24 - Season 3, Episode 2, 2:00PM - 3:00PM (SPOILERS)

**24, Season 3, Episode 2
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Well, I hope hour 2 makes up for the intensity that hour 1 lacked.

See you again at 10 PM EST with spoilers!

I thought hour 1 was good.

They have an Encore presentation tonight, so we got the first hour and the new episode in a row. That’s cool.

I didn’t say hour one was bad, it just lacked the intensity of the previous two seasons premiers.

The last two seasons, of you watched the first episode, you were hooked! I didn’t fell that way this season.

But I’m already hooked!

Hooked on SmackJack? Just throw your paraphinalia across your office and leave it there.

Tell me where the smack is!

Will Kim get eaten by the cougar in this hour?

Note to self: Change name to “The Cougar”

I knew someone would take that to another level…

Less than 1 1/2 hours to go!

Oooh! I can hardly wait. Just a few minutes now!

When are the re-runs shown now? I just checked the FX site and it no longer lists 24 as one of their shows.

My station lost video During the conversation between the Prez and the doctor (shortly after she said “I know Dr …” and it didn’t come back until Jack and partner were on the street.

Surprised they revealed a mole so early (means there is a 2nd mole ?)

Spoilers for next week: The 'rents flush the virus down the toilet. How far would that spread? couldn’t you just quaranteen the waste water treatment plant?


Ahhhh… The pace is finally picking up!

During the scene when Jack & Chase were heading to the car, I was waiting for Jack to say, “I have a shotgun!” when Chase was trying to explain the relationship with Dim.

So what’s the dirt on the prez’s GF?

I say she used to be a man.

Okay. Not really.

Man, Jack has really gotta have a talk with the CTU Human Resources Director. If they keep hiring moles like this, someone is going to get killed.

I’m just counting the minutes until Steve the Dell Dude, or someone he knows decides to snort a little of that bag he’s got. I thought his bimbo was going to do it, but she seemed a little put off. Could be an act, but I guess not.

Ok, is Chase only three days from retirement or what? Did he show someone a picture of his sweetheart back in the states and tuck the picture in his helmet before running out to war? I swear, the boy ought to just have a bull’s-eye painted on his back because he’ll be dead before midnight.

Hector’s wife? Blech!!! Looks like she ran into a wall while kissing a vacuum cleaner! I was at least hoping her dad would attempt to plant that shovel upside Hector’s head. Sure he’d be dead now, but at least he’d have some dignity.

Still not much action this time around, and really not much advancement this hour. I still love the show, but I’m glad the first two seasons hooked me because if I were a new viewer, I’d be bored right now.

I was thinking Chase needs one of those Star Trek red shirts.

Please Please have CLOUD_ia be one of CTUs agents on Hector. That would be the only reason she should stay with him. That or her father is the agent and she is helping him.

Where is my violent SmackJack? He hasn’t killed anyone yet! ::.pout smilie.:: Chase with the suspect was nice but I want bad ass Jack back.

I’m not a brand new viewer. . . and I’m BORED!!! At least next week looks like the action is cranked up a notch.

Nope – these just don’t yet have the intensity of the openings of the first two seasons. I still have high hopes that things will kick up a notch in the next week or two. This one we had the shootout with the druggies, but that was the main action. And it still wasn’t really up to Jack Bad-ass standards.

Is Squarejaw (Chase) going to keep playing the “Oh, is this about me and Kim?” card? Because that’s going to make me want him to get offed even more. Just do your job and stop bitching.

Is Kim going to end up out in the field (and in the line of danger)? Or should I say… WHEN is Kim going to end up out in the field…

I liked the effect of how they revealed that Random Hispanic Guy was a mole inside CTU – he’s in an unidentifiable room, then we pan back to see monitor shots of CTU, then we follow him out of the room… INTO the CTU office. That was a pretty cool way of presenting it, even if we have had everybody and their mother (and their distant second-cousin-twice-removed) infiltrate CTU at some point or another. Do they just skip the background checks?

I’m a little disappointed that David brings in the closest advisor he can find (his brother), who then encourages him to steal the answers to the test for the upcoming debate. And then when he’s saying at the end – “You need to look at this, there’s something about Anne”. Hey David, you don’t need to lower yourself to his level and read it! Just say “Okay. TELL me about Anne.”

I think the most interesting questions at the end of this one is… How are things going to play out between CLOWdia and Moustache? And how are things going to play out between the Ballpoint-Pen-Slasher (in prison), and the agent who helped bring him down (and lost his wife and kids in the process, apparently). That agent obviously has some extra motive for not letting him go free – so the question is, will he try to take matters into his own hands?

Jack’s secretary / analyst / whiny-helper / whatever. She’s even more annoying this hour. Either shoot her or fire her. Or both.

And I still want to know what happened to Ensign Ro…


Not a bad episode this week. Nice little temptation for the prez to have to deal with. Kind of parallel to Jack’s temptation. They both want the preeeeecious!

Will he or won’t he? Can’t make up my mind if Jack gives in to the precious during the season. I’m leaning towards “no”.

But come on, do we really need Kim the Genius to be wrecking things already with her teenage relationship issues? And how many scheming, evil relatives does Palmer need to surround himself with before he wakes up? Hey, who needs Sherry, when he’s got Evil Brother?

I almost thought we weren’t going to get to see CLOWdia this week. She’s gotta have a death wish.