24 - Season 3, Episode 16, 4:00AM - 5:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 16
4:00 AM - 5:00 AM


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I am not even sure I remember where we left off. It’s been so long …
I got all hooked into Alias, God help me.
So, Jack was after some Rambaldi artifact, right?
No, that’s not right.
What the hell was going on? I hope they give us about twenty minutes of previouslys or I am going to be lost and I don’t feel up to slogging through Television Without Pity’s 20 page “recaps”.


I’m really liking where this season is going now. It started off pretty shaky, but now we’re in the good stuff! Tonight’s episode rocked - the virus starting to take off, an uncertain future for Michelle, Amador shown the door and now an evil mastermind controlling the president … this is good stuff!

Thank god it’s back!

Definitely a great episode, I’d say in the top 2 of this season so far. I was a little disappointed by President Palmer’s decision, but that is definitely a tough situation. Maybe he’ll change his mind later.

And Michelle shooting that guy at the end - wow (especially after he said “no you won’t” like he’s seen too many movies where no one ever pulls the trigger). At that point my wife looked at me and said “why would anyone want to work at CTU?!?! And I thought my job was hard!”

I’ll be sad if Guielle goes, although I hated him for the first 8 episodes I’ve started to like him again.

And yes, 24 was the final thread, I couldn’t take it anymore and bought the $4.95 subscription just for this :slight_smile:

Sigh…the first time I EVER have missed an episode of 24 because I’m too stupid to figure out this cheap-ass VCR. Sounds like it was a good one. Why oh why doesn’t FX rerun the show on Mondays any more???

Ah well, at least I got to see my Predators get one step closer to the NHL playoffs!

I’ll just read the recap on fox.com at work tomorrow.

Anyone tape it and want to mail me a copy? No. Dang.

Max, I might be able to help you out. If no one else offers, I might be able to. (I have some technical issues to contend with, but I doubt it will be a problem.) E-mail me if you don’t find a copy anywhere else.

Well, the episode mostly rocked, but the Palmer plotline officially jumped the shark tonight. I was absolutely certain that he’d tell the chief the truth - anything else would be totally out of character for Palmer. He’s gone from being a total standup guy to an accessory to murder.

And also, it’s totally implausible that they are certain they could get away with a coverup. When the wife of a powerful man accuses a first lady of murder, powerful people don’t just make the story go away. If Palmer says she was with him, all they’d have to do is subpoena the White House guest roster - everyone who goes into and leaves that building is recorded. And they have no idea what other witnesses might have seen her drive to the murder scene or away from it. Even if Palmer were evil, the smart thing to do is let Sheri hang, and simply deny everything she says. Palmer has far more credibility than her anyway, and he could get his staff to back up everything he says.

And besides, why exactly does the police chief think he called him in the middle of the night? He didn’t ask the chief anything. The chief asked him a question, he answered it, and then the chief left. That makes no sense.

But the rest of the show was great.

…and this, my friends, is why we can go five long weeks without a fix and still be addicted.

I was bummed by Palmer sticking up for Sherry, too. I really can’t see a good reason to lie for her.

Michelle should’ve shot that guy before he broke the window.

Right after he said “no you won’t”, I could hear millions of voices across the US saying, “Yes, she will!”

One word: TiVo!

I wondered about this too. Doesn’t that mean the virus has escaped? It is airborne, yes?
Count me in as disappointed in President Palmer. I thought his backing up Sheri’s story was completely out of character.
As to the White House logs - he’s not at the White House. He’s at “Division” in L.A. whatever that is. I would imagine they keep pretty close tabs on the President’s visitors wherever he is.

I have it taped. Email me at greenfleurdelis@hotmail.com if you want me to mail it to you.

Just read the recaps on Fox. Damn! Michelle steps up, eh? Did the guys in the hazmat suits outside rush up to seal off the broken door or what?

Palmer has lost my vote in 2004.

So what was the big cliffhanger at the top of the hour this time?

At first I thought that Palmer did the only possible thing in sticking up for Shari, but then I said to myself, “Wait a minute, no one really knows that Palmer had any reason to go so far as to murder old dude. And after Shari’s work in seasons one and two, who the hell is going to believe her anyway?”

Any guesses on who the mysterious terrorist is? And was that Kate I saw in the trailers for next week’s episode?

I have to say that the new baddie is totally hot. fans self

Sherry? Totally insane. And yet I love that character.

Wayne telling David to grow up was priceless. Look who’s talking, dumbass.

A terrific episode. I was ready to scream if the episode had been crappy. Imagine making us wait five weeks for a shitty episode… :eek:

Oddly enough, no. Michelle just walked up to the dead guy and stood over him for a while, while the 24 split screens started up.

Oh, and I really hope Fox isn’t going to start showing the whole episode in the minute before it starts every week. Very not cool.

Eeeek! Unspoken rule of the 24 threads: Anything contained in “scenes from the next ‘24’” go in spoiler boxes.

Domo arigato

I’m getting sick of the 24 formula. Every season so far, its been like this - Jack and CTU chases some elite, world class bad guy. Turns out he’s just a pawn in some other bad guy’s plans, who in turn is merely a flunky in some even higher ranking bad guy. Its bordering on deus ex machina.

How many secret, filthy rich, evil European terrorists are there anyway?

First of all, there are a limitless number of secret, filthy rich, evil European terrorists. Large sections of the entertainment industry are predicated on that fact, and don’t you forget it.

Secondly, I think that while this obviously fits into the 24 formula, it’s a hilarious twist on it… in season one, Jack was being held hostage over the phone due to threats against his daughter. In this season, the whole frickin’ COUNTRY is being held hostage over the phone.
Anyone have any guesses as to who this new guy is, and/or what he wants?

Did we ever learn who “Max” was?