24: Season 4: Episode 15 (9:00pm - 10:00pm)

This week’s 24 thread brought to you by the letters J and Q, and the number 3.

24, Season 4, Episode 15
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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You misspelled “Jack.”

So after they dragged Jack away from where he was chained (after he tripped the first henchman and started kicking at the second) – what were they focusing on? What did he do to that thing next to him? Couldn’t tell.

I think his trip-punch-kick thing was a diversion, then. Did he have a tracking device that he planted or something? Anybody catch it?

I think Edgar needs a serious bitch-slapping.

“I’m sorry, was I being overly blunt? I can do that sometimes…”

Hee hee – Chloe is being Chloe tonight.

Apparently he shorted out the phone lines. This should allowed CTU to find the warehouse where Jack was being held.

Ugh! Worst. Episode. Ever!

Incompetent idiots! They fell for Marwan’s plans hook, line, and sinker. For once an episode couldn’t end too soon. Painful, painful.

So, anybody wanna guess the devastating twist for next week?

Ahem…have to admit to a mea culpa here, although strictly speaking the mistake wasn’t mine. I said the red headed dude would steal a Stealth bomber, but he took a Stealth FIGHTER. Now, technically, the F117A is known as a bomber as well, because it has little in the way of air-to-air armament, but most people would consider the B2 the Stealth bomber.
That is all. :smiley:

More than a guess, a spoiler-informed opinion is that Air Force One gets shot down.

Wow, I’m finally on the Chloe bandwagon (“I was being overly blunt…”). Too grand.

RikWriter pretty much already gave me the answer I was looking for in opening the thread (I thought the fighter plane was some sort of “stealth,” but didn’t know for certain).

Anyway, the whole episode was a little “bleh” for me, since I just never bought that Jack was in any danger. Folks who’ve watched the show in previous seasons: Have there ever been any episodes sans Jack?

That was my guess, but, somehow, I think it’s going to be worse. How, I don’t know.

This is just a guess, not a spoiler, but I think whoever the VP is, he gets usurped by the next in line, who might just be a plant by someone, perhaps McClennan Forrester.

SHIT…could some mod edit that post and put it in spoiler tags anyway? It reveals something that IS a spoiler. Dammit, sorry about that.

Did you post this before or after Jack told Tony, “I shorted out the phone lines”? (At which point I knew the answer, too). Or did you know because that’s what Jack told Tony?

I just want to know whether to be impressed with your powers of observation. :wink:

  • chains RikWriter to the radiator *
  • contacts a SDMB Administrator *
  • offers to exchange RikWriter for… a Snickers bar *

No need to be impressed. :smiley:

Actually, I figured he was trying to escape or put out the lights.

Did anybody else think that Marwan had a really annoying cell phone ring?

Heh heh… I first thought maybe he was trying to escape, but then when realized he was just distracting them while doing something. They made it obvious he was “up to something” by zooming in on that little box, but I couldn’t tell whether we were supposed to know what he did in that scene.

Obviously they told us later explicitly.

I turned to my husband and said, “Oh Marwan has teenagers. One picked out that annoying ringtone for him.”