"24" Season 2 Finale (SPOILERS)

24, Season 2
Episode 24 - Season Finale
7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Spoilers ahead!

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This thread is presented as a service of the 24 Club. And now we lay us down to sleep.

A fine time to get lazy with the thread titles!

Only 11 more hours til the finale!

Cliffhanger? I hope not.

They need a half-hour “Epilogue” show, where they can tie up the secondary plotlines. Or at least have a thing at the end that tells what became of certain characters. But that would tie the writers hands for the third season, I guess.

Excellent episode. I am impressed: I didn’t think they could pull it off without sucking totally, but it was a good finale. Major kick-ass action.
One thing that bugs me:

How the hell is Jack going to be able to try to find either an antidote to save the President or else find the President’s killer when he needs about a month of hospitalization/rehab before he can work again?

RikWriter, I hate you. Do you realize how hard it is to not look at your spoiler?

On the other hand, it gives me hope that the finale won’t suck.

Has anyone here ever seen www.24fanclub.com ? I just stumbled across it this week. Not sure how official the site or any of the merchandise is, but I’m tempted to get me a CTU shirt anyway.

My daughter’s Spring Chorale Concert is tonight at 7:30.
It’s supposed to last “about” an hour, but they never start on time, and always last longer than an hour.
I know I’ll get home about 9:15 or so, and just have to wait till 10:00 and watch my tape from the beginning.

:head exploding smilie:

I’d Pit the people responsible for planning the high school spring chorale stuff, but we’re not allowed to wish death on anyone anymore…

BiblioCat, my daughter’s spring choral concert was last night, and at the time I thought “it’s a good thing this wasn’t scheduled for Tuesday night.” You have my sympathy.

I would post my thoughts on the upcoming finale but Rikwriter’s spoiler box is tempting me too much to stay here for long.

Gaah! Oh how I want to highlight that little black box!!

runs screaming from thread

Bah. I have to go to a town meeting tonight which also starts at 7:30. I’ll be missing the finale of Buffy and 24.

Pray that my VCR doesn’t screw up.

You know, between Buffy, 24, and American Idol, I wonder how many people are ready to kill the chorus director at my daughter’s school? :wink:

BiblioCat I have been doing this all season. My daughter’s dance class is on Tuesday nights. I have to pick her up at 9:00. I always tape and watch after ten. And I stay away from this thread until I have seen it if I don’t watch until the next day.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this thread, it’s that if you have children you should make sure they are never allowed to do things that might happen between 8 and 9pm CST. Children are always doing things anyways, frankly they do too many things. We’re raising a generation of kids who are a Jack of all trades and a master of none. And they’re interfering with our TV viewing schedules :wink:

Well I have karate tonight, so I’m used to getting home at 9:30 and having to wait 30 minutes to watch 24 on tape.

It was worse when The Shield was on, as I’d have to watch that first, then go back and watch 24 until 11:48 or so. I was usually late to work the next day :slight_smile:

Bullshit!! If you came back at 9:30, and taking into account that each episode of The Shield and 24 lasts an average of 42:41 seconds without commercials, adding to that the time needed to fast forward through said commercials and allowing for 2 pauses with a mean time of 2:35 and 5:13 respectively, It is blatantly obvious that you went to sleep at 11:46 and NOT 11:48 as you claim.

…so I ask you again, who are you working for?

In any case, I’m disappointed with 24. Not only was the second season vastly inferior to the first but they left plenty of loose ties with the excuse of the upcoming season. Not cool! Not cool at all. They went and ruined a perfectly good show.

So you say. I thought it was a good season and a good ending.

Great scene at the coliseum! I cheered when the cavalry arrived in the nick of time.

And it was a little tense when they said bombers 3 minutes to target. I half expected Prescott to tell them to continue the attack just so that he would stay president.

Oooh, good line, Tony! “Either fire me, or get out of my chair!”
Greaseball Chapelle sure got real chummy real fast… I liked seeing him humbled, when Novik laid into him…

Also great scene between Palmer and Novik – after letting the cabinet keep their jobs, letting Mike go.

Alright, so how is assassinating the prez going to accomplish the war-starting goal? Is Palmer going to actually die? Or will he survive that ending? What the hell was ON that thing in her hand?

Jobu might not help you hit a curveball Cerrano, but I bet he helps ward off poison.

I think we all saw something like that coming when we saw the President speaking on those steps, you just knew something like that was going to happen.

Any way he survives? I don’t know if he was signed for next season, but that wouldn’t prove anything anyways since they sign people past their usefulness. Heck, I heard the chick who plays Kate is signed for like 3 more years.