24 - Season 3, Episode 23, 11:00AM - 12:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 23
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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I don’t know about you guys, but I wanna see those F-18s blow someone else up this week… :smiley:

(Prez Palmer, maybe…?)

Or perhaps Jack’s answer to heavy traffic . . .

Murder/Suicde. How perfect…

Note the sarcasm?

Good. Now blow Wayne up with the F-18’s…

11:59:50… 12:00:00.


YEEEAAAAHHH I’ve been waiting 3 seasons to see that. I hope she stays dead.

Holy shit! Sherry’s dead! :eek: Let’s hope the tedious Prez storyline will be put to rest once and for all.

I can’t believe how quickly Saunders folded. Hey genius, you should have sent your daughter off before starting it all. Dumbass.

And, as always, hurray for very little Kim! (just one scene)

I have feeling that the ending will not be a happy one.

Also, watch for Sherry to get the Harry Lime entrance next year.

Boy, the writers are really cleaning house this season, eh? Nina, Sherry, possibly Tony…

No! NOOOOO!!! Not Tony!

I know he’s irritating sometimes, but I like Tony.

I could have sworn that the Scary Blonde Guy who broke into Sherry’s would be the one to kill her. I somehow knew she’d end up dead by the end of this episode, but I thought that Scary Blonde Guy would be the one to do it. I never expected that other girl (Zoe from Firefly) to be the one to do it.

I don’t think she’s dead. She’s too much of a tough, evil bitch to die from a few shots in the gut. Fifty Cent got shot nine times, and he’s still around, doing terrible rap music!

This episode was everything I like about the show (okay, minus some blowing stuff up with fighter planes): action, tension, surprises, very little melodrama. There was the whole “marry me, David” scene, but even that had a high level of tension and obvious manipulation; it wasn’t the usual people taking time off from a crisis to discuss their personal affairs.

I actually made popcorn to watch the show. Now I can’t wait for next week!

If next week’s climax involves a long scene of “cut the red wire” “no, the green wire” “no the red one”…I will be forced to pound the screen in with the remote. :frowning:
Does anyone think there is even a REMOTE chance of Tony not managing to die a heroic death in the finale?

Hmmn… I expected bad reviews of this episode. Sorry, I just can’t buy the plot lines any more. Palmer deserves to go to jail. He’s an accessory to murder, he ordered the break-in of a house, and all to save his political hide.

Things I thought were stupid:

  1. When a president decides to break into something, he doesn’t send his brother. He sends some bag men who can’t be traced back to him if caught. Haven’t we learned anything from Watergate?

  2. Why is this pill bottle such good evidence anyway? So they have a bottle of the guy’s pills. So what? What does that prove?

  3. Let me get this straight… They have the terrorist. He’s on a train. Train is stopped in a tunnel. Gee, let’s get that train going again and let the terrorist off in a crowded public station! Proper response: Stop train. Evacuate station. Seal off tunnel. Send men in hazmat suits into the tunnel to release passengers one at a time after they are searched. If vial is released, you contain outbreak to a few hundred passengers. When they stopped the train, I thought, “Hey, good thinking, Jack! You got him!” Then Jack says, “Okay, we can’t evacuate the station, because we don’t want to alert the guy that we’re on to him.” Say what? Jack, you just caused a train to stop for no reason in the tunnel. You don’t think that might have alerted him?

  4. Sherry is carring the bottle around around taped to the small of her back? How stupid is that? As if a small pill bottle would be hard to hide. Here’s a thought - take the plate off an electrical outlet, put bottle inside, put plate back on. Good luck finding it without ripping the house apart. Or hell, bury it in a tin can in the flower garden. Or put it in any number of places where it wouldn’t be found unless you knew it was there or tore the house apart. “She’s an amateur, and I’m a pro! So I can find a pill bottle hidden in a 4,000 square foot house in 20 minutes flat!”

  5. As soon as they brought Saunder’s daughter out of the hotel, I thought Jack was going to say, “Now that you know what I’m capable of, I promise you this - if a vial goes off anywhere in this country, I will personally fly your daughter to the infected zone and have her give a few victims a big, unprotected hug.” It was an obvious play.

Maybe I’m just getting pickier as time goes on. I do love this show. I guess the Palmer plot line bugs me so much that it’s affecting my enjoyment of the rest of the show.

BTW, Tony’s replacement is right - the guy committed treason. Tony SHOULD go to jail. Maybe that will be part of next year’s plotline. Tony will be in jail, but something will happen that requires letting him out to help. Or maybe Tony will turn bad.

I agree with moi. That was 24 at its best, I think. Seemed like the commercial break came every six seconds. Good to see Jack send in Jane.

Someone said in last week’s thread that the F-18s might be stock footage. But I rewatched the last few minutes of that episode, and they did have a continuous shot of the F-18s flying away, the helicopter on fire, and Jack laying on the incline. It’s possible it was CGIed, but I don’t see why they’d bother with it.

A good show tonight!

So the man who is willing to kill hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of innocent people, the man who the Bosnians couldn’t crack in 2 years, the man who is adamant that Jack won’t be able to crack him in an hour, the man who says what he is doing is for the good of the whole wide world, has a real soft spot for his daughter’s life! :confused:

Tony does the perp walk through CTU! Then in interrogation when Tony is informed that he faces the death penalty. he looks stunned. D’oh! And Brad has to explain it all to him while Tony looks first dumbfounded and then despondent. Surely the head of CTU knew that the was risking millions of lives to MAYBE save his wife. Surely the head of CTU knew what the potential penalty for treason was! We already know he’s dumb, but stupid too?

No alarm on Sherry’s expensive house that she lives in alone? Someone who has made quite a few enemies over the years? That would seem to be a bit unusual, to say the least! Override codes for an electronic safe? I don’t think so. And they forgot to close the safe when they ran out. Since Sherry was in the driveway, how did they get out and across the street without being seen?

Bombshell! “I want to be your wife again”. Even I wasn’t expecting that! And Palmer seemed like is getting pretty good at lying as he says YES! But a woman’s intuition win’s out. Why didn’t Palmer have her held by some of his trusted men for a while to give Wayne & Fox some more time to work? Maybe scare her, like ask her if she was willing to mysteriously vanish and die a horrible death? That’s what I would have done!

Brad has to tell Michelle that Tony let Saunders get away 2 hours ago. Stunned silence. Then tells her he is going to prison (note, didn’t say to the death chamber) and to resign immediately if she would have done the same thing. She doesn’t appear to resign, so we know the answer. Classic! Hey Michelle - you’re husband really loves you, but he’s a traitor. Visiting hours are when?

Fox throws a hard right cross to Sherry’s jaw! Down for the count! And she has the vile taped to her body? Mondo dumb!

But even dumber, Wayne runs back into Sherry’s house when he sees Julia pull up and go in. Sherry’s ministrations at Julia seem to be working but then BANG! BANG!, Julia does the deed and [hopefully] rids us of her presence. Then Julia blows herself away. Very sweet! Now how does Wayne explain his presence there, in the middle of a terrorist crisis? Or does he run? Did he leave any prints? And what will the police think when they see a dead woman with a fat lip and Julia doesn’t have any marks on her hands from doing it? Just when Palmer might be thinking it was safe to go out again. Wait till he hears that both Sherry and Julia are dead and Wayne was right in the middle! As they say, if it weren’t for bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. :wally

And to leave us hanging - everyone thought they had the isolated the person carrying the vile in the subway. But if this was truly the carrier, then the show would have ended an hour to early, so we knew that wasn’t going to happen and the guy had to be a decoy. At least he was kind enough to stand there looking at the subway map and not make Jack chase him because I bet Jack’s pretty tired by now.

Now how are they going to find the guy without the locator chip? All we know is Saunders is working up a sketch and the guy smokes Camel’s. Do their satellites have face recognition? Hmmm, sounds like the old straw in the haystack problem…

They didn’t. Wayne was caught in the living room while his partner-in-crime hid behind a potted plant (or whatever.) P-I-C leapt out and coldcocked Sherry, took the pill bottle, and went to the car ith Wayne. Then Amanda drives up, Wayne goes back in, witnesses the murder suicide, and realizes he’s screwed.

I really liked this episode. I think we finally got this season’s Bauerism: “When your daughter gets infected, I’m going to make you watch her die!” I think I’m going to get that put on a T-shirt or bumper sticker.

I cheered when Sherry joined the ranks of this nation’s punched. I clapped when Sherry got shot in the gut.

Palmer is still screwed though. Until now, there was supposedly nothing left to connect the Palmers with Milliken’s death. Now we have the wives dead together, which will lead to a fingerprinting of Alan’s estate, where they’ll find Sherry’s prints on the doorknob, counter tops, etc. This leads to more questioning of the President, and so on and so on. Sherry gets her wish, except for the whole being dead/shot part.

I didn’t even see Kim this episode. Was I getting a Coke at the time? Where was she?

And even Chloe didn’t do anything obnoxious like tell someone their sister is going to die, hide a baby (where is that baby anyway), rat out someone’s heroin addiction… I reckon she’s not going to be exposed as a mole after all. Hmmm…wrong about that, wrong about Chase having a bulls-eye on his back (so far.) This season is making me look bad.

All I could say when Sherry hit the floor was “well, that was gratifying.”

Also, why are they bothering to defuse the virus dispersal devices? It’s not like they’re highly incendiary devices, so wouldn’t a large plastic bag or sealed box contain the virus until the guys in the yellow suits get there?

That one is easy, he has a record of her calling him just before the breakin. Claim she called and said she was gonna take her out, “hey, I tried to stop her”. The bigger problem to me is the ransacked house. What I didn’t get was the “Wayne, what did I ever do to you…” disconnect. Uhm hello!!! Can we get that guy that cold-cocked Sherry in a scene with Chloe? Imagine the cheering at the CTU.

As it happens, I don’t have a hard time believing this. Saunders clearly thought that his daughter would come around to his point of view, once she understood his reasons.

They flashed onto Kim when Tony was being taken through CTU I believe. And yes, Chloe did get to give some really annoying look on camera, I don’t remember why but just remember thinking that even though she didn’t say a word she still bugged me. Is it possible for her to die in the next hour, or is that too much to ask?