24 hours, 24 beers

Back in my care-free college days, when the most pressing concern was how fast my friends and I were going to be able to consume our beer, we tried thinking of all the novel ways of consuming alcohol and the many ways of copping a good buzz.

Shotgunning beers, bonging beers, vodka-soaked watermelon, jello shots, drinking games, century club (one shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes), etc.

At one point, I suggested drinking 1 beer every hour for 24 hours straight. And that’s how our “great debate” started: would one beer an hour for 24 hours get you messed up?

On one hand, drinking a case of beer in one day seems like it would most definitely give you a hefty buzz (and may even be impossible to pull of by a lay drinker). On the other hand, they say that the rule of thumb behind drinking and being okay is: one drink per hour, yadda yadda yadda.

Now my first question: Is drinking one beer an hour for 24 hours possible? Would you be able to operate farm equipment afterward? Or would you be comatose?

My second question involves the method of consumption. Here are four senarios:
a. Slam one beer at the top of every hour.
b. Divide the beer into sixths (~2 oz.) and consume one sixth every ten minutes (obviously, for 24 hours)
c. Consume beer randomly within the hour (sometimes slamming a beer at the 20-minute mark, sometimes sipping a beer over the course of 15 minutes, sometimes slamming a beer at the bottom of one hour then at the top of the next, etc.).
d. Consume each beer normally, neither spreading it out, nor “slamming” it, in an unnatural fashion.

Which one would be the most “effective?” Obviously, eating would continue throughout the day in a normal fashion.

Finally, I am not condoning any behavior that could cause harm to any one-- hell, I honestly don’t know if this “24-in-24 challenge” would cause a person to even crack a buzz. I am just plain curious.



  1. Eat well before hand and have a tall glass of water (at least) for each beer and you shouldn’t be toooo bad (sleep deprivation aside).
  2. I’d go with option “d”

This reminds me of a legendary drinking game called “The 100 Beer Weekend” wherein you have 72 hours to consume 100 beers. Never tried it, never want to.

Back in the eighties, Madison, Wisconsin had a wicked halloween party every year (They still do, it’s just lame now). My roomate and I completed 48 beers each in a 40 hour period. That doesn’t even include the frat party we hit for a while and got free beer at. I was extremely blotto. He was extremely blotto. We both had a major blackout at some point in the evening, but were able to patch together what happened on the ride home to Saint Paul. I strongly suspect we both had alcohol poisoning, and were lucky to be alive. But hey. Isn’t that what college is all about?

This friend of mine has had 24 beers in 24 hours several times, just not at the one-an-hour pace. I, er, he was pretty messed up each time, but still, obviously cogent enough to keep track.

I’m not sure if the effect would be quite the same if it was paced better, but I’d guess that if you’re an average sized male you’d be drunk but not overly so.

There’s a bar in Sydney that used to offer a plaque on their wall if you bought a bottle of every on of their 72 imported beers - they gave you a card and you got it marked off. Most people took a couple of years to do it.

A friend (larger than I was, and I weighed over 300 lbs at the time) and I decided to book a hotel room across the road and do it in a three-day long weekend. You know - just to prove we could.

And did. We worked out the opening hours and broke it down to where we needed to be at the end of each hour. We drank normally, but whenever we checked to make sure we were on track, we were ahead of pace. We took water as we needed it, but didn’t go overboard, and took two Berocca before heading to bed each night.

In the end, success. And I didn’t even get a hangover, although my mate had a filthy one each morning.

For anyone who is curious, no, I will not be adding this thread to the running list of 24-related threads.


Reminds me of The Gauntlet. 10 beers and 10 different shots in 4 hours. I tried it with a friend once, and we finished our beers and 8 shots in 2 hours. We couldn’t lift the last 2 shots. Next time, we pace ourselves.

The old standby is century club. A shot of beer every minute for a hundred minutes.

We used to have keg races, where teams are split up and then there’s a bathroom monitor and your team gets penalized a minute every time someone pees.

Ah, abusive beverage consumption. Is it odd that this thread is spiking my nostalgia gland?

I see that century club was mentioned, in the OP no less.

What lingering aftereffects?

If you’re buying, I could do it relatively easy.

Option “D”

What WillSantini said. You buy, and I’ll participate! :smiley: I’m just worried that I wouldn’t/couldn’t do just one per hour! I drink like a locomotive: Once up to speed, hard to slow down and prone to de-rail once in a while.

We have a “100 beer weekend” round here, too, but we call it a “regular weekend”.

Okay, then…

Would it be possible to do a shot an hour for 24 hours? With Pucker? Vodka? Tequila? 151? Would type of liquor make a difference?

Is a shot really equal to a beer in this sense?

An old mate of mine at Leeds Uni, a mature student (and, as you’ll see, I use that term strictly in the literal sense) decided to celebrate his birthday by drinking 38 pints, one for every year of his life, of beer in 24 hours. He spent the day after his 38th having his stomach pumped in the local infirmary, after passing out in dramatic fashion, falling through a window of the local pub.

A shot, being about 1.25 oz (to average the normal 1 or 1.5 oz usually used) of 80 proof (40% alc by vol) liquore has roughly the same amount of alcohol in a 12 oz beer (of about 4.2% or 8.4 proof). That being said it contains much less water so it will have more of an effect if you drink nothing else.

I would really think 1 beer an hour wouldn’t have much of an effect if you continued to eat/drink normally. For me, I would be pissing it out as fast I was drinking it in.

Ask <b>DynoSaur</b> about <i>The Mythical Ten</i> one of these days.

or even, ask the cleaner of the establishment that he tried it in. :wink:

Well, from diverse experiences on the Oktoberfest I’d say it could be done. If I’m not mistaken doing the conversion

12 oz. = 0.3 l * 24 = 7.2 l beer

Most I’ve had at the Oktoberfest were 5 Mass (=5 l), and as I’m not an experienced drinker I’d say there are people who have much more. Consider the fact that drinking there starts at 11 a.m. and stops at 10 p.m., yes, it can be done.

But that’s special circumstances maybe…

I would say it could be done easily enough, barring tedium. At a pace of only one beer an hour, I’d get bored of it and probably fall asleep. My usual drinking pace is about 3/hour, though I have no idea how that changes after several hours on the job.

Also, even eating and drinking water regularly I might get a headache but not a buzz.

It also also depends where I am. If I’m sitting around watching shitty movies with my pals, I’ll do about 12-18 in a night. If I’m rocking out at a bar, 20-30, though depending on the prices I sometimes count it in pitchers. From the last two times I was at one of our favorite joints with our friends and the band (also friends) I’ve averaged about 3 1/2- 4 pitchers and then gone on for bottles at their place afterwards.

Ahhhh, beer. :smiley:

Good lord, man!

I’ve done a pub golf thing which involved drinking 18 pints of Guinness in 18 different pubs. Spread out from 11 am till 12pm, it’s do-able with sufficient food intake. Like someone mentioned above, after a while you’re basically pissing the beer out as fast as you’re drinking it. Nowadays though we’d have to just play a nine-hole course.