damn! Just a few minutes in, and so much for any speculation about Marie just being a dupe for Sayed Ali – using her and all that. The bitch knows and is in on the whole plan!

A mountain lion? Maybe next she could be abducted by space aliens.

I like those big balls Palmer grew!

Another bad-ass bitch. At least now they sisters are easy to tell apart.

I swear to Og – when the clock ticked 6:35 and the scene jumped to Kim wandering in the woods, I laughed and immediately said out loud, “Maybe she’ll get eaten by a bear.”

30 seconds later, she sees the bobcat…

Oh well, I was hoping for my mime theory to come true, but as long as it’s something else outlandish. Next season, they should get have her just wear a T-shirt that reads, “Nice Tits. Terrible Luck.” :wink:

I knew that the burning man wasn’t going to be Sayed Ali. I didn’t know if Jack would figure it out right away or next episode, though.

Oh, and so much for the hopes that some of you ladies held for Reza still being alive…

And based on the scenes for next week…

Looks like Kate will find out about Marie being the shooter much sooner than I had thought.

Oh, and I suppose I should go ahead and revise my prediction for the Kim subplot…

Next week, she will be rescued at the last second by the woodsman who set the trap (that she is caught in). This will be a guy that we will immediately nickname Grizzly Adams. He hasn’t seen a woman… “uh, 'specially one this purty”… for quite a long time. He will take her back to his shack in the woods (which doesn’t have phone or electricity) and teach her the true meaning of Christmas (if you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge say no more).

Wow! Looks like Marie has been reading this thread. :slight_smile:

Boy, how about that riveting Kim subplot? Even all the running couldn’t help this week (bad camera angles.) Look out! Big non-threatening kitty cat! Will cougars even attempt to attack something larger than they are? I don’t know, just asking.

Finally, Palmer gives me a reason to vote for him again next election. Just hope that Amnesty International doesn’t get hold of that footage. Is it really wise to broadcast the torture to your office? What with everything in the world being recorded one way or another I’m pretty sure I’d want that camera OFF!

Screw you, Sherri! Bwahahahahahahaha!!! (I hate her!)

Was it just me, I coulda sworn I saw Sayed walk out the door and go to the right of the screen when Kate was trying to ID the guy hidden by the other two men. I guess it wasn’t him because someone had to fire the cosmic rays at the dupe and create the Human Torch.

Also, CTU looks like it’s in even better shape than it was last hour. Those were some crapy bombs those guys used. Guess they WERE wound too tightly.

Ok, by this time, the wedding should have taken place and be done with. Assuming most weddings take place around six, which is usually the case that I’ve noticed. Besides, it’s now dark and I figure the outdoor wedding would want some natural light. Anyway, do you think all the guests showed up and are still waiting?

Wow. An episode where Kim does almost nothing but run! Cool!

Too bad though. Once she chews her leg off to get out of that trap, the running will be over.