24: Season 4: Episode 14 (8:00pm - 9:00pm)

He’s redeemed himself by saving his wife’s lover.

I doubt it.

This is the first season of 24 I’ve watched as it aired. I must say, it’s a lot more exciting on DVD, when commercials don’t interrupt the enjoyment, and the suspense is maintained when you can watch several episodes at a time.

Chloe is back, but I’m much happier about getting Michelle back.

Now, we need an action-packed episode as Jack fights his way out of the terrorists’ hands.

I was thinking that she will ending up standing by her soon-to-be paraplegic husband

No, in season one, he was eating right before he was debriefed after saving his wife and daughter from their kidnappers.

Damn. I was shocked that my why don’t they think to bring Chloe back scenario (in last week’s thread) was in this episode almost immediately. If I didn’t know they filmed these things in advance I’d think they copied it from my post.

Eeeyay, Chloe’s back.

Best Jack moment by far…stabbing himself for realism. He is the manliest of manly men.

I meant best moment in this particular hour, of course.

Caught With Pants Down Pilot: Okay, now let me talk to my family!
Evil Replacement Pilot: Ha ha! Your family is toast. And so are you.

Evil Replacement Pilot (muttering to himself): I can’t believe they always fall for that “Do what I say and I won’t kill your family” shit! What a schmuck…

Yep – and she was back to annoying-eye-rolling-Chloe, rather than well-timed-smart-ass-remark Chloe.

She obviously took her Bitch Pills at home, because she sure took that cheap shot or two at Edgar when she got there. Poor guy. He’s been a super hero for the last few hours, and now he’s back to being Chloe’s bitch.

It seems like CTU got totally owned by Steve Jobs and his team o’ terrorists in this hour. The caper in the tunnel was a great move on their part, even though their getaway wasn’t perfect. I wonder what the next planned catastrophe is-- after the rendezvous with Air Force One. I don’t think that plot line will carry ten more episodes.

I agree with a previous poster on the quality of the dialogue-- for example, the exchange between Chloe and Edgar when she first returned seemed really stilted, as did the exchange between Jack and Audrey just as Mr. Bean went into surgery. (Audrey: “Tell me he’ll be OK.” Jack: “I just don’t know…”) The setup over the last couple of hours for Audrey’s switch from Jack back to her husband has been about as subtle as a GWAR concert. Maybe they’re toying with us and making it way TOO obvious??

Poor Air Force guy… tried to save his family and they all got killed anyway. He should have known that would happen and deliberately crashed the car or something. But if he survived, he’d have to live with himself, thinking he hadn’t done everything he could to save his family.

If you learn one thing from 24, it should be this:

Whenever there’s a test, the gun is always empty.

Yeah, I’m sorry, that was much too predictable. It was pretty obvious just from her conversation with Behrooz that she wasn’t coming back. Even more so with the crazy, unrealistic deal they offered her for cooperating again.

His best move would have been to signal to the guys doing the search of his car – and get them to just shoot the back seat or something. After all, under the back seat, it’s not like Evil Replacement could see him. Take him out right away, then get a team on the way to his house. His family was probably already dead by that time, unfortunately for him…

Kind of a dry set up episode:

Damn they killed Terror mom. No more big brown eyes :frowning: Still, the gun is empty should occur to anybody under those circustances.

Chloe Alert: Chloe is in: That Sketch Show where she’s no where near as bithcy, almost, plain jane girl next door.

Missed Lines:

Audrey: I didn’'t realize I cared about Mr. Bean so much.
Sec. Def. Well he’s still a prick.

I was thinking Audrey would smack Jack a few times and do the whole mis-placed anger thing, but alas.

Resolved: Airforce pukes are pussies. No way does her Whoreliness kick the ass of a Army or Marine grunt that way.

Do Air Force guys just roll out of bed (even at a hotel with a paramour) and then head to the base and go fly some multimillion dollar jet loaded with extraordinarily dangerous weapons in a matter of a few minutes?

What was that guy’s schedule
8:00 Go to hotel, get some
8:30 Go to work
8:45 Go fly explensive plane and hope that I don’t start World War III because my mind is drifting back to what I did at 8:00

I was thinking this when the Air Force guy was at the base entrance.

Guard: Please open the trunk, sir.
Air Force Guy: Since when do search trunks?
Me: Uh, let’s see. Since the Sec of Def was kidnapped and all the nuclear power plants were put into meltdown.

Okay, Air Force guy fights girl, gets his ass handed to him. Guy comes to replace girl. Girl leaves. Was I the only one thinking “Hmmm…maybe you could take him instead?” Worth a try.

Where does Chloe live? In the basement of CTU? She got there, dressed and ready for work, got through security (ha!), reported to Michelle, and began her snark attack on Edgar all in the space of five minutes.

Air Force guy gets a call from his wife on the other woman’s phone. THAT conversation didn’t go as he expected.

They’re giving big clues and making obvious moves- did anyone think that Air Force guy was going to see his family again?

A lot of the things they’re doing make no sense. It seems that they are shoehorning the scenes in to fit the plot.

So is replacement pilot just going to fly the plane in what he’s wearing? No need for a flight suit or anything, he’ll just wear his formal outfit.

I guess Chloe lives around the block from CTU. She changed clothes and got there pretty fast.

I don’t get why Dina tried to shoot Marwan. It doesn’t make sense. She knew if she did that, she was dead, guaranteed. She was all for the cause, as well, and killing Marwan is the opposite of that, and wouldn’t help her son anyway, because she’d have to assume that Jack would be dead and couldn’t tell what happened. Were I her, I would have shot Jack and taken the chance on Marwan letting me live after I explained what happened (especially since Navi decided to kill Behrooz, it wasn’t Marwan’s order). It seems like they rewrite the characters at a whim. They built up Dina’s character to be dedicated to two things: her son first, the cause second. That was totally out of character, as it was in line with neither.

Jack once again proves his bad-assedness, by stabbing himself and just wincing a little.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”
“Not really, one time I got tortured to death. THAT hurt.”

Dialogue has never been a 24 strong point! I challenge anyone to go back over the previous three seasons and the firs part of season #4 and find me an eloquent speech!

And has anyone been keeping a body count for this season?