"24" Season 2, Episode 8 - 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 8
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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Lordly, you gave me a heart attack Knead. For a second there, I thought it was Tuesday and I missing it.

Knead? Hello, **Knead. . . you there?

He won’t be back.
He’s taping all the episodes, and will watch them in one sitting when it’s all over. He starts these threads, so no one starts a thread with a spoiler in the title.

So, what will happen?
I think Resa will end up helping at CTU somehow. Maybe translating what Nina was saying to what’s-his-name?
Is what’s-his-name dead? The terrorist Nina went to see at the shop, I mean. Raheem? Is that his name?

And what is Nina planning on doing with that gift card she took from the store? Breaking it in two, to have a sharp edge, like a weapon?

And Kim ends up in jail. Again. Will someone from CTU get her out this time?

Wow! What an episode! At about the midway point, I thought to myself, “It’s finally happened. They couldn’t keep up this streak of excellent episodes. This is gonna be the slow one.” But by the end of the episode, I had, for the first time in recent memory, thrown something at the TV, jumped out of my seat, and yelled “Oh Shit!” multiple times.




Nina is a badass ninja! She had the whole thing planned once she got into the store. Oh my god, the look on her face after she got the location of the bomb out of Fahin (sp?) and then jumped up and slashed his throat (with the ripped half of the gift card, credit to the one who called it last thread)… She was positively glowing. So evil, man, so evil. BTW, that’s when I jumped out of my seat and yelled “Oh Shit!”.

The Kim annoyance factor during the 3:00-4:00 hour was very very high. Just when I thought she was going to be smart and not tell the cop about the nuke, she goes and does it. That’s when I yelled “Stupid Bitch!” and threw the TV Guide at the TV. God, what is she thinking? That part could be chalked up to her being young and in distress, I suppose. The annoying part was her phone conversation with Jack. Yeah, you need help. Yeah, you’re in trouble. Sorry, Kim, but Daddy’s trying to save Los Angeles, right now. He can’t parachute out of the plane, drop straight into police headquarters and carry you out of there, guns blazing. I think she may have seen The Professional a few too many times.

Now, what’s going on with Bob Warner and Reza? Bob has a seemingly plausible story that he’s been working as a conduit for information from the CIA to Sayid (sp?). He says he doesn’t know who the info is going to, he just passes it along. Or am I missing something here? How do Reza and the funding play into this? Could it be that Reza really is a bad guy after all, and he’s embezzling money from Bob’s company to support the very people that Bob’s passing information to? What kind of information is Bob passing along? Could it be that the conspirators against the Prez are using Bob to funnel info (and funds?) to Sayid in order to de-stabilize the Presidency? So many questions… I’ll probably have a few more to throw out there once I’ve thought it through a little more.

Anyway, all that lead up to my second “Oh Shit!” moment; When Kate and her P.I. buddy got jumped and thrown into the back of the mysterious van. Hmm… I wonder who those guys were.

The third, and final, “Oh Shit!” moment was at the very end when the missile (?) hit the plane that was flying Nina and Jack to San Diego. Or was it? There was smoke and fire coming out of the tail of the plane, so that makes me think it was attacked somehow. A planted bomb, possibly? I think a missile would have blown the plane apart.

Finally, a gripe. I thought it was a little overdone with the reluctant terrorist. If they (the writers) had just had the bald terrorist lose his nerve and have a change of heart, I could’ve accepted that. They didn’t have to throw in the “Wow, good Samaritan” tire changer, and the deep soulful looks at the children playing basketball. I thought it was a little heavyhanded in the, “See audience? He’s thinking maybe we’re not such bad Americans afterall. He’s going to rethink his role in this little shindig in a minute, you’ll see.” sense. But, whatever. It’s a small thing and doesn’t detract at all from another excellent episode.

Anyway, got to go. I look forward to reading the speculations that are going to be posted. This has got to be one of my favorite shows.

I was going to post a “Nyah nyah, judging from the previews I was right about the broken gift card as edged weapon” guess from last week’s thread. It looks as if that’s already been confirmed, though.

Rats. I wanted to be the first to say I called it. I so rarely get to do that.

Hey orr, how did you see the show before it was on? I want your secret connection. I read your post this afternoon and thought it was a joke, especially when you said the plane got hit by a missile or something.

What the H? That was the most open-ended cliffhanger to end an hour all season. And they had to do it when there won’t be a new ep for a few weeks? Gah! And they can’t kill Jack! What’s with that??!!

I’m with orr, my thought when I heard Terrorist Dad was a gov’t agent was that the US gov’t is behind the bomb. Especially now that the reporter guy got loose somehow. And who are the people who grabbed Paranoid Daughter and Investigator Guy? CIA who somehow knew the file had been accessed?

BTW, I thought it was clever of those anti-drug people to buy bookend 15-second spots in that commercial break, right as the big bad guys and their nuke were driving past cute little girls playing in the street who are about to die. That was extra ad time they got for free, pretty much.

I don’t think a missle hit the plane. That would be a little toooo contrived. It looked like an engine blew out or something.

Yeah, Stupid Kim strikes again. Gee, I think I’ll tell the cop about the nuclear bomb in LA, but I hope it doesn’t cause a panic. I can see the cop starting a panic in the next hour. I’m betting he either lives in LA or has family there, and tries to get them out.

And I knew Sherry was working against the President. What a bitch.

And, yeah, orr how do you get to see the show before anyone else? Who do you know?

First… OH MY GOD what an ending!

Second… Good call, ivylass, on the sharpening of the gift card to use as a weapon (I think you were the first to mention it).

Wow – some interesting new stuff in this one! We have terrorists supposedly with the bomb in their truck, and the driver starts having second thoughts after witnessing the kindness of a stranger and kids at play. Bang bang, two bad guys (okay, 1 bad and 1 repentent almost-bad) dead, leaving… er… was it just the 1 guy left? Does he even know where the delivery is to be made? He obviously wasn’t the leader. Will this become rogue guy with a bomb?

And then we have Welcome to Kim-Makes-Another-Stupid-Move Strikes Back! Does she really think that Mr. Cop is going to keep it hush-hush? Just one more civilian now who knows about the nuke?

Oh, well – Mr. Reporter is free, so the panic is probably about to start anyways.

I see that this one confirmed that the Meddling Blonde’s chat with the P.I. did in fact start off the CTU investigation – if this guy was truthful “We have to call homeland security yadda yadda”. I didn’t like the looks of him – he looks a little untrustworthy. But then when they both got jumped and kidnapped – damn… I don’t know what to think now about All In The Family. Do we still call him Terrorist Dad, or CIA Dad?

So, speculation…
I was thinking after Nina did slashy-slashy that perhaps they would land, she would keep her end of the bargain, tell where the nuke was (or was supposed to be), and then we would have it not be there since two of the delivery team are impersonating swiss cheese, and the other one didn’t look too confident or knowledgeable. With an attack against the plane, though – the whole “would land” theory is shot. :wink:

I’m still thinking, though, that with the one delivery guy left, when they finally find out the “location” of the bomb, it won’t be there – where it is supposed to be.

Ex wife (Sherry) is evil evil evil evil!

Is the business card from Good Samaritan tire fixer guy going to mean something? Here’s my theory: They’re going to find terrorist’s dead bodies with the business card on the body. They’ll talk to GSG (Good Samaritan Guy). From there they’re going to get a description of the bomb van.

It looks like Jack actually saves Nina in the next episode when they’re in the plane as it’s about to crash. One of the other agents is about to shoot her if I saw that right.

I wonder if the US Govt is diverting funds to terrorists through Dad Guy?

Great Episode!


Good episode.

I assumed that the bad guys who kidnapped Kate Warner and the PI were somehow tipped off by the erasing of the files off Dad’s PC.

I wonder if Nina actually got the info she claimed she did, or just got the guy to whisper a little, then killed him so she could claim she knew the information with no one to corroborate with her. That would strengthen her had to get her out of LA, even if she knew nothing.

Yeah, Kim was frustrating telling the cop. [male pig] And we didn’t even get to see her run in exchange for putting up with her. [/male pig]

On the plane – there was a definite whistling sound before the explosion, like an incoming missile or something – and somebody did yell “Incoming”. Although sabotage of the plane would seem more likely than a missile attack.

On Sherry, are we sure it’s her? She was there at the room to talk to Mr. Reporter, but so was… er… is it Armice? Armiss? Something like that – not sure who he is. Seems likely it’s one of them, but then perhaps it’s even somebody else with clearance to that wing (Roger Stanton still a possibility?)

And in the scenes for next time, it said “In three weeks, an all new 24…” Damn, I’ve gotta wait three weeks!!! :eek:

That’s it, I’m suing Fox if they keep up that lull-you-into-a-false-peace-and-give-a-flippin’-heart-attack crap much longer.

Kidding, of course.

I think they may be spinning this story into a giant monster conspiracy to topple Palmer’s government, and start a war in the middle east. We’ll find out that Sherry knows about it, and is one of the masterminds behind it or something. It’s all going to tie together.

Maybe. I’m not sure I buy that myself, but it’s what occured to me after that missile hit. Who else has the resources to hit a jet flying at high altitude? It has to be another jet. If it were a ground-based missile it would have been a lot bigger.

Those must be some mighty wimpy terrorists if one of them wants to give up on the plan at the sight of a few people.

This leads me to believe that there aren’t fanatics behind this plan, but rather some other extra-governmental organization. And if Jack’s plane were hit with an air-to-air missile, who else can come up with that sort of technology?

Some of these spoiler sound neat. Not like I would know, I couldn’t pick up Fox last night. So instead of 24 I was stuck watching PBS!

And if it was a missle strike, who else knew where they were? Only CTU knew they were in the air coming back from Visalia.

Or should I say,
[Jack Bauer] Who are you working for?!? [/Jack Bauer]


Ok, quick plea to my fellow 24 fanatics…

Even though this is a spoiler thread…can we at least NOT spoil what has not been aired yet? orr, I think it’s great that you got to see the show before everyone else and wanted to show off, but how about waiting until the show is over before “discussing” it with us, huh?

Also, and if you wanna vote me out on this speak up, but can we also not discuss the “next week on 24” buffer? I turn off the show immediately after the clock ticks to the end of the hour so that I don’t see spoilers for next week.

I repeat, I KNOW this is a spoiler thread, but can we keep them spoilers ONLY on what is part of the current hour?

Oh, and Kim is the stupidest teen in the world. That is all.