24: Season 4: Episode 14 (8:00pm - 9:00pm)

Okay folks, here’s a thread for tonight’s episode.
Now play nice, boys, and no flame-wars this week, or Monstre will send you to bed without any 24. :wink:

24, Season 4, Episode 14
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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I still don’t have any internet access from home, but I had to come by and say God I miss you guys! These threads are great, because you can snark and no one will shush you!

Based on the cast list at IMDB, it looks like Chloe will be back in this episode.

Why Pig Boy Why!!! Must…Not…Click…

I hope nothing “controversial” happens this week so we can avoid a five page thread about Michelle’s bitchiness.

Anyone interested in a prediction on an Air Force One Attack?

I’ll say it happens at 8:43

Yeah, I read the spoiler.

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have.

Yeah, I should be leaving work now.

Well, I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to the event described in PigBoy’s spoiler!

Ha ha, I feel so evil, tormenting people with a spoiler! If only it were something more shocking…

It won’t happen mister. I will resist the urge with the strength of Nina Meyers!

You could make stuff up.

"Bauer shoots the President with a bazooka, screaming, ‘You bitch! I was in love with Paul!’

Are the creators of this show Star Wars fans? This trend of cutting off limbs is a bit disturbing.

Good to see Chloe back.


There. It’s done.

Real one.

The bad guys sure do blow themselves up a lot.

Marwan set us up! Uh, the bomb!

Well, the B’ver is an orphan now.

So, the dead thumb trick really does work.

Is it true that Jack Bauer has never eaten anything in any episode?

I’d like to share a little satire:

Can’t eat, terrorists poisoned food.

(Joke for those of us living in the Central time zone)

Tony: What the hell is this? When does this happen in the season?
Jack: Now. You’re looking at now. Everything that happens now, is happening now.
Tony: What happened to then?
Jack: We passed it.
Tony: When?
Jack: Just now. We’re at now now.
Tony: Go back to then.
Jack: When?
Tony: Now.
Jack: Now?
Tony: Now.
Jack: I can’t.
Tony: Why?
Jack: We missed it.
Tony: When?
Jack: Just now.
Tony: When will then be now?
Jack: Soon.
Edgar: Sir, we’ve identified Marwan’s associate!
Tony: Where?
Edgar: We need to find him sir.
Jack: Good. Set an undercover operation and prepare Terror Mom for questioning.
Tony: When?
Edgar: Within 5 minutes sir.
Jack: By the end of the hour I will be Marwan’s prisoner.

With apologies to Mel Brooks


24, Season Five: Jack and Kumar Go to Whitecastle

How many people would be willing to stab themselves in the gut, to make it look convincing? Not me.

Chubby Rain only got to be in one episode.

Poor Edgar, let the poor guy go home. I know this happens every season where everyone pulls a 24 hour shift with no bathroom or lunch breaks, but damn.

All you Chloe fans got your wish. Now I’m gonna have to look at her sour, puckered up face for Lord knows how many episodes.

Once again, the terrorists run rings around the CTU people.

Prisoner exchange. Behrooz for Jack??? Marwan must really want to kill the Araz family because I don’t see how it’s worth it.

Here’s what I think they’re going to try with the pilot, Opie CunninghamTry to sneak him in as part of the fighter escort shift change.

This might possibly go down as one of the least interesting episodes of 24 ever, IMO.

Chloe is back, ready to put Edgar in his place.

Is it just me, or has the dialogue for this show really taken a dive?

Curtis is being wasted.

How the hell did they hide that guy behind the seat? Wouldn’t he stick out into the trunk? I had a car once (cavalier) that had this option. You could pull the back seat down completely for extra storage space. There is no way you could hide a freakin’ grown man in there without him sticking out! Not to mention the fact the guy was sweating bullets the entire time.

Looks like Chloe got a tan while she was out.

Do you think Paul is going to make it?

It’s a Chrysler. Maybe he got a specially made 300 with Stow-and-Go storage.