24 - Season 3, Episode 2, 2:00PM - 3:00PM (SPOILERS)

I’m with you on that, since it seems established that the precious is junk. What would they do, just keep Jack up in the corner on a split screen for three or four episodes, staring at the floor? Makes me suspicious of Squarejaw, too-- “All hell’s breaking lose- we’ve really got to move. Shit, Jack, you didn’t shoot that heroin?”

They’re going a little overboard with the parallel plots, aren’t they? Salazar: “Are you saying I’m not good enough for your daughter?” Chase: “Are you saying I’m not good enough for your daughter?”

It kind of bugged me that Tony just told the team “Everyone, I need a total work-up of Kyle Cokerunner,” without mentioning the leads that they had, ie, he’s known to be a young kid with no criminal history. Seems like that would be helpful in narrowing the search. Straining at gnats, I guess.

It also bugged me that Wayne is a cookie-cutter Sherri replacement. “I only want what’s best for the presidency, I’m just practical about it instead of being a dreamy idealist like you.” It didn’t help that while I was mentally grumbling about the writers’ laziness in this regard, Wayne protests, (too much,) “I’m not trying to pull a Sherri, here.”

And I’m still pissed at the pointlessness of a huge organization relying on a troubled teen to courier their contaminated coke. Wouldn’t this, in a real-life situation, lead to a chain-of-infection that started about ten feet outside your door?

Bwah ha ha! I made the same joke to my dad while we were watching it, and I didn’t even have to explain it to him.

Personally, I don’t think Wayne is a replacement for Sherri. I think he’s secretly working for her.

My only problem so far is Jack’s revelation that he got Kim a job at CTU to keep her safe. Let’s see, your wife got shot dead at CTU HQ in season one, and a bomb got set off at CTU in season two. Great plan Jack. I bet you told George Mason to duck and cover, too.

I’m leaning towards him being a super-secret double agent. We’ll only find out it about in the last hour or so. He’ll turn out to be a good guy and save Jack’s life by jumping in front of a bullet or something.

:smiley: No kidding.
Monstre, didn’t Ensign Ro die last season, after she fell down the stairwell? Or was she just badly hurt? Or did we never find out exactly what happened to her?

Is Sherri in jail for her collusion with the nuclear terrorists?

I think Kim needs to take a page from Michelle and Tony…keep your personal life out of work! There is no reason she couldn’t have told Jack about Chase after work. Of course, since this is 24, there is no after work. But jeez, girl. There’s crap going down, Chase is telling you it’s not a good time, Jack is too busy to talk to you, so what do you do? “Hi, Dad. Can I tell you about how I’m banging your partner now?”

Another mole? I agree, the HR department needs to do better on the screening process.

Clowdia has some spunk to her!

I’m actually kind of happy it’s starting off a little bit slower. Last year they tried to make every episode as intense as it could possibly be and by the end, it was just ridiculous. I’d like them to keep it a little further from the stratosphere this season. If possible.

Could someone verify this hypothesis for me? I came to a different conclusion. I interpreted the exchange as the Prison-guy threatening the Agent’s family, (as in “I know their names and I know where they live… don’t mess with me or they’re dead.”) rather than mocking the Agent about the loss of his family.

I re-watched the first episode last night.
They took off the Kate scene!??!
My husband had not seen last week’s first episode. I HAD TO tell him about the Kate scene!

Do you notice how much they love the word “protocole” in CTU. A sentence doesn’t go by without it!

I agree with you, Algernon, that Ramon did not kill the agent’s family but was just threatening them.

IIRC, all we saw of Ro was paramedics folding her into an ambulance, still alive and trying to communicate with Palmer about Sherry but unable to because of her injuries, which I thought were pretty severe. I don’t think we ever saw her after that.

As Ro was being loaded into the ambulance, Palmer was trying to find out who was behind all of it. She reached out to point to the advisor (Carl? How soon we forget) but the guy took her hand and pretended to console her. That was the last we saw of her.

I’d think they’d just run a tricorder over her and she’d be back up and atom in no time.

Yeah, the coke running kid plot line is a bit too much. A better scenario would be:

The following takes place between 1:00PM and 2:00PM:

Three years later, Kim is living on the streets. She gets recruited by Drug Lord to smuggle the Death Coke into the US, since she needs the money to get an abortion. Kim gets lost in the desert during the smuggling process, and finds herself, yet again, in a couger trap. The couger lunges at her, but quick thinking Kim throws the bag of coke at the big cat, it spills all over the couger and it runs off. But… the couger gets infected (although it’s only a carrier)! It gets captured near Las Vegas, where it’s put to work in a revised Siegfried and Roy act. During the performance, the couger goes nuts, sneezing Death Coke all over the audience and initiating an epidemic.

Hey, can someone explain the Star Trek “red shirt” reference. I’ve certainly watched my share of Trek, but I don’t get the joke.

I’m wrong; it was the guy. It must be the patented 24 sneaky looks everyone gives each other; I keep thinking all the characters are lurking in the background, keeping an eye on what’s going on.

I am also so confused by the layout of CTU, with all the glass and slats and metal. I have a lot of trouble feeling where everything is and where all the CTU staff sits.

John Mace-Do you remember in The Original Series when Kirk and Co. would beam down, there were usually two or three security dudes in red shirts? Those security dudes were always the ones that got killed by the monster/aliens/whatever.

Good episode. I loves me some 24.

Hmmm – gonna have to rewind the tape and watch it again. I thought he used the phrase “the death of your wife”, sounding like past-tense, but maybe I mis-remembered.

Right, Max – last we saw of Ro was her in critical condition and getting into the ambulance. And the advisor was Mike Novick – he redeemed himself a little at the end of last season when he pulled rank on Division Dickhead Ryan Chappelle and got support for Jack’s sting operation on Kingsley. But that was a true Rotten Bastard Moment[sup]TM[/sup] when Mike grabs Lynn’s hand to “console” her as she’s trying to point the finger at him.

I want to know how she is, because if she came out okay, you would think she’d still be a close advisor to Palmer – and one of the most trusted (having proved her unwavering loyalty to Palmer in season 2 )

Algernon – according to the episode guide on www.fox.com, you’re right. Salazar was threatening to kill his wife and kids if he was released from prison – sort of a “gonna get revenge and you can’t do nothing about it” taunt.

I didn’t tape it, but I remember it as “You’re sure to come after me… especially after the death of your wife and your two sons – what are their names, again…?”

That sounds right, Larry – I had just interpreted it like he’d already killed the guy’s wife, and the guy oviously doesn’t need to come after him if he’s on Death Row, but if he got free he would. Although now that it’s put in context, it makes perfect sense as a future threat, too.

My friend took me out last night to see Jersey Girl and to drown some sorrows. That was great and all, but it means I have to wait til 5:00 tonight to watch last night’s 24. Since you all have seen it already, the only logical step is for me to hate all of you deeply until I get to see it.

Carry on.

I was waiting for Jack to bust out the Lloyd Bridges and tell Chase “looks like I picked the wrong day to stop shooting up…”

So what do we all think is the dark secret on Palmer’s girlfriend? I’ll say first guess pedophile, second guess neo-nazi or something like that.

I think the show is going to be great this season, and I am glad that they are putting off the action until later. I don’t think Jack is going to give into his temptations this season, but I am sure he will continue to struggle with it.

Kim is the worst part of this show. I really wish they would have written her out this season. Her character is too predictable, and her working at CTU messes up the already low believability of the show.