24 - Season 3, Episode 5, 5:00PM - 6:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 5
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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Watching now… Damn.

Okay, some things this year are stretching it, even for 24, but…
In the past, Jack has always been the bad-ass, and willing to go to extreme measures, and he’s not afraid of knocking people off. But it’s usually the baddies, or somebody who is bad (like the witness at the start of season 2 – “I’m gonna need a hacksaw”).

BUT… This time, he started a riot that has already resulted in the death of innocents – several prison guards. Damn… And that’s Jack’s doing, no denying it.

So even if he comes out of this – his actions are already a bit more damning this season. And this was directly approved (but not officially) by the Prez.

Makes me wonder if they’ll let Jack live through this season.

Yeah, that’s right – everything’s about you, Chloe.

Will somebody please shoot this bitch??!! :smiley:

It’s an interesting turn that they found Kyle and Ramon is going back. The season just took a different turn.

I can’t wait until next week!

Welllllll, interesting implications here. They actually find the kid with the virus (or is he?) and Jack has already made off with the bad guy. So viral threat averted? But the bad guy getting away anyways?

Well, if somebody can actually get the message to Jack, then he can just go all bad-ass and take out Ramon and his brother the Human Moustache.

So now that they’ve got the Dell dude and his girlfriend, I guess the only two plot lines are gonna be the presidential scandal and Jack’s attempts to bring Salazar back (or, if he goes into Mexico, to capture Hector).

Just when the show was starting to pick up, they resolve the bio threat plot and make the show more predictable.

Girlfriend should have just let Kyle hang himself. After all, he was right – if he dies, the virus threat probably dies. Plus, he turned out to not be such a great boyfriend after all. Stupid little girl doesn’t realize a win-win scenario when she sees one. :wink:

Well, I was a little less than pleased with the Americans for Gun Safety ad at the end of the show (not GD, so I won’t elaborate further), but the show iteself was enjoyable if haunting (and the Deer Hunter-like Russian Roulette was certainly unforgettable).

Ohh, just a request…is there any way that they can send Chloe out to get shot and killed? So whiny and insecure…she annoys the hell out of me (and between her and Kim, no wonder CTU’s losing the war on terrorism!)…I really hope that it’s intentional!

Next week, on an all new 24!

Michelle suffers a nervous breakdown watching the OR feed of Tony’s surgery. Chloe is made acting director of CTU. Kim takes over as field agent and goes out to interrogate a puma. Ryan Chappelle comes over and looks smarmy for a while. And Jack crashes the helicopter and saws off Ramon’s leg to pull him free from the wreckage.

Don’t miss it!

Okay, first of all–if someone is hanging from his neck from the ceiling doesn’t it make a little more sense to grab his legs and take the weight so he won’t die? I dunno, maybe it’s just me but that makes a lot more sense than jumping up and hanging from the pipes hoping they will break in time to save him.

Secondly, the rioting prisoners take hostages, barricade themselves in a room knowing they are surrounded by SWAT teams, and suddenly decide to take time out for a nice, friendly game of Russian Roulette? Granted, I thought that was a thrilling scene but geez!

And last but not least–why in the hell would Jack be stupid enough to throw his drug stuff in the trash can?

Other than that, I thought it was an okay episode. I’m just glad Jack started being a badass again. :smiley:

I love the Brother! The way his face scrunches up when he talks, he looks like he’s smelling a series of smelly farts, as if he’s following behind our own lieu.

Good episode, but Chloe must DIE. God, what a bitch! “Oh yea, yer dad’s a druggy!”

I dunno. This season just hasn’t kicked into gear like in previous years. I can still remember last year’s first episode cliff-hanger but I couldn’t tell you what happened a month ago. Something’s not clicking.

It’s time to bring back Alberta Green.

She’s still around CTU somewhere, right?

I thought this was the best episode so far. As for the prisoner’s behaviour: I think the point was that they realized their situation was totally hopeless, so they just decided to get medieval. Presumably they’re all on death row or real badasses, so they really have nothing to lose once they realize they aren’t getting out.

I personally think that the slimy mole inside CTU needs to do more sinister things than carrying around a cell phone, asking politely to take over CTU, and fiddling with the computer wiring (Yeah, that stopped 'em. :rolleyes: ) He’s not much of a henchman.

What was the deal with the router he was fiddling with? I was expecting him to have somehow interfered with their truck-tracking efforts, but it didn’t even seem to slow Kim down.
Also, did anyone else in the SF Bay Area notice that the show was broadcast off by 10 minutes, or something? My TIVO missed the first 10 minutes, and it’s never done that before…
But overall, an enjoyable episode.

I taped from 8:58 to 10:02, and I got everything up to the final ticks of the clock (I stop watching there to avoid spoilers).

I’m also wondering what the deal was with the Mole messing with the router… I figured he was gonna switch out the still image, or edit it so they’d get the wrong license plate or something.

And yes, Chloe needs to die.

A minor nitpick on this episode…

As Michelle was dispatching the team to retrive Kyle, she said she wanted them to follow “Level 1 CDC protocol”. IIRC, there is no Level 1 on the CDC’s viral protocols - there’s a Level 0 (Normal conditions), a Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4, but no Level 1. Diseases classified as Level 4 are the only ones that require full biosuits to be worn. We’ve repeatedly heard the virus in question described as Level 3, which means it can be safely handled from outside one of the incubator-boxes the body was delivered in in the first episode.

Last week’s was a good episode, but this one dragged the bar back down to where it’s been for the balance of this season.

On the plus side, Kyle’s suicide attempt was a good plot twist. I was hoping he’d succeed, since, at that point, CTU was still searching for Kyle. If he’d died, the carrier would have become Kyle’s girlfriend, who was unknown to CTU. Had she escaped, then the good guys would have been in quite a bind.

Chase’s decision to let Jack and Salazar go was a smart one, since, as he correctly pointed out, the helo could be tracked.

The rest of the episode was predictable and formulaic, IMHO.

Well, I for one am enjoying this season. Even Chloe. Not that I like Chloe or anything. I’ll be glad when she’s shot dead. But really, doesn’t every office have a Chloe? Why should CTU - the land of the mole people - be any different?

It was good to see Chase acting smart.

And wasn’t that Leonard Roberts as the guard who shot himself. It’s nice to see him getting work. He was on “Tru Calling” last week.