24 - Season 3, Episode 3, 3:00PM - 4:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 3
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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Argh! I can’t seem to find a cast list for the show, and this is going to drive me crazy – who plays Daddy Singer? He looks really familiar.

Fox played them both. Probably now it will be on Fx again.


Jonesin’ a lil bit, Jack?

Once again, Kim turns out to be an airhead.

He’s just doing his Lloyd Bridges immitation.

I am SO disappointed in President Cerrano! I thought I could always count on him to take the high road.

Will Tony die, or will he suffer the fate of ensign Roe (i.e. become Guy Incognito)?

And Jack is being very unprofessional by keeping Squarejaw out of action.

lmao! Yeah, I picked a bad to quit… blah blah blah

I love that movie :smiley:

Ok west coasters - hopefully you’ve abandoned the thread for now. :wink:

First - the president pays the guy off instead of fighting with the truth? That’s not the Palmer we know.

Second, great - another mole, this time with a his own high-tech bat cave right there in freaking CTU. :rolleyes:

This whole episode was terrible for me. The stuff with the kid’s parents was good, but that’s about it.

In the mall, why shoot Tony? What good is that going to do? There are agents and cops everywhere!

And from the preview for next week we see:

The damn kid gets out of the mall?!? What the hell! What part of “Seal off the exits” didn’t they understand?

This show has gotten silly before, but at least it was a while into the season, not episode 3! I really hope it’s better next week.

JACK: Chase, what can you make of this?

CHASE: I can make a hat, I can make a broach, I can make a…

Yeah, kinda strange how easy it is to penetrate CTU…

<heh heh he said “penetrate” yeah… heh heh>

Damn! I had such high hopes for this episode. I was so sure that this was the episode where Jack Bauer works his usual magic and I will be unable to do anything else other than be glued to my TV between 9-10 PM every Tuesday night.
But alas, no such luck.

Have all the main characters been replaced with Pod People?? With a deadly virus on the loose and time running out, Jack refuses to work with his own partner because of Kim? President Palmer, with only a few seconds thought, agreeing to blackmail someone? Tony, head of CTU, rushes right out into the field just because Jack doesn’t want to work with Chase? Was there a CTU agent shortage or something?

And there were at least 20 agents and police officers in that mall when Tony was shot. Plus JACK was there–how on earth did that kid get away? The non-Pod Person Jack woulda tackled the kid, called for help for Tony, AND tripped up the bad guy all at the same time.

Sheesh. I’m not holding out much hope for next week’s episode. I’m even sorta starting to miss the mountain lion at this point.

I was very pleased when they didn’t kill him like it appeared was going to happen (see season 2 last episode). Hopefully, there will be a “24: The Other <Days. Years.Months.etc.)”.

Can’t be happy the way they are developing Dennis now though. The “honest, caring president” was working.

Sell out much?

Sure, but really, would you have it any other way? Without this Very Predictable Development, the show would have to be called “3.” Wouldn’t be a great move for FOX.

What I liked best about this episode was the VW comercial with the PBS NOVA Voiced guy.

Jack Bauer: I want the preciousss. Give it to ussss. You ssstole it from usss. The preciousss!!

So, the fate of the bad guys’ plan depends on a teenager named Kyle. Why am I not too worried?

But wait, it’s Super Kyle! Faster than Jack’s speeding SUV. Can ellude CTU agents with a single bound. We’re doomed!

For a “low level analyst”, Kim sure gets all the key tasks at HQ. Somehow I’m guessing she’ll be the one to expose the mole.

This season should be called bizzaro-24.

They can’t kill off Tony. Michelle will run things for awhile, then he stagger back in, holding his bleeding head.

I liked the touch with the guard’s kid being kidnapped. Kind of ties in well with the whole Elizabeth Smart theme this week.

Right – I saw that coming, but was disappointed with it. Hey, Palmer – the nepotism angle just isn’t working. Your relatives are all dishonest douchebags. Why don’t you just advertise for a new advisor in the classifieds? My guess is that the “paying the guy off” angle may have been the real ploy in the first place! Does anybody else think this is coming?

I mean think about it – Dishonest Bro goes and talks to somebody from the opponent’s entourage and then says to David the magic word “opportunity”. Then he gets the info and finds out that the “playbook” mentions Anne. Perhaps he should stop and think that because he got the “playbook” from somebody in their opponent’s camp, that perhaps they were planting a false playbook and doing a little frame-up? Mention that Anne will be under the gun, then Anne’s ex-hubby conveniently asks for “shut up” money. My theory: As soon as he gets the “shut up” money, he will point the finger at Palmer and accuse him of “paying him off” to “hide the truth”. Evidence will show that there was a payoff, and this casts bad light on Palmer (more than the original false accusation would have done).

Well, the way it looked to me – it was to cause a panic. With people running to and fro everywhere, the cops covering the exits have a harder job of keeping track of the bad guy because now they have to deal with a panicking crowd? At least that’s the only way I could see that bad dude would be able to escape.

Agreed. And Squarejaw is also being kind of a dickweed to Kim, having his pouty fits.

Actually, the way I read it was that Tony rushes out into the field because he was only 10 minutes away by chopper, and Jack was 20 minutes away. Jack said “don’t bring Chase” only after Tony said he would be heading out there. I think the other option was that Tony would bring Chase, but Tony still would have gone.

But you’re right that they probably should send a field agent anyways – not Tony himself. I’m sure they have lots of other field agents besides Chase. Perhaps Tony was just in a James T. Kirk mood.

So, one of two things will happen from that (perhaps both):

  • Feces will hit the fan over Tony being there and not Chase - a field agent probably could have gotten it done better.
  • (more likely) - Jack will use this as further evidence to prove that it’s “too dangerous” for Chase to be there if he’s dating Kim.

Agreeing to the payoff was totally out of character for Palmer. I’m surprised the writers can’t see that. Major disappointment.

Wow. That certainly was a Holy Shit moment to end it.

I hope Tony dies Showing that they are willing to kill major character. Now, I’ve spent two seasons hoping Dim dies and nothing has come of that.

I agree that non-pod-person Jack would have gone after the kid before seeing to Tony. Looks like Dim’s character isn’t the only one that’s been rewritten. :rolleyes:

The only way they can redeem themselves with the mole a CTU is if we see Adam is really a double agent working for CTU. The mole is something that gets very old very quickly on this show.

The really implausible part for me was how they were able to invade and seal off Kyle’s apartment with plastic, set up all the testing equipment, test the parents and the apartment, test and retest the stuff in the baggie, realize the stuff in the baggie was fake, retest the parents several times, realize they’re okay, and take down all the plastic sheeting and start to leave. - all in a 15-minute time frame. :rolleyes:

If they kill off Tony, I’m giving up. The storyline with the President doesn’t even hold my interest. Why wasn’t there someone from CTU behind Kyle when Tony approached him? That was pretty bad, too. It looked like Tony was all alone when he went up to him and started talking to him.

That’s what I’m thinking. He’s gotta be a super-secret double agent. Another mole is just too much.

I think Tony will be paralyzed from the neck down.

Just curious…if Jack really was going through heroin withdrawal, would he be capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound? Wouldn’t he be curled up in a fetal position somewhere, moaning piteously?

I still think Kim was wrong to tell her dad about Chase. I think Jack would have had more respect for Chase if he had told him, not Kim.