24 - Season 3, Episode 6, 6:00PM - 7:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 6
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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So if they stop the virus tonight and Jack gets shot down or lands in Mexico - where do we go from here? Is the virus threat over? There’s still 18 hours to fill!

I’m sure something will crop up, even if Jack stops the virus. It always seems to happen that way.

My girlfriend’s take on the “isn’t everything wrapped up?” nature of the last episode:

“It’s called 24, not 6.”

Heh. Well after seeing this episode, she is, of course, correct.

Very good episode, although I don’t like seeing Jack so dazed, but I guess I’d be worn out after the last 7 hours too. I want to see him take charge with intensity. I don’t see how Guille (sp?) is going to get away with holding Kim in that room for very long. And now we find out that Kyle might have just been a decoy for the real delivery system, or is there no virus at all?

I don’t really like this presidential storyline as much as the vote of no confidence one of last season, but maybe it will pick up. “for now it’s Mr. President”…ouch…going with your girlfriend who just may have cost you reelection over your own brother who looks out for you, that’s rough.

Let’s see…

Mole in CTU…check…
Chappelle shows up to take control of CTU…check…
Kim at in danger at gunpoint…check…
When does Sherry show up and get involved in David’s career?
Three questions about this episode:

  1. Why the hell didn’t someone just CALL JACK ON HIS CELL PHONE???

  2. How long was that debate supposed to last? It was already at an hour and 15 minutes when Palmer walked out.

  3. Did Keifer get the week off?
    Thus far I can’t recommend this season. But at least Chloe didn’t get a chance to act stupid/pass the blame/whine. (Is it just me or is there something…cute about Chloe, annoying though she is?)

When is Nina coming back??? (DO NOT ANSWER THAT IF YOU KNOW!!! It’s rhetoric!!!)

Spoiler tags people!

As close to an episode of ‘24’ in which absolutely nothing of interest happens. There was not a single twist I didn’t see coming from a mile away.


Gee, that long, drawn-out and tearful goodbye sequence between the kid and his parents? Gee, I wonder what will happen? Think he’ll really die NOW? Please.

Also, why the hell didn’t anyone think of simply following Jack’s chopper until it landed and then shooting Salazar? He IS an escaped convict, you know…

I hate to say it, but this season is really starting to suck.

At least Spawn got a gun aimed at her.

Max Carnage–your checklist is pretty funny.

I kept yelling at CTU to try Jack on his cell, but they ignored me, too.

Let me be the first person to point out that I was the first person to predict (in last week’s thread) that Kim would discover the mole-ness of the Mole and promptly be kidnapped by him. I know, everyone else anticipated the same thing, but let me have my smug moment.

How come Michelle gives a guilty look everytime she calls the hospital to check on Tony? It’s not like she’s doing anything wrong. (Unless she’s really the mole and she’s planned everything that’s happened for the past three seasons, patiently biding her time to spring her trap . . .). Heh.

Ok, for the previous few hours, Michelle has been acting chief of CTU, during a terrorist virus threat that threatens most of the population of L.A. Now that the virus has been safely secured, the wormy guy (whose name I forget) from last season shows up to take command, saying that they needed someone with higher rank to handle the situation. Did that logic bother anyone else? Salazar (and Jack) on the loose is obviously not good, but it struck me as a significantly less-critical situation than that which preceded it. Seems like the writers were running short of ideas and decided to bring back the representative asshole from last season.

The President Palmer scenes are still totally uninteresting to me, except I did get a big laugh out of the debatus interruptus scene. Not the reaction the writers were trying for.

I was a bit disappointed with Jack’s moment of utter stupidity at the airport. He somehow managed to forget that Salazar is a bad guy and would have things set up to get him, then he failed to stomp on the accelerator when those guys ran out with guns pointed at him. He must have taken some dumb-juice.

Hopefully Jack will be fully refreshed and ready to be a complete badass in the next hour. Since the helicopter didn’t crash or get shot down, now I’m thinking that the plane will have a few moments of plunging-down-toward-the-ground-and-imminent-danger-of-crashing-any-second-now before
a) the pilot manages to recover control
b) Jack parachutes out
c) successful crash landing
d) it was all just a dream

I rate this episode an 8 against ‘other TV’ and a 3 vs. last year’s ‘24’ (and about a 7 vs. this season’s episodes to date).

This is supposed to be the ‘24’ you guys loved?

Only one CTU guys goes to where Jack has landed?

Of all people, only ‘Spawn’ is the only person to have figured out the mole?

Why is the mole always the darkest guy in CTU?

I wish for the days of Sherry.


This episode was bad. The only redeeming feature was the disgust on Michele’s face when Chappelle hugged her.:slight_smile: The bit with Kim uncovering the mole-- please don’t treat us like idiots. This is the chick who last season couldn’t remove a lose loop of rope from her leg.

Note to Doctor: Put the kid in quarantine for a few days just to be safe.

Note to Palmer: P.D.A. just isn’t cool. What is this-- high school?

Note to Michele: If someone in your organization is producing about 50% of the output he should be producing, maybe he’s a mole!

And next week… Please don’t have everyone believe the mole when he says Kim isn’t in the bat cave. At least Adam will know that was the last place she was seen. Be suspicious, people!!

I think we’re all hoping for this soon, but the way it’s heading I don’t think Jack’s going to have a chance for a few episodes. He’ll be on the plane for an hour, and then probably tortured by Salazaar’s brother for an hour, and then he’ll hook up with and/or be set free by Salazaar’s brother’s woman.

Well since you predicted the “Kim finds the mole” (ok so we all knew it!) I’m going out on a limb and am going to say that Palmer’s girlfriend is up to no good with her pills which may or may not contain a deadly virus :slight_smile: - they focused on them for a few seconds when he gulped them down. Or did they do that to throw me off so I don’t suspect the brother?!?!

Ryan Chappelle- creepiest hug ever.

I assumed that Jack lost his cell phone when he was taken prisoner and all that. If I were going to force a federal agent to shoot himself in the head, I don’t think I’d want him to have a cell phone.

I had my first :rolleyes: moment when, again, as soon as Jack and Salazar go through the door of the chopper, the Important Information becomes available to him but they escape.

Kim, do make sure when you’re in Scary Guy’s territory, make sure when you spill the Scary Beans, it’s to someone who is Unscary.

Still enjoying it, though.

Was I the only one who yelled, “Shoot her!!”at the screen?


Well, now we know where Dim gets her lack of brains. Even for PodPersonJack not anticipating that Salazar would try to take him hostage was just plain stupid.

Just a minor nit pick, however wouldn’t Dim be breaking security protocol by looking at another persons screen? Or has being Jack’s daughter somehow given her authorization to access to every project CTU works on?

Nope!! :slight_smile:

My thought: they should have had one of the Army pilots hold up a piece of paper that reads, “We’ve got Singer” and fly next to Jack’s cockpit.

And I’m pretty sure that Jack did have a cell phone, at least. Didn’t he call the plane for Salazar?

Why did Salazar follow Jack around after getting out of the helicopter? Why didn’t he bolt and run for the border on his own? Was he counting on Bauer being inept?

Anyone else get the feeling that CLOW-dia and Jack have a history? A little sumpin sumpin?

I told you guys that there was no Batcave :stuck_out_tongue: Just an inept ALT-Tab.

All in all… yeah. Weak episode. But I’m still intrigued: where the fuck is the virus? I can’t imagine that Gael was following Singer so vigilantly if he was merely a red herring. (Actually, now that I think about it, maybe it does make some sense… even if Singer were clean, he’d still be the timer until the jig is up… hmm).


By the way, most helicopters are designed to be flown from the RIGHT seat. (Tho most[?] can be flown from either, just like most[?]airplanes can be flown from either seat with a preference for the LEFT seat)

Is jack the one that is infected (he coughed)? If Kyle isn’t infected, why did the bad guys put him in a bubble?


I was wondering this too. Unless the writers are as bad as some are making them out to be here, the bad guys who put Kyle in the bubble must have thought he did have the virus. Kyle must be some double, wait, triple (first there was the bag of white powder) red herring.

I think the phone Jack used to call Salazar’s pilot with was in the car he stole from the parking lot.

I think Jack’s cough was about his withdrawal from dope, not the virus or anything.

I loved how Chappelle pretty much didn’t care at all that Tony was going to live.