24 - Season 3, Episode 8, 8:00PM - 9:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 8
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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My Tivo doesn’t show a listing for next week’s episode. Looks like we’ve got a hiatus on our hands after tonight.

Yep. But I get the feeling this episode’ll hold us for a while. When did the bomb go off last year, was it right before the Christmas break?

And to those of you who’re just joining the 24 Club threads, please have a look at the general guidelines of the threads. Remember, the spoiler tag is your friend.

Aw, crap-- I missed last week’s episode and haven’t gotten around to finding it online yet.

:: desultorily opens last week’s thread ::


If you can tape tonight’s episode, do it, and keep trying to find last week’s. It was a great episode, and it’d be a shame not to see it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look up “desultorily.”

I dug around a bit earlier today and made time to catch up. That would have been a crappy episode to miss.

Another great episode tonight, that’s 2 in a row! And it looks like we won’t catch another 24 until after the new year, but that one should be good as well - below are comments on the previews for the next episode.

preview spoilers don’t read if you don’t watch the preview!

(and some backstory I’d like answered please!)

well there’s another buyer for the virus who’s going to be bidding against Jack/Hector, and it looks like it’s someone we should know. Forgive me, I’ve only seen the final few episodes of season 2 and none of season 1, can anyone tell me who the second bidder will most likely be? I hear about Palmer’s ex-wife, but am not exactly sure about the details - what did she do in the first and second seasons, and did she get away from authorities or is she in prison?

Not as good as last weeks, but still moving in the right direction.

Plot hole: President’s HoneyBunny, sorry, Ex-HoneyBunny would have been held for questioning by the police, being the only witness to a suicide. Her prints are on the gun too I think after struggling for it. Granted, forensics should show some flashburn or gun powder or something on Dead Hubby’s hand, but that wouldn’t be evidenced until later either. Regardless, she shouldn’t have been able to see the Prez that soon after the suicide.

Holy Crap! Jack was going to kill Chase! Either he knew the gun was empty or figured Chase knew the hazards of the job. (Besides, I’d wanna cap the guy who’s been boinking my daughter, too)

Tony, Tony, Tony, get back to the hospital before you leave Michelle a widow. Mmmmmm, sympathy sex… Wha? Sorry.

Still waiting for the Dennis Hopper clan to pop in again. And bring Nina with them.

Why the fuck did my second tape run out?!

Wow. Great episode.

And I gotta say wow to Jack shooting Chase. Talk about doing what you gotta do.

And now, Jack is alone, Chase, is alone, they’re each other’s only hopes. Sweet.

I had the exact same thought about the girlfriend plot hole. Might that be a “spider” plot hole?:slight_smile:

And I’m still not buying the whole “we purposely left the Prez out of the loop” deal. You don’t do that.

But the action is getting better, and the scene w/ Jack and Chase was good. Did anyone really doubt the gun wasn’t loaded, though?

And we finally find out the Jack/CLOWdia connection. She’ll clearly have a key role in saving Jack at some point.

CLOWdia, that’s right! I knew there was some other point I missed.

Now that is going to be good.

The second bidder is most likely

Nina Meyers, who was Jacks ex-mistress/second in command in season 1. She turned out to be a double agent. She was a key figure in season 2 also


Although, regarding N9IWP’s spoiler box…The fact that Sherry is coming back to the show has been confirmed in the media, but there has been no mention of Nina. My preference is that Nina is the other bidder, but it doesn’t look promising. I hope I’m wrong.

Yes – when the girlfriend’s husband shot himself, I thought for sure that she would be arrested or at least held for questioning: they know she had motive; her fingerprints were on the gun. Now that might have been a problem for the campaign!

And I didn’t buy it that she suddenly realized she didn’t want to be with the President anymore.

There is no doubt about it, it was spoiled already on AICN:

the other bidder IS Nina.

Hooray! I’m wrong. I hadn’t heard about Nina making a re-appearance. I like it.

I was thrilled that Chloe/Jar Jar only had a line or two in this episode.

I liked the episode, though this plot twist seems a bit thin. Hector claims they will kill Jack as soon as the virus transaction takes place - is Hector dumb enough to think Jack wouldn’t have considered that possibility and have a contingency plan? And the lines Chappelle had - ‘I’ll be watching’ - I mean, how cliche is that? I guess thats part of his character (question regarding him below).

That picture of Chase that CTU sent to the Mexican intelligence was awful - he looked like a sophomore at the rodeo high school or somethin.

Questions from the ‘24’ newbie: Has Chappelle been this big an asshole in all three seasons?

Actually, he’s much better this year! (So far anyway.)

Yep…he’s been virtually the same for the entire run of 24. He’s an asshole enough that you consantly wonder if he hasn’t flipped to the evil side, but it always turns out that he’s simply more interested in covering his own ass and playing politics than anything else.

Last year another asshole boss character, George Mason, got redeemed (now the actor (Xander Berkeley) is playing a similar jerk on CSI:Original Flavor), maybe it’ll be Chappelle’s turn this year.