24 - Season 3, Episode 22, 10:00AM - 11:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 22
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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Holy Cow! I can’t believe that Saunders killed everyone on Jack’s team, But man watching Kim running after him was nice

WOW They Got Saunders but the vials are still out there. Who wants to bet they are dispersed unless his henchmen hear from him

Holy crap. F-15’s… Cool.

“The power! The Power! Hahaha! Fighter jets at my disposal! Hahaha!”

Dang board ate my post. Well I agree, how cool would it be to have jets at your beck and call? “um, I’ve got some traffic ahead of me, I need an airstrike pronto”.

Overall a great episode, one of the better ones this season I thought. Though I don’t like the Presidential storyline at all, and hope they somehow fix it, but it just keeps getting worse and worse for Palmer (well I blame David). I can’t believe Jack sent Michelle back in, why didn’t they just surround the building she was in? Or use her cell phone to track her movement before the exchange?

So any predictions how they will make the next 2 episodes exciting with Saunders in captivity? The “I’ll release a virus” threat is nowhere near as fun when he’s at CTU, I’d much rather see Jack chasing him until the end of hour 24, but I guess we’ll see how it all pans out shortly.

Actually they were FA18s. But it WAS damned cool.
“Not getting away in THAT helicopter, motherf**ker! Welcome to the 21st Century, Saunders!”

Gotta admit, seeing those FA18s blast that chopper had me cheering out loud. Watching Saunders rolling around on the ground in an explosion-induced daze was nice, too.

Funny thing is, as I was watching the first half of the episode, I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “I can’t wait to see people’s reaction to Chloe’s latest exhibition of complete social ineptitude …”

During the whole FA18 sequence I kept thinking “man, this show must have one hella-huge budget.” What’s the cost of doing a sequence like that?

The F-18 strike on the chopper was sweet! Kick-ass ending!

As I’ve been saying for 3 weeks now: Tony, shut your trap and trust Jack – he’s much better at this than you are!

I’ve been thinking for a while now that getting Saunders is just not enough, that if he’s captured or killed, his couriers probably have orders to release the virus if they don’t hear from him by some specified time. Looks like that’s the case.

David doesn’t deserve to be re-elected. He’s had so many chances to quit with the cover-ups and just bring the truth forward. He keeps opting for more cover-up, and he’s digging his own grave.

When’s Chloe going to die? PLEEEEEZE? I won’t be happy this season until Chloe buys it. “Er… I can’t hear you very well, and I’m an annoying bitch, and my work is more important than anything, so I’m going to hang up on you now. What, the henchmen are going to kill you? Sorry, I’m busy.”

It was probably stock footage. Although blowing up the chopper had to cost something pretty big.

I loved the F-18s, too. “Aw, look, he got a widdle hewicopter. Bring in my badass F motherfucking 18 fighter jet and blow that motherfucking chopper to scrap metal. Oh, and if you could get that done for me, say, seven seconds from now, that’s be swell.”

“Hey, Tony, congratulations on getting your wife back safe. Now, get in the back of the fucking truck and don’t make a fucking sound!!!”

Man, that ending got me a bit excited.

The military is open to “renting” their equipment if they approve of the script. Obviously they approved of the Air Force taking out a terrorist with extreme prejudice (or very nearly, anyhow). Pretty sweet sequence. But prior to that, I had to roll my eyes on how only Jack noticed Saunders running away.

And that strike team? Worst attempt to be “invisible” ever. “Let’s hide behind these tires. Surely no one will notice us.” I guess Saunders lost his magic “see where the good guys are” handheld device.

Glad to see they’re not letting the Tony committing treason thing drop.

Yup. They’ve got Saunders and two hours left in the season. Once again, it’s time for the Jack Bauer Power Hour[sup]TM[/sup] (props to dalovindj).

Heh heh… that’s the pother thing I wanted to say. “Don’t worry, we’ll be invisible. Unless they squint.”

Personally, I’m hoping for the Kim Bauer Shower Hour, but I have The Girl Next Door, and I guess I’ll have to be happy with that.

Hey, if Jack can just crack Saunders and stop the plot by noon, that leaves a whole hour for Kim to do whatever you want. I’m sure after such a long day, she’s all *hot *and dirty

Oh dear.

A perfect soap opera moment: Before Chase goes out into the field which he might not come back from, Kim agrees to have Chase’s child. How very touching! Now her man is fortified to come back alive!

Jack is in the SUV with Jane and telling her that he wanted to stop Saunders from killing millions of people and Jane just sits there with this blank look on her face. No “me too” or any other sentient response. Strange person! Jack should have invoked that it was her patriotic duty to do so also. He should have asked her if she wanted to be responsible for millions of deaths. Now that would have made some sense.

I was half-expecting Jane to run when Tony and Jack left her in the car for the pay telephone call. And when Saunders told Tony that he would kill Michelle, Tony says nothing. He could have retorted “Don’t forget that I have Jane. I will personally put a bullet through her heart if you hurt Michelle”.

What the frick is wrong with Chloe? She needs serious help! I fully expected Kim to have slapped her face and say “SHUT UP, you bitch”.

Sherry is playing real hardball. She thinks she has a wrap but she just can’t get away with her blackmail. She’s messing with the President of the USA after all! But Palmer has really got himself into an ethical quagmire thanks to brother Wayne. So how far will he go? This is like a morality play, a warning to all that when you compromise your honor, it’s all downhill after that.

Considering how well Saunders planned everything so perfectly before, he sure turned dumb in letting himself get set up by Tony and Jack. What was he thinking? Why didn’t he follow the same MO as before? Send Tony within about 3 miles of where he wanted him to be and tell him he will call him 10 minutes before the meeting with the exact location? That would have at least made some sense. And for a man with a messianic complex who is willing to kill millions to get what he wants, I just can’t see his daughter being all that important in his personal scheme of things. It goes against his whole character development

Well, CTU screwed up another ambush, leaving Saunders an open escape route. This has to be the most incompetent group in the history of TV (outside of maybe F Troop). How could they not have every single escape route covered??? Why didn’t they have their own helicopters in the area? Saunders had his!

But the F18 shooting the bad guys copter was indeed pretty cool. However, considering Saunders was within 10 yards of the blast, kind of amazing that he didn’t get any shrapnel hits and wasn’t knocked into deep unconsciousness by the shock wave.

The thing that bugs me is this. If Saunders does release the virus and it burns throught the populace, does he somehow think that his daughter will be magically immune? Or what? Even if he gets himself and Jane out of the country, that no guarantee.

Call me crazy, but I like Chloe. She cracks me up. Like I said before, doesn’t every office have a Chloe?

Finally, I don’t know why everyone is drooling over Kim. I think Michelle just gets hotter as the day goes on.

Wow. Jack casually orders fighter jets just like he’s at the drive-thru at McDonald’s. “Yeah, give me 2 F-18s and a large fries.” :smiley:

My personal Chloe theory is that she has the hots for Chase. Either that or she’s bat-shit insane. Or both.

I just cracked up when Kim told Chase she’d been thinking. Bwah! Didn’t know she could multitask.

Saunders is a dumbass. Why he never evacuated his daughter in the first place is beyond me. Should have waited until school was out. Heh.

And how cool was the explosion? (although to be honest, I kept saying “Oh COME ON!”)

Chloe cracks me up. Go Chloe!

That got me too. Crack strike team, my aunt fannie! They let the primary target just run away while they’re riddling the helpless SUVs with bullets.

CTU sucks at stakeouts. They always have. It’s embarrasing. To be fair, however, I imagine that Saunder’s magic people detector was using thermal scanners in place on the buiding he was in or one of the surrounding buildings. He shouldn’t have satelite access unless a government is assisting him (not outside the realm of the possible, though). The little handheld he had looked like a map program/database rather than an active scanner. But Jack’s little tablet PC was dope. Communication was pretty cool this episode. From Jack talking to the whole team while he circles the map in a moving truck, to Chase getting Adam to forward the call to the fighter jets and being all “Bravo Tango Fandango that heli-chopper you biatches!” Fun stuff.

Gotta admit, I’m surprised Saunders played that trade so poorly. Why did he have to go himself? I guess he isn’t that worried about getting caught. He can just offer to give up one vial for his release or something. Nice seeing Jack kick him in the chest. The vials go off at noon? So Jack has one hour to put the squeeze on Saunders. That should be fun. Despite what he said, I’m sure Jack will waste at least a few minutes torturing his punk ass.

Did Tony get arrested or cuffed or anything? I didn’t see them do anything to him . . . yet. I wish Jack had done more than just shove Tony at the phone. He had a beatin’ coming for talking to Jack like that. Kieffer was awesome after that phone call. “You did great.” - but his eyes were saying “I could rip out your throat right now, you punk soul-patch mother-fucker. Wanna spend the rest of the season with a limp again?” Tony calling Jack a son of a bitch was some great delivery. I really believe that Tony has grown to hate this man. I would have called that development a long shot if you had asked me about 20 episodes ago.

Damn, that Jane is busty. Wonder why she was so scared by a bunch of gangster looking thugs with guns and a few heavily tinted Suburbans? She’s spineless, but at least she breathes heavy when she gets nervous.

Did I coin that one? I always dig some props, but I’m not sure they’re deserved here. I can’t really remember. Hmm, I guess I’ll take credit for spreading the word here - guilt free, I’ll pretend (until someone proves me wrong) that I invented the phrase - with a touch of guilt, and will humbly give credit to Troy for coming up with the far more catchy Kim Bauer Shower Hour. That’s my kind of hour. Those Vidal Orgasm Shampoo commercials would pale in comparison . . .

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