"24" Season 2, Episode 17 - 12:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 17
12:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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I await the next episode with baited breath. (BTW, on a whim I started watching my “24 Season One” DVDs. Damn, it’s a good show. And it’s especially interesting to see it all over again, knowing what I know now!)

I can’t wait either.

Actually, I’m currently embroiled in a college project about how “The West” views “The Muslim World” and vice versa. 24 is one of our focus points.

See? It’s schoolwork! I have to watch it now! :wink:

I asked this last week and it either got glossed over or people didn’t know. But is 24 in the can? Is Fox going to change anything because of the REAL war going on in the Middle East?

Sorry in advance if I missed it and thanks if you know.

I doubt it. My assumption is that they had the whole thing written and planned before the first episode was filmed. Of course, the writers probably had a feeling we’d be going to war with someone in the Middle East. You didn’t have to be a psychic to see that one coming.


Okay, I am a spoiler reader - I admit it, and still enjoy the shows I read spoilers on. Anyway, at Ain’t it Cool News this morning, they used words that leave doubts about what happens to

Kim - they make references to the resolution to the end of her 41 episode - obviously therefore including last season - run. I am not going to say I will complain - no matter how much fun it is to watch her run in a tank top, her plot lines have always been too “Perils of Pauline” and based on stupid decisions.

Anybody know what happens to this person?

I’m nervous.

My best friend broke up with her boyfriend Sunday so I’m going to meet her for dinner tonight. I realized this morning that that means missing 24! I haven’t taped 24 since season one, the first couple of shows when I was watching Smallville first, then 24 afterwards. But at least then I was there in my apartment. I could push record myself, and know that the channel is right.

What if I screw up? What if I forget to hit the power button to set the timer? What if I set it for the wrong time, or 7:58 pm to 8:02 pm? I’m a computer tech, people! I know how to work electronics! But I don’t wanna miss 24!

My friend better realize the heck I’m going through for her!

24 . . . rebound sex . . . 24 . . . rebound sex . . . .hmmmm . . . tough call . . . .

That was an April Fool’s joke.

Well, Kim actually did something intelligent today – she escaped from the Qwik-E-Mart and let the police take out Nervous Gun Guy.

Too bad that next week’s previews…

…have her confessing to the local police that she escaped police custody earlier in the day, and that she’s wanted for murder. She just can’t decide whether to be smart or stupid, can she?

As for the Carrie/Michelle thing – I guess tonight’s hinted that their conflict was over some guy? The guy that called Michelle (Danny?) – so is he Michelle’s ex-boyfriend? ex-husband? brother? I wouldn’t think current husband, the way she was hitting on Tony earlier in the day…

Favorite lines:

“It’s for you.”

… followed by …

“The man you sent to pick up Kate Warner is unconscious.”

Favorite moment:

When both Jack and Seventh Soldier quickly draw their guns and point them at the door as Kate and the foreign intelligence guy come in, almost perfectly synchronized.

All I know is that he’s the guy from “Hidden Hills” :slight_smile:

Is that show still on? Ever since 24 came back, I had to ditch it. What I saw was actually pretty amusing!

Well, assuming the Michelle/Carrie thing is some kind of jilted lover thing, I’m afraid I’m a little disappointed. Those looks they were giving each other, seeing what the other was up to every few seconds… you could tell that they were ready to start throwing fists at each other any second. Jealously seems so predictable.

It’s amazing how a look that would be described as deer-in-the-headlights for anyone on the planet becomes this cold, heartless, icy stare when it’s on the face of Jack Bauer. (“You’re giving me up, aren’t you?”)

Max- I know of that stress. I hate depending on my beat-up old VCR to tape things from the timer. Even when I’m here to record live, it has a tendency to, well, crash. It’s not even from Redmond, dammit! Just remember. fX 24 is better than no 24.

Glad Kim got herself out. Of course, she may just as well have been caught by whiny killer guy, and we’d all be screaming about how you never run away from people with guns. I wish she would have taken the damn gun back in the “It’s your fault” bit.

Hmm… the cops are gonna wonder why she had a gun, and they’re gonna find out she’s wanted for murder, and whatever may have happened with Scruffy and the transport cop.

Hey, pretty neat that (at least for now) foreign intelligence guy is on the up-and-up. I always did get the feeling that it would have been too obvious for him to be a bad guy. Although I hope he doesn’t just become a sidekick to Jack.

How long until the cops figure out that Kim is still, you know, wanted for murder and stuff? Are we ever going to find out what happened to Rick 2.0? Is she going to do something dumb like explain who she is and that she needs to get to CTU, or is she going to try and get there herself with disastrous results? How is she ever going to find out that Jack is still alive?

I was kinda confused by the actual role of this military unit. Ok, so they were originally supposed to allow the bomb into the US, but catch it and thus provide a success to trumpet. And this was set up by people conspiring against Palmer, right? But now, a group of oil barons find out about that and form their own conspiracy, get to one of the commando team members, and try to get the bomb to go off so there will be war in the Middle East? So there’s actually TWO giant evil conspiracies at work here?

As for the shootout at the end. I’m guessing that it was whoever already tried to kill the soldier? He said someone already tried to kill him, didn’t he?

Finally, who wants to take bets on how they resolve the Jack/Kate angle? Some possibilities:

  1. Jack and Kate save the day, and ride off into the sunset to try and be normal again. Barf.

  2. Jack saves the day, but Kate dies. Too obvious, you think? Why end the show the same way?

  3. Jack saves the day, wants to hook up with Kate, but she turns him down because he gave her up. Unlikely, I think, since by then she would understand that Jack was only doing what he had to.

  4. Jack saves the day, and Kate wants to get with him, but Jack says no because he’s afraid of what happens to everyone he’s close to (the Spider-Man ending). Right now this is what I’d put my money on.

How about Tony? Is he really just being a power-trip jackass? Or is he playing someone? I have to think that if Mason had been told the same thing about Michelle, he’d have her locked up already. Maybe Tony doesn’t exactly like/trust Carrie either.

One last question–how did Tony hurt his ankle? I thought Jack just clocked him in the grill. Did he fall on it weird or something?

Ah, yes, Tony.

I couldn’t quite make out what happened to Tony’s ankle, but during the fight scene, the camera did focus on the ankle for a split second, and it did seem to turn a weird way. What exactly caused it I can’t make out.

Tony’s pissing me off. He’s not one to get irrational when the stakes are high. Especially with Jack. Yeah, he’s a rebel (to put it mildly), but he also knows that Jack’s not nuts. The suits aren’t gonna like Jack, but the people he works with have to know that they can’t hold a candle to him.

Everyone seems about ready to splinter up. Jack v Tony, Tony v Michelle, Michell v Carrie, Jack v Kate. Then Palmer v Mike and Ro, VP v Palmer.

Okay - obviously I was duped by the folks at Ain’t it Cool News - that’s what I get for not hanging around my 5-year-old in the morning before work (all I heard when I got home was: “Hey Dad - there’s a hole in your pants - APRIL FOOL’s!!” and that’s when I remember what day it was).

Anyway - only an okay show.

  • No one has commented on the “need to take Kate to get transit” plot - it just seemed thin to me. Up there with “Nina gets permission to kill Jack, but waits until the bomb location is confirmed” plot - if real, she woulda plugged him immediately. (Notice I am not holding the Kim plotline up to this scrutiny - that would be pointless).

  • Would Tony, knowing there’s tension between the two women, actually ask Carrie to be the one to monitor Michelle? Seems to cute…

  • Liked the use of the Middle-Eastern Op - nice twist.

All for now - sorry for the distracting and untrue spoiler before…


Jack kept stressing to Kate (as he was turning her over to Coral Snake Guy) to remember EVERYTHING he had said to her in the car. OK, so that was a message, right? And was the meaning of the message that he would protect her??? Or was there something I missed?

Finally Kim did something smart (getting herself out of the store) but then I realized Kim only looked smart in comparison to Scared Gun Totin’ Guy… how dumb is he?

I’m really liking Foreign Intelligence Guy… he kicks butt. And he’s cute.

I actually cheered at the ending… there’s yet another sniper out there! Cool!! Maybe on some other show that would be an “oh no not again, how cheezy” plot twist, but somehow on 24 it works.

I think he was referring to the “I’ll do anything to protect you.” part. Unless I missed something too.

As for the deer-in-headlights look–I think Kate has mastered that expression!

It has gotten so bad that my daughter and I yell at the television screen whenever Kate appears (“change your expression already!”). Sheesh. You’d think a professional actress would be able to convey some emotion other than furrowed brow confusion.