24 hours, 24 beers

Would reverse drinking be considered cheating? Sometimes it is a necessary tactic. It would rid your body of the alcohol before it can be processed. I’ve seen it employed before, with great success. A friend of mine would try to, in his words, “run for a first down” when we would go to a bar that served yards. After about 5 or 6, he would go to the mens room, vomit, and come back for more.

At college I believe we called that the “boot and rally.” And I think it’s cheating. In competitive drinking, it has to stay down to count.

That wouldn’t be hard at all. If you are a normal sized man, your body will naturally metabolize about 1 beer, glass of wine, or shot of hard liquor per hour. That would mean that your average blood alcohol level during this little exercise would only be the equivalent of 1 beer. That’s not really worth it IMHO. The hard part would be just stayong awake for that long and that’s not really difficult either.

I have drunk a case of beer by myself literally hundreds of times and it didn’t take me anywhere near a full day to do it. I usually spent about 3 hours on the matter at hand and while I was drunk, I was not wasted or comatose. My single day record is well over 50. In case you don’t believe me, I still have my arm band from the rehab hospital to prove it. I don’t do that stuff anymore.

Thank you, Happy. "D

For the record, all of my friends live in PA, and the two times “rockin’ at the bar” I mentioned, were two months apart.

I don’t have the time, money, or companionship to do this often. I like to get good and liquered-up Fridays, but it isn’t all that much because I have nobody to drink with and can’t safely leave the house.

I like to binge, but I binge in moderation.

There’s a lot of “century club” talk here, but my college always had “power hour”…60 in 60, but even that long and I got bored with it.

Also, the only way I’ve done the 24 in 24* was over Dead Week or Spring Break a couple years ago. Our method was to drink heavily in the afternoon poolside or over cards, nap and eat, then regroup and go drinking and dancing at night. Believe it or not, several of us exceeded the 24 beers in a day and weren’t even wildly hung over due to the level of food and exercise involved.
(A normal day or combination of days that included 24 beers would leave me nauseous, headache-y, and extremely sorry!)
*Quick bio note: 22, female, 140lbs maybe??? (not shy, don’t know)

Yeah, I’ve found that being on Spring Break gives people super powers. One time at Spring Break in college, I drank quantities of alcohol in an afternoon that normally I couldn’t handle on a weekend. Drinking a bottle of Boone’s Farm with my Waffle-House pancake breakfast was the norm. The first full day there, I bonged 14 beers before 10:30 a.m.

So I guess I knew that it was possible to drink a case of beer in a day, but my question was more of: what would be the effects of such a steady stream of beer into the system over a 24-hour period? One drink an hour for 2-3 hours is one thing. Wouldn’t a beer an hour for 24 hours straight start to creep up on you. Think about hour 14, 17, 22. Wouldn’t you be feeling anything?

Now, let me choose Option B and pose this: would Option B do anything significant to one’s soberness? I menan, every 10 minutes, you take a swig of beer. Yoiu do that over the course of a 24 hour period, wouldn’t you feel something?

Eh, maybe I should change it to the 48-in-24 challenge.


No, no, no - No need to up the beers friend- The super powers of Spring Break are so noted, but even with them 24 in 24, at any rate, even should you not suffer other ill effects, you’ll get wasted.

Spring Break or no, we expiremented b/c the obvious correlations between beer and hours cannot go unnoticed for long. Even men much larger than I were feeling something by hour 14 or so…eventually quite a lot of something. Whether it makes biological sense or not, I’m convinced by observation alone.

I already told you. Exactly one beer an hour will never “catch up with you”. Your body will metabolize it at almost the same rate. Any junior high kid could do it. If you start to go over that it will build in your system. Try it exactly like you described. You won’t even get drunk.

Shagnasty, partial Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology

I remember our tradition was 21 shots on your 21st birthday. Starting after I got back from crew practice in the morning around 10:00am, I had 14 shots of vodka down by noon. Then I went out and got an A on my Spanish presentation which was graded mostly on how clearly you spoke without an English accent. :slight_smile: