24 - Season 3, Episode 24, 12:00PM - 1:00PM *SEASON FINALE* (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 24
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Boop! Beep! Boop! Beep

(The ticking down sound effect. :D)

“Jack, Jack, hold on, we just found out that Chloe has been masterminding the whole thing, right from the get go!”

“Really? Well, then let’s take turns shooting her in the face with a bazooka.”

Roll Credits.

My idea: Nina, Mason, Ryan Chappelle and Sherri all rise from the dead as zombies. They descend on CTU and proceed to eat the flesh off of Chloe as the assembled CTU team cheers wildly.

Mason’s corpse would be a little hard to resurrect, what being destroyed in a nuclear blast.

Has anyone seen the t-shirts on the 24 website? David Palmer for President. I’m tempted to get one…but I really wouldn’t want to vote for the man at this point.

“Why did you do it, Saunders?”

“After you thought I died, I tried to get a hold of CTU. The only person I got on the phone was this snippy bitch who said she was too busy to deal with me right now. When I said I wanted to leave a message, she just said Fine, so I got pissed and hung up.”

Heh, heh. Good one interface2x.

In the news…According to E-Online, neither Tony nor Michelle nor Chase have had their contracts renewed for next season’s 24

Well, he would be glowing a bit more than the others…

Hey, there’s going to be something 24 Inside on after tonight’s episode, apparently. It’s on the front of fox.com/24.

(Though I dunno about youse guys, our local news is on right after24 here.)

A great episode, not surprisingly. Chloe w another bitch line - how could they not have killed her off? Maybe one of the slugs that took out Saunders going through him and taking off the tip of her fat f-ing nose.

In a long, long line of inept presidential brothers, I think we can all agree that Wayne Palmer is the most inept of them all.

Roger Clinton: ‘I had a drug problem, I have been arrested, I am an embarrassment…’

Billy Carter: ‘Billy Beer! Do you not remember Billy Beer?!’

Roger Clinton: ‘…I cut a terrrrrrible album, I have that hair cut - beat that!’

Wayne Palmer: ‘My girlfriend, who was married to my brother’s largest supporter, killed my brother’s ex-wife and then herself right in front of me, ruining any chance of him running for re-election.’

Roger/Billy: ‘Wooooooooooooowwww!’

Jeez, Chase… ouch…

Poor Jack, it never, does it? The look on his face at the end…

Awesome. Just awesome. This show long ago set the record for making me say “Holy Shit!”. That bit with Chase at the end is just the producers running up the score.

Holy crap! So I guess they won’t call Chase ‘Lefty’ anytime soon.

I was praying Jack would ride rails with The ‘H’. Instead, back to work.

Satisfactory ending.

I wanted a twist in the last 30 seconds dammit.

Especially the way they were using a semi-obscured camera shot in the waiting room with Jack and Kim.

When will this man ever get some sleep? He hasn’t even taken the time in 24 hours to use the bathroom, although there were one or two off-camera times when he could have. Is he really needed for the interrrogation, or are we just looking at a plot device- “Jack goes back to work?”

I thought Chase was going to die after the conversation about quitting the field service with Jack. I was also waiting for the last-second device defusal instructions from the bomb squad. But I didn’t call Jack cutting Chase’s arm off. That was one hell of a manicure!

Overall, a great episode. I really liked the way they wrapped up the season. The last scene with Jack in the car was fantastic.

The one thing that bothered me a bit was the idea of Gael’s civillian widow walking through the main office of LA CTU during the biggest crisis in who-knows-how-long while the nation’s most wanted terrorist sits in front of what is clearly the only practical computer screen in the facility for viewing a network feed of real time mug shots, and her pulling out a gun and shooting him twice in the chest before any of the professional anti-terrorist agents can react. The “grieving widow kills the bad guy in a moment of passionate revenge” felt a little bit too Law and Order.

But that’s why I love this show! :smiley:

Yay! Jack disarmed the bomb! Sorta…

Maybe Jack could have cashed in on the many favors Palmer owes him and get Tony pardoned? Or does CTU only have room for one loose cannon on their deck?

The principal of the school:

“Look, when I say there’ll be consequences for not cleaning out the refrigerator, I MEANT IT!”

Since all those characters won’t be back, could they use the extra money to get Jack some lips?

I mean, he’s Frank Burns-ing big time.