24 - Season 3, Episode 21, 9:00AM - 10:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 21
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


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How do you do that with all the links?

Let your mind go and the links will follow. . .

If you quote that post, you get everything so far in vB code. All he has to do week-to-week is add a line or two to update it. (Still a pain in the ass, as I learned a couple of weeks ago.)

God, Chloe…

“Hold on, I’m talking to my sister.”

“The one who got infected with the virus?”

Jeez. So dense.

Sometimes, you just want to smack Chloe. The rest of the time, you want to take a sledgehammer to her face…

‘Spouses who shouldn’t be working in the same office - today on Dr. Phil.’

Here’s one I haven’t used since I last regularly watched The Sopranos:

Aw, Tony

Tony Tony Tony…

Decent episode, some classic JarJar/Chloe lines. The S. Palmer subplot seems to be a major reach, and criminy Tony is a putz.

Sadly, my interest in the show is waning and I’m not sure why - maybe b/c it seems pretty predictable lately. I mean, was there any doubt Mrs. Palmer would pull something like this, or that Tony would get the girl out of CTU?

I miss Hector.

At least they have the excuse that they were both working there before they became engaged. No such excuse for Jack and Kim both working in the same office.

Man, where’s Ryan Chappelle to hold the reins on Tony when you need him…?

Oh, yeah…

Tony Tony Tony… bad plays all around. You’re trying to go rogue like Jack (or false rogue with reason), but you’re NOT Jack. Smart play, Tony? TELL JACK. Then let him do his usual working of the miracles.

Chloe is still annoying, but I was actually cheering for her putting two and two together tonight.

Except if he had told Jack, Michelle would be dead, and Saunders would be caught. End of season. Whereas in the current situation, you know Michelle will end up being fine, and Saunders will be caught eventually anyway.

(Of course, while I think Michelle will end up fine, realistically no one in her position should ever survive. As soon as Saunders gets his daughter back, he might as well kill Michelle and not have to worry about having to return her, and her possibly inincriminating other people involved.)

It’s 9:22 and a large part of me is hoping Tony is but a memory by 10:00.

Whether Tony makes it through the next 3 hours or not, he’s done at CTU.

Done at CTU? That’s an understatement. The man’s committed treason. He’s almost sure to be coming back next year as a bad guy, season 4’s Nina Meyers.

Not necessarily. Jack has already proven himself as the master of controlling the situation, tracking the baddie, AND rescuing the damsel in distress from the clutches of the baddie and his evil henchpersons. Tony has proven that he can get bitch-slapped by Jack and end up with a broken ankle.

Now, who should be seeing to Michelle’s rescue? My money would be on Jack.

Besides, if he’s a smart baddie (which we know he is), Saunders will just wait until Tony delivers Jane, then he’ll waste Tony and Michelle…

(Do not read if you don’t watch the scenes for next week)

…but as we see in the scenes fom next week, Michelle may be getting out on her own…

I missed it!
Can anyone tell me when the repeat on FX is?

Eh, don’t be too sure. Jack basically did the same in season 1 when baddies were holding his family and giving him intructions on the phone. And Tony has the same reason, essentially (except this time there’s more on the line). Jack’s just better at it.

Jack also did the rogue thing and ignored CTU orders in season 2 when he kidnapped Kate from CTU.

I still think Tony should let Jack in on the problem – if anybody can spring Michelle AND stop the virus, it would be Jack.

Far as I know, they haven’t been doing repeats on FX this season.

See, if I had written that post, I would’ve emphasized this a bit more. Red, large, maybe blinking.

Jack can dig out of his own holes. I doubt Tony can this time. This may lead to a big Jack/Tony showdown, maybe with Jack being forced to kill Tony with Michelle there or nearby.

(I can’t see Tony doing anything drastic enough to require a shoot-to-kill order, but I can’t picture him doing anything else he’s done the past hour anyway.)

I doubt Tony will fully turn to the Dark Side. Most likely, if he survives, he’ll waste away in jail for a long time. I can’t see him being trusted enough to be useful, and I can’t see him doing anything intentionally to CTU.

Hrm, but if Saunders kills Michelle, and Tony gets out of prison, maybe CTU and Tony will be going after Saunders again, separately, in Day Four of 24. Tony for revenge, and CTU for whatever terrorism Saunders might be trying to pull.